Home Office Blinds for Students and Professionals

Home Office Blinds for Students and Professionals

Having a home office can be such a relief for working professionals and college students. However, that relief can quickly fade if your home office has the wrong blinds. Blinds make a huge difference in the effectiveness of a home office for a number of reasons. Let’s check out some of those reasons and which blinds are best for you.

Screen Glare

A big part of using a home office in the 21st century is using a computer. However, using a computer is easier said than done if you’ve got some big windows and lots of sunlight. Sunlight hitting a screen directly makes it impossible to see. Or, perhaps even worse, it makes it almost impossible to see and leaves you squinting and acquiring a tension headache.

Prevent all of that trouble by preventing screen glare. The blinds you use in your home office can put a stop to the glare and make using a computer comfortable and easy. Plus, they can do that without plunging your entire office into pitch darkness.

Using a blinds design like the Ninet will allow a lovely glow into your office from the sun outside. However, direct rays will be blocked entirely, along with harmful UV.

Light and Awakeness

It may be tempting to simply opt for blackout shades in your home office. However, as far as home office blinds go, it’s better to get some that don’t make the room dark. How dark a room can have a lot to do with how awake and focused you are. If you’re generally awake during the day and asleep at night, your brain associates darkness with sleep. The darker a room is, the more your brain is going to want to shut off for sleep. If you’re trying to get work done, that’s not really the goal, is it?

Another great home office blinds option that will prevent screen glare while allowing plenty of light in is roller screens. Roller screens filter sunlight, blocking UV and the harshness of direct sunlight while allowing the light in. They’re sleek and easy to keep clean. Plus, if you like your office to be completely in control, you’ll love side channels.

Side channels are mounted to the inside of the window frame. The edges of roller screens and shades rest in the slots of the side channels, preventing them from swinging back and forth. Plus, with the sides blocked off, no errant rays of sunlight can slip past the sides of your roller blinds.

The Best Home Office Blinds

As you can see, the Ninet and roller screens are great options for home office blinds. However, we don’t want to leave out another favorite: Magic Lite. Magic Lite blinds have the added bonus of looking amazing. They’re sleek, rather than cozy. If you prefer your home office to feel contemporary, these are the choice for you. Their design offers complete exposure control, and slats can be angled upward so direct light isn’t obscuring your computer screen.

No matter what blinds design you fall in love with, you can get it from Domir Blinds in Toronto. Call us today if you have questions. We’re happy to help!

The Right Blinds for a Baby’s Nursery

The Right Blinds for a Baby's Nursery

Having a baby means making a few adjustments in our homes. From the time they’re born to the time they can talk, we have to read between the lines to keep our babies safe and happy. One infant comfort that many people forget to consider is the light level in their nap space. Let’s take a peek at some of the important facts and discuss the right blinds for a baby’s nursery.

Light Levels and Circadian Rhythm

There’s a really important part of everyday functioning that a lot of people just don’t know about: circadian rhythm. This is our internal sense of night and day cycles. Have you ever noticed yourself getting sleepy as soon as the sun sets? If not, it may just be because your house is full of electric lights. Without the interference of technology, the human mind is incredible at deciphering the signs of night and reacting appropriately. For most people, that means getting tired.

What does this have to do with nursery blinds? Well, our circadian rhythms are developed in our infancy and childhood. If you had a very regular sleep pattern as a child, you probably have a much easier time falling asleep as an adult. If your bedtime was irregular and you liked to stay up late – regardless of what the adults in your life wanted – you may have developed a poor circadian rhythm, leading to insomnia and poor sleep quality as an adult.

When creating a healthy sleep environment for your baby, it’s important to consider light levels. Ensuring your nursery is outfitted with blinds that block out sunlight is vital. Your baby will then begin to associate a dark room with sleep time.

Fear of the Dark

Want to avoid your child bursting into tears each time they’re left in the dark a few years from now? Fear of the dark is seen frequently in children – and even adults – who were never left in complete darkness as infants. Getting your baby accustomed to complete darkness is vital for their development of coping skills in darkness. In their earliest months, keeping a dimly lit crib attachment nearby is good for allowing them to adjust. However, as they advance through their first year, you should turn the light down lower and eventually remove it. 

