High Quality, Slatted Blinds in Toronto

High Quality, Slatted Blinds in Toronto

Want some simple blinds for your home, but want them to last? Slatted blinds may not be the chicest or newest style, but they’re reliable and beloved. The really important part is just finding some that are high enough quality to last for many years and still look great. Fortunately, Domir can help.

Magic Lite Blinds

The highest quality slatted blinds you can get in Toronto – or anywhere, for that matter – are Magic Lite blinds. These blinds are a high quality spin on the standard slatted blinds we know and love. The slats on these blinds are broader than their standard, aluminum counterparts. These slats are wide, and made of a sturdier material that doesn’t bend. Say goodbye to bent, metallic slats. Say hello to Magic Lite instead.

Fabric Covered Slatted Blinds

If you enjoy the light control that comes with slatted blinds but would like some blinds with a softer appearance, The Ninet is your best friend. These blinds are made of standard slatted blinds but come with a layer of attached fabric on either side. Therefore, they have the soft appearance of honeycomb blinds while maintaining the higher lighting control. 

The best part of The Ninet is that you can keep your blinds open all day while maintaining privacy and avoiding screen glare. Because a direct view of your home is blocked off by the fabric layers, no one can see inside. Likewise, the sun is stopped in its tracks. Only a diffuse glow of daylight is allowed past the fabric layer of The Ninet.

Honeycomb Blinds

Not that concerned with light control? Honeycomb blinds are the most similar to the standard slatted blinds, without actually being slatted blinds. Their accordion fold style mimics the way slats rest against each other when pulled up. These soft, cozy blinds are perfect for in homes or offices. In either setting, they add a touch of warmth while still functioning very well.

Order From Domir Blinds

Ready to order some new blinds for your home or office? Domir is ready and waiting. Just give us a call or fill out the form on our website. 

Why order from Domir Blinds instead of going to the local hardware store? Easy! Domir Blinds is the manufacturer. That means, you pay the lowest price possible for our blinds when you order from us. When you buy from a department or hardware store, you have to pay additional overhead – that’s the money used to pay their employees – leading to a higher overall price tag on the same blinds.

When you’re ready to order, just let us know. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you outfit your home with the best blinds available.

Simple, White Blinds for Homes and Businesses

Simple, White Blinds for Homes and Businesses

Blinds are important in any home or business. Living without blinds, even for a short time, has us all looking for quick substitutes. We so crave control over the light levels in our environment. Therefore, without blinds, we quickly resort to sheets, blankets, curtains, and more. So, if your blinds aren’t doing their job, Domir Blinds wants to make it easy to find some that will. Check out these simple, white blinds for homes and businesses.

Privacy Blinds

The biggest reason people want blinds is to cover their windows and maintain privacy inside their homes. However, there’s a better solution for maintaining privacy than covering your window with a blanket. In fact, there’s a better solution than the cookie-cutter, aluminum blinds most modern houses are equipped with. Domir Blinds offers privacy blinds that look great while providing you sunlight and keeping out prying eyes.

Our best options for simple, white, privacy blinds are roller screens and sheer vertical blinds. Both of these designs offer a sheer screen that allows filtered light in and views of outside. However, neither can be seen through the other direction. Therefore, your neighbors won’t be able to see inside your home.

UV Filtering Blinds

These same two blinds designs filter UV to protect you, you children, your pets, your plants, and even your fabrics. UV can cause sunburns and skin cancer, it can damage plants and stifle growth, and it can bleach out colored fabrics. Get your sunlight without all the problems incurred by UV rays by relying on UV filtering blinds.

Blackout Blinds

Want your bedroom completely dark when you take your afternoon nap? Do you work the night shift and need to get sleep when the day is at its brightest? Blackout blinds are your new best friend. We offer blackout blinds in a number of forms. Most popular are our roller blackout shades and Magic Lite. 

Our roller blackout shades are simple, straightforward, and effective. Their thick, laminated layers prevent any light from coming through. Plus, roller blackout shades can be paired with side channels to prevent sunlight from sneaking in around the sides of your shade.

Magic Lite, on the other hand, is a less utilitarian design. Instead of having one primary purpose (blocking out light), this design is adjustable. The broad, wooden slats of these simple, white blinds can be adjusted to completely block out sunlight or to offer a room complete light exposure. The control is in your hands when using this sleek blinds design.

Motorized Blinds

If you have a lot of windows, save time on opening and closing the blinds each morning and evening by investing in motorized blinds. Any of our designs can be motorized upon order. We simply install the motor directly at the top, hidden by the fascia.

Motorized blinds can be controlled from an app on your smart device. Therefore, you can control your blinds from anywhere. Going on vacation and not sure if you put the front blinds down? Simply check the app and put them down from on the road.

Save Money by Ordering Domir

When you order from Domir Blinds, you save money! Because we’re the manufacturer, you can cut out the costs of overhead from department and hardware stores.

