Accessible Blinds for Skylight Windows

Accessible Blinds for Skylight Windows

Skylights can be a real pain if they’re positioned somewhere where direct sunlight ends up in your way. Sometimes this is sunset while you’re doing dishes in the kitchen. Other times, you’re trying to watch TV and the living room skylight is shining right on the screen. Unfortunately, skylight windows are impossible to put blinds on… psyche! You can absolutely put blinds on skylights. The tricky part is making them accessible – because not everyone wants to block off their skylights 100% of the time. Fortunately Domir Blinds offers accessible blinds for skylight windows.

What Kind of Blinds Can You Put on Skylight Windows?

It’s true that skylights being placed in the ceiling can cause some trouble with most blinds. After all, you need your blinds to draw somewhat horizontally instead of downward. The good news is, this is possible! Instead of using standard, slatted blinds, you’ll have to use something solid instead.

By solid blinds, we mean something like a window shade, window screen, or roller blackout shade. These are one solid piece of composite fabric. The reason these work so well for skylight windows is…

How Do You Keep the Blinds in Place?

… side channels! Side channels are mounted on the window frame so that they align with the position of the shade or screen. Then, when you pull the blinds down, the sides of the shade or screen remain inside the channels. The shade or screen is guided the right direction and held in place, even in gravity-defying positions.

Accessible Blinds for Skylight Windows

The question now is, once the blinds are in place, how on earth do you open and close them? Back in the old days, you might have had a long stick with a hook on the end. Fortunately, we don’t have to rely on such troublesome techniques these days. Instead, you can simply get motorized blinds

Motorized blinds mean installing a motor in the fascia of the blinds (that’s the part where they roll up). Then, you can access them right from a smart device, like your phone. Enjoy the morning sun shining down on your living room floor in the morning. Then, in the evening, when you’re trying to watch NCIS, you can pull out your phone and banish the setting sun from your TV screen.

Order Custom Blinds from Domir

Domir Blinds doesn’t just offer high quality blinds, we also offer custom blinds. If you want a roller shade or screen in a specific color, we can make it happen. 

In fact, we also offer print-on blinds. These are similar in style to roller shades. What sets them apart is that you can have a design printed onto them. These are usually used in store windows for ads or logos. However, you can have simple things printed onto them as well to spice up your interior. For skylights, a silhouette of a bird might be a cute design choice.

The sky is the limit, and you can see it just as much as you wish with accessible blinds for skylight windows.

Is Waking to Sunlight Good or Bad for Sleep Quality?

Is Waking to Sunlight Good or Bad for Sleep Quality?

Sometimes we get questions in our heads that stick with us until we find an answer. Those questions are often driven by irritation. Have you ever woken up to blinding sunlight pouring through the window and wondered if this is actually messing with your sleep in an unhealthy way? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Domir Blinds specializes in all things window-covering and sunlight-managing. Here’s what we can tell you.

Is Waking to Sunlight Bad for Sleep Quality?

There’s no straightforward answer to this specific question. The fact is, if your sleep is being interrupted and you’re being forced awake before you’ve had enough sleep, then yes, the sunlight is bad for your sleep quality. However, the issue here is really the timing of the sunlight rather than waking to it in general.

Is Waking to Sunlight Good for Sleep Quality?

On the other hand, one might experience waking up to sunlight after they’ve had plenty of sleep. Getting sunlight directly in your eyes can be overwhelming. However, that’s more the amount of sunlight rather than the sunlight itself.

The Answer

No matter which question you ask, there are specific elements that are ‘yes’ and certain elements that are ‘no.’ So, now that we know it’s a nuanced subject, what’s the actually useful information?

Circadian Rhythm

Circadian rhythm is really where everything comes together. In order to answer this question of yours, you have to know about this function of the human mind and body.

Circadian Rhythm is the scientific name of what people usually call their internal clock. The fact is, your circadian rhythm is trained into you from a young age. If you get up every day at 6am and go to bed at 9pm as a kid, your body will get used to this. Your brain will associate the rising sun with waking up. The sensory onslaught of sudden light alerts you to the change in time and lets you know the day is beginning.

Likewise, if you’re used to going to bed when the sun goes down, your brain will associate darkness with sleep. As the sun begins to set, you’ll begin to get sleepy.

Circadian Rhythm in Modern Days

Because we don’t typically get up with the dawn and sleep with the dusk like people did just a few hundred years ago, circadian rhythm is a bit trickier these days. You might turn a lamp on at sunset and then turn it off to sleep at midnight. So, what happens when the sun comes shining into your room at 6am? If your home is set up to facilitate it, you’ll usually just sleep through it until you’ve had enough sleep or your alarm goes off at 9am.

However, if you sleep with a lamp on or sit in the dark all day, your circadian rhythm will begin to get messy and unstable. If your brain doesn’t have strong light/dark associations with sleep time, you may find yourself prone to insomnia. Our brains are surprisingly good at connecting things to sleep and wake states. This is why sleep hygiene is so important.

The Solution

So, in the end, waking to sunlight is actually great for sleep quality. That is, so long as it’s not waking you up before you’ve had enough. 

