Home Office Blinds for Students and Professionals

Home Office Blinds for Students and Professionals

Having a home office can be such a relief for working professionals and college students. However, that relief can quickly fade if your home office has the wrong blinds. Blinds make a huge difference in the effectiveness of a home office for a number of reasons. Let’s check out some of those reasons and which blinds are best for you.

Screen Glare

A big part of using a home office in the 21st century is using a computer. However, using a computer is easier said than done if you’ve got some big windows and lots of sunlight. Sunlight hitting a screen directly makes it impossible to see. Or, perhaps even worse, it makes it almost impossible to see and leaves you squinting and acquiring a tension headache.

Prevent all of that trouble by preventing screen glare. The blinds you use in your home office can put a stop to the glare and make using a computer comfortable and easy. Plus, they can do that without plunging your entire office into pitch darkness.

Using a blinds design like the Ninet will allow a lovely glow into your office from the sun outside. However, direct rays will be blocked entirely, along with harmful UV.

Light and Awakeness

It may be tempting to simply opt for blackout shades in your home office. However, as far as home office blinds go, it’s better to get some that don’t make the room dark. How dark a room can have a lot to do with how awake and focused you are. If you’re generally awake during the day and asleep at night, your brain associates darkness with sleep. The darker a room is, the more your brain is going to want to shut off for sleep. If you’re trying to get work done, that’s not really the goal, is it?

Another great home office blinds option that will prevent screen glare while allowing plenty of light in is roller screens. Roller screens filter sunlight, blocking UV and the harshness of direct sunlight while allowing the light in. They’re sleek and easy to keep clean. Plus, if you like your office to be completely in control, you’ll love side channels.

Side channels are mounted to the inside of the window frame. The edges of roller screens and shades rest in the slots of the side channels, preventing them from swinging back and forth. Plus, with the sides blocked off, no errant rays of sunlight can slip past the sides of your roller blinds.

The Best Home Office Blinds

As you can see, the Ninet and roller screens are great options for home office blinds. However, we don’t want to leave out another favorite: Magic Lite. Magic Lite blinds have the added bonus of looking amazing. They’re sleek, rather than cozy. If you prefer your home office to feel contemporary, these are the choice for you. Their design offers complete exposure control, and slats can be angled upward so direct light isn’t obscuring your computer screen.

No matter what blinds design you fall in love with, you can get it from Domir Blinds in Toronto. Call us today if you have questions. We’re happy to help!

Motorized Blinds for Offices in Toronto

Motorized Blinds for Offices in Toronto

Blinds are a great necessity in any office. Whether you need them to prevent glare on computer screens, to darken a room for a presentation, or to block out the setting sun that’s threatening to blind your board of directors, they’re always there. The question is, are they easy to use? Domir Blinds is here to enlighten you about motorized blinds. Here’s why these are the best choice of blinds for offices.

Control Blinds on High Windows

The first, and possibly the most exciting, use for motorized blinds is covering high windows. Have you ever entered an office space or other building, saw blinds on a window 15 feet up, and wondered how on Earth they’re even used? They might just have been motorized!

Because motorized blinds are controlled from an app on your smart device, blinds completely out of reach can be opened and closed right from your seat.

This is especially useful for high windows that shouldn’t be covered at all times. In many instances, a high window may be the primary light source for a large foyer or other entry room. Covering it permanently would deprive the room of the glory it is to behold when filled with morning sun. However, if that same window acts as a magnifying glass when the sun begins to set, blinding all of its occupants, blinds become a necessity. This is where a timer comes in handy.

Blinds on a Timer

When you install motorized blinds, you can put them on a timer. If you need your blinds to open or close at the same time every day, your motorized blinds timer will manage them for you. No more making the rounds in a huge building to open and close the blinds twice a day. It’s already done!

Easier Control of Many Blinds

In fact, controlling many blinds at once is another of the benefits of motorized blinds. While opening and closing the blinds on one window twice a day is trouble enough, a huge office with a wall of windows is another story entirely. It’s no small task managing ten different blinds for offices. This is especially true if the task is time sensitive enough that someone’s going to be unable to see their computer if you’re late to adjusting the blinds. You can leave employees to adjust the blinds themselves, but then you risk letting the poor blinds choice interrupt their workflow.

Choosing the Right Blinds

That brings us to our next point: make sure you choose the right blinds. There’s more to effective blinds than just opening and closing them at the right times; You also need a style that fits the environment. If direct sunlight is constantly causing problems for computer-users in your office, you might need to switch to something that filters light, like a window screen or honeycomb blinds. These will allow indirect sunlight in without causing glare.

Motorize Any Blinds

Not sure you can motorize the type of blinds you want? You’re probably wrong! Give us a call and ask us if you’re not sure. However, virtually any type of blind or screen can be motorized with a mechanism added behind the fascia. Contact us today if you have questions or would like to start your order.

Commercial Blinds for All Business Types

Commercial Blinds for All Business Types

Each business has its own needs in terms of design. Just the category a business falls into can greatly impact what type of design will be beneficial. When it comes to interior design, blinds can actually play a major role – especially for businesses. Domir Blinds offers blinds designs for all types of businesses. Let’s take a look at which commercial blinds designs are right for what purpose.