Roller Shades for Office Windows

Roller Shades for Office Windows

Keeping an office functional requires many considerations. In the modern era, one such consideration is lighting control. Maybe 80 years ago, more light was a better thing. It would have made it easier to see that paper you’re hunched over. However, these days, we’ve all got computer screens – and those are no friend to sunlight. Here are some reasons why roller shades are the right choice for office windows.

Clean, Sleek Look

Roller shades have a lot of benefits, visually. First and foremost, they have a very clean, sleek appearance to them. Their simplistic design fits well in an office space. If your office aesthetic is utilitarian, they fit right in. If it’s not, well, they don’t distract from whatever fabulous decor you have displayed. They’re a great, no-nonsense look for any office.

Plus, a simply design like roller shades for office windows is great at preventing distraction as well as light leaking. They completely block out what’s going on outside when closed. 

If you incorporate side channels, not even the very edges can give way to the afternoon sun. That can make all the difference in employee focus. After all, slatted blinds have holes in them for their ladder strings. Even one of those tiny holes can put a bright sunspot right in the middle of someone’s computer screen. Roller shades remove that risk completely.

Blackout and Screen

Blackout roller shades are the perfect choice if you want to banish sunlight for good – at least when the blinds are down. Pairing them with side channels and lowering them completely is like removing the window. However, if you’re not aiming to remove all of the sunlight, we’ve got another option.

Roller screens come with all of the simplicity of design that blackout shades do, but without the sun-banishing effect. Roller screens, instead, filter light. This prevents direct sunlight from getting inside and, instead, offers an ambient glow. If you work in an office that thrives on a bright, airy space, this is a great solution.

Corporate or Home Office

Roller shades are great for office windows in corporate buildings or in home offices. All of the benefits are present in both spaces. However, something extra to consider for home offices is that these shades are easy to clean and offer privacy as well. Roller screens are possible to see outside through, but prevent others from looking back in. These one-way screens are perfect for enjoying the view without screen glare or nosy neighbors looking back at you.

Buying in Bulk From Domir

If you’re shopping for blinds for a corporate office, you have the added benefit of saving a lot of money from ordering bulk. Domir Blinds isn’t a retailer; we’re the manufacturer. That means you don’t have to pay all of that extra overhead retailers tack on to pay their employees. With us, you get the lowest possible prices for our products. Ready to outfit an entire office building? Give us a call and we can get started on your order.

Doctor’s Office and Clinic Blinds in Toronto

Doctor's Office and Clinic Blinds in Toronto

If you have a clinic or doctor’s office in Toronto, you’re in the right place to get the best deal on blinds. Replace clinic blinds with affordable upgrades from Domir. Here’s what we have to offer that we think would be perfect for your office setting.

Warm Appearance

If you’re outfitting a doctor’s office or clinic with new blinds, one of the important things to keep in mind is appearance. Blinds aren’t all made the same. Appearance matters – especially in a doctor’s office. If you’re hoping to put patients at ease, you’ll want something warm in appearance. Who knew blinds could be warm in appearance? Well, the pros at Domir did!

Warm blinds for a doctor’s office or clinic can come in many forms. However, our favorites are The Ninet and honeycomb blinds. These fabric blinds are great for adding a soft touch to the room’s decor. Plus, if you opt for The Ninet, you get great lighting control. Therefore, you can also keep the light levels in your office comfortable for those waiting.

The Ninet is made up of slatted blinds, covered in a layer of fabric on each side. This gives you a stylish, warm appearance on the outside, with fantastic lighting control on the inside. The fabric sides keep light ambient at all times. However, with a flick of the wrist, using the adjustment rod, you can lower light levels or even prevent sun from entering at all.

Sleek, with High Level Control

Some doctor’s offices and clinic blinds should aim away from cozy and more toward sleek. Expensive offices meant to impress more exclusive clientele may need less comfort and more style. In those cases, something like Magic Lite is a better choice.

Magic Lite doesn’t just look stylish and sleek, it also comes with high level lighting control. Using the cords, you can adjust the wide, flat slats to go from complete exposure to complete blackout. This is an excellent feature for blinds in any office space where direct sunlight may cause discomfort. Keep waiting patients and staff likewise comfortable by blocking out direct sunlight in style.

Motorized and Automated

As with every kind of office space, we always recommend considering motorization and automation. Blinds automation is convenient for any location, but especially a place of work. Instead of staff having to walk around the waiting room each morning and afternoon to adjust the blinds, let automation do it for you.

Almost any of Domir Blinds’ blinds selection can be motorized. Motorizing blinds is as simple as making some motorized connections behind the fascia. Then, you can connect to the blinds with an app on your smart device – something present in most offices. From there, you can adjust the blinds from a distance or set up timed adjustments.

Buy for Cheap, Buy in Bulk

If you’re looking for affordable blinds for a whole building, Domir Blinds is the place to shop. We’re a manufacturer, which means you don’t pay any additional overhead prices like in department or hardware stores. Plus, we don’t run out of stock. Get blinds for the whole building without a hitch. Just call us today if you have questions, need a quote, or would like help ordering.

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