The Best Blinds for Elderly Residents and Homeowners

The Best Blinds for Elderly Residents and Homeowners

Growing old comes with a number of new needs and difficulties. For some, it means it’s more difficult to reach and pull something like a blinds cord. For others, it means they need another hour or two of sleep each night to stay awake all day. These are just natural parts of getting on in years. However, those difficulties can make the kind of blinds you get that much more important. So, here are some blinds that work best for elderly care home residents or elderly homeowners.

Blinds with Total Light Control

If you have a hard time reaching and pulling on a cord, what’s the obvious solution? Blinds that don’t need to be opened and closed all the time. If you want to control the lighting in your home without pulling the blinds up and down, you can achieve that with the Ninet.

The Ninet is a special Domir Blinds design that combines slatted blinds with a fabric exterior lining. When kept “closed” with the slats open, sunlight is free to travel nicely into your home. However, UV is filtered, there are no direct sunrays to glare off glasses and screens, and you maintain your privacy. 

Adjusting the slats inside the blinds is easier than lifting or lowering the blinds entirely. Adjusting the slats can lower the amount of light coming in, all the way down to nothing. You’re in complete control of the amount of light, all without having to put your biceps to work.

Automated, Remote Control Blinds

Speaking of lifting blinds being difficult, there’s an even easier solution. Any set of blinds bought from Domir Blinds can be automated. Not only does this allow you to live free of blinds cord pulling, it also means more design options.

Our automated blinds turn your nearest smart device into a remote control for your blinds. So, if you’re ready to put those blinds down for the night, just navigate out of the game you’ve been working on, go to the Somfy app, and tell your blinds what to do.

What’s even better than a remote control? Not having to do anything at all. Automation takes remote control one step further. If you always put your blinds down at 6pm, you can simply tell the app to do that for you. Then, every night at 6pm, the blinds will go down. Want them back up at 8am? It can do that too.

Why You Should Buy Domir Blinds

If you’re in the market for new blinds and aren’t sure where you’re buying yet, we do recommend ourselves – naturally. However, there are reasons why Domir is the best option – especially if you’re buying blinds for an entire assisted living or retirement home. Because we’re the manufacturer, you can bulk order blinds from us and save a lot of overhead. Department and hardware stores have to pay their employees somehow. That somehow just happens to mean charging you more. So, if you’re interested in learning more, we would love to hear from you!

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