Print On Blinds Boost Marketing

Let’s start with one of our most business-focused blinds designs. Print on blinds are the ideal commercial blinds for any small business with an overt focus on sales. Corner stores, gas stations, and small grocery stores can benefit hugely from print on blinds.

Print on blinds are a standard shade type blind. They’re one solid piece of fabric that rolls up at the top and can be pulled down with a chain. Said chain can be mounted or left to hang loose. In fact, you’ve probably seen these types of shades in your high school classrooms.

What makes print on blinds different is that we can print any design you need onto these shades. For some businesses, these are used to display their logo or business name. A logo placement is perfect for coffee shops, book stores, or other more refined businesses. However, for those looking to make sales, print on blinds are the perfect place to display affiliated brand advertisements, regular deals and sales, or popular product prices. Print on blinds are one of the best marketing tactics you can use as a small corner store. High customer traffic means grabbing attention is vital. What better way to grab someone’s attention than to let them know you hold a beloved product, and at a great price?

Office Blinds That Project a Warm Image

For offices that are looking to project a warm image, you’ll need something different. Small doctor’s offices, apartment leasing offices, and other such spaces can benefit from appearing welcoming. Therefore, the Ninet is the best choice, as it’s one of our most welcoming and professional designs.

The Ninet is a combination of fabric blinds and standard, aluminum slats. Aluminum blinds are boring, cheap, and do a poor job of controlling light. With a layer of fabric on both sides, however, they can be just what an office needs. The Ninet allows sunlight to come in ambiently, even when slats are open. However, when slats are shut, the fabric supports the closed slats, ensuring no light is coming in through the cracks.

This simple and clean cut design is softened with that fabric lining, making your office appear smart, but welcoming.

Clean and Professional Commercial Blinds

Finally, if you have an office or commercial business that needs clean and professional blinds, we recommend Magic Lite. Magic Lite is made of wooden slats. These slats are wide and flat, allowing very effective overlap, fewer gaps for potential light leaks, and a very tidy appearance.

These blinds are easy to clean, resistant to damage in everyday use, and offer very effective light control. Therefore, you won’t be disappointed.

New Professional Office Blinds for Every Need

New Professional Office Blinds for Every Need

A professional office needs to look its best, both for employees and for clients. However, professional office blinds aren’t just about appearance. Office blinds serve even more important functions in that they majorly impact the work environment. Here are some of our best professional office blinds designs and what makes them a great fit.

Stylish Blinds

Whether your office is purely for working, or also for hosting clientele, style might be important to you. A lot of companies put a lot of weight on their design sense. Any kind of design company has to keep up appearances. If you value the interior design of your office space, these blinds are just for you.

The Ninet

The Ninet are made of traditional, aluminum, slatted blinds paired with fabric on either side. They appear much like honeycomb blinds, but have the light controlling functions of slatted blinds.

These blinds are an exceptional choice for offices with a lot of computers. When all of your employees are working through screens, you need to have full control over the light in the space. Direct sunlight will impede their ability to see, bring down productivity, and increase eye strain and frustration.

The Ninet’s fabric lining means, even with the slats fully open, sunlight will be entirely indirect. The sun will light up your office space without shining directly on screens and interrupting the work flow.

Magic Lite

Magic Lite blinds are made of wide, wooden slats. These beat aluminum blinds with their modern elegance and ability to fully darken a room. These make great professional office blinds for places with a sense of style and less computer use. Is most of your office staff working with physical materials? If so, you can maneuver your Magic Lite blinds to bring in just as much direct sunlight as they need. Or, if it’s time for a presentation, close them entirely and darken the room.

Roller Blinds

Style isn’t always everything. Sometimes simplicity, cleanliness, and utility is the priority. If this sounds like your office space, roller blinds will be the perfect choice.

Roller Blackout Shades

Roller blackout shades are a familiar fixture of most high school and university classrooms. These shades are made of dense, flat materials that roll up at the top of each window. You can usually pull them down from the bottom, but they can also be controlled from a mounted pulley chain.

These shades are excellent choices for offices with many computers. They can be opened and closed as the sun moves across the sky, blocking out direct sunlight while still allowing illumination through surrounding windows. 

Roller Screens

Roller screens are made much the same as blackout shades. They’re also simple, flat panels that roll up to the top of the window. However, these ones allow some ability to see outside. The one-way visibility means your office stays private from the outside world. Furthermore, the design of the screen allows filtered sunlight in, illuminating a room without causing screen glare.

Get Side Channels

Roller blinds are best utilized with side channels. These hold them in place along the window frame and keep the office looking orderly. Plus, they also prevent pesky sunlight from sneaking in around the edges.

Motorize Your Professional Office Blinds

If you want an office that runs smoothly by itself, motorized blinds are a must have. With our handy app, you can put blinds on a timer or manually open and close them right from your phone. This is especially useful for higher office windows which are hard or impossible to reach by hand.

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