If you find your sleep being cut short too early by the sun, there’s an easy solution: get some blinds. Slatted blinds won’t do the trick. If your window faces east and you go to bed late, get some blackout blinds. That way, the morning sun won’t disrupt you. Don’t mind a little light, but need it to stop shining directly onto your face? Opt for something like a window screen or the Ninet, which allows diffuse light in.

You can even go the extra mile and really work on setting your circadian rhythm, you can also opt for motorized blinds. Even if you go to bed at 2am and wake up at noon, you can get your sleep in the dark with a blackout shade. Then, when noon comes around, your motorized blinds can be set to open up, letting the light in and alerting you to “morning.” All of these blinds options are available right here in Toronto from Domir Blinds. Give us a call if you have questions regarding our blinds or ordering process.

Everyday Benefits of Motorized Blinds

Everyday Benefits of Motorized Blinds

Most homeowners haven’t considered motorized blinds. Why is that? For one thing, the hassle of opening and closing blinds goes unnoticed by most. It just becomes background noise in the repetitive nature of adulthood. So, is it worth the investment to remove some of that background noise? To help you decide, let’s check out the everyday benefits of motorized blinds.

Easier Blinds Control

Getting motorized blinds means less hassle in your day to day life. Do you enjoy some sunshine during the day? Consider how many days you’ve sat in the dark because you just didn’t want to bother getting up to open the blinds. Say goodbye to sitting under nothing but a fluorescent bulb. You won’t have to sacrifice the little things because they don’t seem worth the effort anymore.

All Windows Are Reachable

If you have a lot of big windows or some that are high up and hard or impossible to reach, motorized blinds are here to help. Motorized blinds can make even the highest windows easy to cover or uncover on a whim. Using your phone, you can make quick work of blocking out sunlight on a hot day or granting you some much needed privacy.

Health Benefits of Motorized Blinds

Having motorized blinds actually has everyday benefits for your health. Because you can set your blinds to open on a timer, you will have them open regularly. Having your blinds open regularly is great for a multitude of reasons.

  • It lets in sunshine which brightens the room up much better than a floor lamp can. That means less squinting, which is easier on your eyes. 
  • The majority of people are even vitamin D deficient. Having your blinds open everyday will ensure you get a regular dose of vitamin D without even leaving your house. This can reduce fatigue.
  • Not only do motorized blinds give a boost to your physical health, they also benefit your mental health. Vitamin D, which we get from sunlight, can aid in keeping away or fighting depression.
  • Keeping your motorized blinds on a timer is also a huge aid in helping you sleep better at night. Humans have something called a circadian rhythm. That’s what you might call your internal clock. When you make sure to keep your surroundings lit during the day and dark when you sleep at night, it keeps your circadian rhythm from getting out of line. Therefore, you can sleep easier at night and wake easier in the morning.

Accessibility Boost

If you’re physically disabled or suffering from pain in your old age, having motorized blinds is a massive help. Weak joints or limited mobility can make opening and closing blinds each day a monumental or unattainable task. Being able to control them from your phone is a huge improvement to your quality of life. No more pushing yourself to your limits just for some sunshine. No more sitting in the dark on a beautiful day because you’re too tired to walk around the house opening blinds. You’ve got access to them right from your pocket!

The Right Blinds for Large Windows

The Right Blinds for Large Windows

It’s extremely common for office buildings, clinics, and such to have large windows in them. These let in a lot of natural light and create a more attractive building. However, they do pose a bit of a problem for anyone who wants light control. Installing blinds over them is one thing, but controlling those blinds is another. Domir Blinds has the perfect solution. If you’re looking for the right blinds for large windows, you’ve come to the right place!

Motorized Blinds

If you’ve heard of motorized blinds before, this solution may seem obvious. However, tons of people struggle with large, inaccessible windows every day, and have no idea their blinds could be motorized. Motorized blinds are just like other blinds, but with one huge difference. At the top of the blinds, there’s a mechanism that allows you to control the blinds remotely. Therefore, motorized blinds are the ideal blinds for large windows. Plus, if you find your office or other building interior flooded with direct sunlight as the sun rises or sets, these are a must-have.

Automated Blinds

Not only are motorized blinds able to be controlled indirectly, they can also be automated. If you have a specific time of day that you want your blinds to open or close, simply set them up to do so. They’ll continue to open and close at those times unless told to do otherwise. This is convenient for stores that want privacy when closed, offices where the rising or setting sun can cause visibility issues, and anywhere with large or high windows.

Accessible from Anywhere

How are motorized blinds controlled, exactly? Gone are the days of unsightly control panels and easily-lost remotes. Motorized blinds have evolved with the times and can be controlled from any smart device just by downloading an app.

This convenient ability to control your blinds from anywhere makes it possible to check if they’re opened or closed, even while out of the building. This unrestricted access is especially useful for those with plants that need controlled sunlight. If you can’t be at home at the necessary times to open or close the blinds, you can do it right from your phone.

Convenience in Any Style

You may be wondering what motorized blinds look like. We’ve got some great news on that front: Any of the blinds offered by Domir can be made motorized. Motorized blinds are made accessible by attaching the motor to any blind design. That means accessible blinds and stylish ones too.

If you feel that motorized blinds are the right blinds for large windows in your home or office, Domir is the place to call. Let us know if you have any questions and we’ll be happy to help you get started or make an order.

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