The Right Blinds for Large Windows

The Right Blinds for Large Windows

It’s extremely common for office buildings, clinics, and such to have large windows in them. These let in a lot of natural light and create a more attractive building. However, they do pose a bit of a problem for anyone who wants light control. Installing blinds over them is one thing, but controlling those blinds is another. Domir Blinds has the perfect solution. If you’re looking for the right blinds for large windows, you’ve come to the right place!

Motorized Blinds

If you’ve heard of motorized blinds before, this solution may seem obvious. However, tons of people struggle with large, inaccessible windows every day, and have no idea their blinds could be motorized. Motorized blinds are just like other blinds, but with one huge difference. At the top of the blinds, there’s a mechanism that allows you to control the blinds remotely. Therefore, motorized blinds are the ideal blinds for large windows. Plus, if you find your office or other building interior flooded with direct sunlight as the sun rises or sets, these are a must-have.

Automated Blinds

Not only are motorized blinds able to be controlled indirectly, they can also be automated. If you have a specific time of day that you want your blinds to open or close, simply set them up to do so. They’ll continue to open and close at those times unless told to do otherwise. This is convenient for stores that want privacy when closed, offices where the rising or setting sun can cause visibility issues, and anywhere with large or high windows.

Accessible from Anywhere

How are motorized blinds controlled, exactly? Gone are the days of unsightly control panels and easily-lost remotes. Motorized blinds have evolved with the times and can be controlled from any smart device just by downloading an app.

This convenient ability to control your blinds from anywhere makes it possible to check if they’re opened or closed, even while out of the building. This unrestricted access is especially useful for those with plants that need controlled sunlight. If you can’t be at home at the necessary times to open or close the blinds, you can do it right from your phone.

Convenience in Any Style

You may be wondering what motorized blinds look like. We’ve got some great news on that front: Any of the blinds offered by Domir can be made motorized. Motorized blinds are made accessible by attaching the motor to any blind design. That means accessible blinds and stylish ones too.

If you feel that motorized blinds are the right blinds for large windows in your home or office, Domir is the place to call. Let us know if you have any questions and we’ll be happy to help you get started or make an order.

The Best Designs for Hospital Blinds

The Best Designs for Hospital Blinds

Hospitals come with a unique set of needs when it comes to blinds. Therefore, Domir Blinds has put together a short list of the best designs for hospital blinds. Take a look and see how the different styles impact a stay in the hospital.

Total Blackout

The first style that’s great for hospital blinds is blackout shades. What do blackout shades bring to the table that can be of use in a hospital setting? First off, their blackout quality makes sleeping during the day easier than ever for recovering patients. Sunlight can be a huge interruption when trying to get some peace after an operation. Blackout shades make recovery smoother and more comfortable.

Plus, blackout shades come with some functional bonuses as well. For one thing, they’re pretty resilient. That makes the abundance of patients that move in and out of a room no problem. Visitors can lean up against a blackout shade without bending anything out of shape. Plus, shades are easy to clean. Because they’re one flat piece, they can easily be pulled down, sprayed with cleaner, and wiped down whenever necessary. You can’t say the same for dust-collecting, flimsy, metal-vaned blinds.

Indirect Sunlight

For other areas of a hospital, needing extensive sleep during the day to recover isn’t entirely necessary. Shorter stays or less intensive reasons for staying make blackout shades excessive and unhelpful. For example, someone staying in a postnatal ward may want to nap, but is less likely to sleep away the whole day in darkness.

For wards like this, blinds that offer indirect sunlight are the best option. Honeycomb blinds, the Ninet, and roller screens will all filter light. That means no direct sunlight, but plenty of sunshine glow coming in through the fabrics.

Roller screens are different from the other options in two ways. They’re easy to wipe down, as they’re one piece, like blackout shades. Furthermore, they’re possible to see through. Patients can look outside through the screen, but no one outside will be able to see in. This one-way feature makes roller screens great for first-floor rooms.

However, honeycomb blinds and the Ninet come with a bonus of their own: they look so cozy. These two blind styles are both lined with fabric, making them look soft and comfortable. Comfort is a key factor in most hospital rooms. 

Complete Control

For wards with patients who are more capable of moving around the room, blinds with more control may be worthwhile. The same can be said for waiting rooms, where visitors may want to adjust the blinds.

Magic Lite allows the user to go from complete blackout to complete exposure. The sleek design looks professional and attractive. Plus, the slats are solid, making them easier to wipe down than flimsy, aluminum alternatives. The only real downside is that there’s nothing filtering the light, which means any light coming in will be direct sunlight. For some, this may matter. Though, in the grand scheme of things, it’s not likely to be much of a problem.

If you’re ready to talk blinds, ask questions, or get help with an order, call us today at Domir Blinds. We want to help your hospital become the best version of itself.

Print On Blinds and Their Effect on Small Businesses

Print On Blinds and Their Effect on Small Businesses

Small businesses are a cornerstone of our economy. However, even so, they struggle to compete against large chains. When someone needs to buy something, there is almost always a big brand name that pops into their head right away. Because of that, small businesses may struggle to succeed. In order to beat out the big brands they’re competing with, small businesses need to become well known. Fortunately, there’s a great way to get the attention of locals, and it all starts with Domir’s print on blinds.

What Are Print On Blinds?

Like your business, Domir Blinds is local to Toronto. We rely on locals to spread a good word for us so that we can compete with big name hardware stores. What sets us apart from hardware stores is that blinds are our specialty. We’re a manufacturer of blinds, which means we know our stuff, and we charge less than third party stores.

One of our most successful blind designs is our print on blinds. What are print on blinds? They’re the same type of blind as roller shades, but have a custom design printed onto them. This makes it possible to order custom blinds with your logo, brand imaging, store name, or sales deals printed on to them.

Print On Blinds and Their Effect on Small Businesses

While many people have seen print on blinds without really thinking about them, we can’t ignore print on blinds and their effect on small businesses. The effect goes unnoticed to the average passerby, but is huge to the owner of said business.

When you rely on print on blinds, you get a number of positive outcomes. For example, if you choose to print your store name and logo on your print on blinds, both become recognizable to locals. A small business can be easy to pass by and go unnoticed for years without any noticeable branding on the front of it. When people see your logo and store name in color across your front window, they’ll remember it. Your business will suddenly stand out and become memorable. 

Print on blinds aren’t just good for displaying your logo; they’re also great for displaying advertisements. Use some of your customers’ favorite items to draw more people to your store. For example, if you own a convenience store by a gas station, having print on blinds that advertise that your store sells energy drinks will bring more people inside from the pumps. Truckers and early risers on their way to work will be quick to head in and grab an advertised coffee – especially if the price is low and displayed alongside the imagery.

Investing in Your Business

Print on blinds and their effect on small businesses are undeniably a great investment. They’re affordable, effective, and also functional. Give us a call at Domir Blinds if you have questions or would like to make an order. We look forward to helping your business grow to its fullest potential.

Why Presentation Rooms Need Blackout Shades

Why Presentation Rooms Need Blackout Shades

Whether you’re a professional or an academic, you know how important presentations can be. An accessible and well-made presentation can be the difference between a class understanding a vital concept in your course or a group of superiors supporting your new pitch. With that in mind, it’s easy to see why presentation rooms need blackout shades… or is it? Let’s look at the specifics of how blackout shades improve presentation room success rates.

Less Distraction

To start, let’s talk about the most obvious benefit of covering windows during presentations. Windows may offer a great view – a plus in most cases. However, when giving a presentation, a great view, or an expansive one, can quickly become a distraction. If you’re giving a lecture, the last thing you need is students getting distracted by someone messing around outside.

By covering windows during a presentation, you keep viewers centered on what’s being presented. Whether that’s new information in their field or a sales pitch for that new account you’re aiming for, we want you to succeed. That’s the first reason presentation rooms need blackout shades.

No Sun Glare

While it might not be the most immediate thing you think of when considering presentations, blackout blinds are actually vital for preventing sun glare. Presentation screens, whether done with projector or with a corded connection with a computer, require some level of darkness. Too much light will obscure the screen, making it hard or downright impossible to see.

Instead of forcing viewers to strain their eyes or guess at what they’re missing, provide your presentation with the darkness it needs to really shine. Blackout shades will keep daylight from interrupting the quality of your hard-made presentation.

Motorized Convenience

Not keen on circling the room to close and reopen shades every time you need to turn on a projector? Make opening and closing your blackout shades as easy as the tap of a button by motorizing your blinds. Motorized blackout shades can be connected to a handy app on any smart device. Then, when you’re ready to present, simply instruct them to close, right from your phone or tablet. Not only is this convenient, it adds to the professionalism of your presentation.

An Overall Success

With these three things in mind, you can see how blackout shades can completely alter the trajectory of any presentation. On one hand, you have distracted viewers who are struggling to see the screen, and on the other, a fluid transition from daylight to darkness and a room full of focused and engaged viewers.

If you want to improve your presentations, get your presentation room the blackout shades it needs. You can buy blackout shades, roller screens, and many other blinds designs right from Domir Blinds. Call us today if you have any questions about our products, their effects on sunlight diffusion, or how to order. We look forward to assisting you!

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