Rocking them to sleep with all the lights out is a good way to give them reassurance that they’re not alone or in danger. Then, slowly, let them fall asleep by themselves in the dark. Using blackout shades or blinds can help you remain consistent with this even at nap time when the sun is still out.

The Right Blinds for a Baby’s Nursery

In order to encourage proper sleep hygiene in your baby (sleeping with the lights out and at night) nap time should always come with a darkened room. Blackout shades are great for ensuring the sun stays outside during nap time. If you’re looking for something a bit more stylish, Magic Lite also provides blackout levels of darkness when completely closed. And, they look great while doing it.

Just give us a call at Domir Blinds if you have any questions about our blinds or how to order.

Insulating Blinds That Keep Your Home Warm

Insulating Blinds That Keep Your Home Warm

When it comes to insulation, your windows and doors are typically your weakest link. Glass doesn’t do very much to inhibit the transfer of heat or cold. Modern windows are insulated with a heavy gas that sits between two panes. However, they’re still not as effective as a sturdy wall. Therefore, they can use all the help they can get to keep your home warm. The easiest way to help your window insulation is by getting some nice, insulating blinds. Here are Domir’s best insulating blinds options to keep your home warm this winter.

Honeycomb Blinds

Honeycomb blinds are a simple, classic blinds style. But, they come with a hidden talent: they’re good insulation. Because honeycomb blinds are made up of two solid layers of fabric, they prevent temperature from passing easily through. Plus, the way the layers create cells – pockets of air – between them, they do an exceptional job of insulating.

These insulating blinds don’t just keep your home warm, they also look warm. Fabric blinds come with the lovely benefit of a cozy appearance. Instead of the sharp, aluminum slats of standard blinds, they’re soft and inviting. So, if you want your home to feel warm on all fronts, these are a great choice.

Shades with Side Channels

If you’re more interested in practicality than cozy appearances, shades with side channels might be the perfect solution for you. Roller shades are made up of laminated layers, forming one solid piece that rolls up at the top of the window when opened. These are most frequently seen in high school and college classrooms, as well as high rise offices. They’re a practical choice, for more than one reason.

Roller shades are great at insulating due to their thickness. However, they come with an additional super power: they can be paired with side channels. Side channels are attached to the inside of the window frame. The lowered portion of roller shade is slotted between the two channels. This keeps the shade from swinging back and forth, but it also blocks the gaps between the shade and window frame. Blocking these gaps ensures there’s no place for a cold draft to slip through.

Sheer Vertical Blinds

If you’re looking for something more on the elegant side, sheer vertical blinds may be right for you. These blinds are more like curtains than blinds. However, they’re more than just a hung piece of fabric.

Sheer vertical blinds are made up of two layers. The first layer is sheer, allowing you to see out while no one else can see in. This sheer layer screens UV rays and allows in sunlight while maintaining privacy. The second layer is a blackout layer. When both layers are closed, your entire room will be engulfed in darkness.

Sheer vertical blinds are a great choice for those who want to see outside and get sunlight exposure while still having a layer of insulation between the room and the window.

Save Money by Investing in Blinds

Investing in insulating blinds can save you money in the long run. A lot of money is spent on electricity each winter, keeping your home warm. If your home is losing heat through the windows, that’s money slipping out through the glass. Order today at Domir and keep your home’s temperature steadier this winter.

The Best Privacy Blinds for Your Home

The Best Privacy Blinds for Your Home

If you’re like most people, there has come a time in your life when you ventured out to the kitchen in your underwear for a late night snack only to find you forgot to close the blinds earlier. If you’re one of the lucky ones, no one was around to see. However, there are a sorry few of us who had to duck behind the counter to avoid being spotted by an attentive neighbor. Say goodbye to sacrificing your privacy in favor of lighting up your home. You can have it both ways. Here are the best privacy blinds available for your Toronto home.

Blinds with No Gaps

If you’re a stickler for your privacy, you may find yourself bothered by the gaps in your blinds. Maybe it’s not likely that someone is looking through those gaps, but they could. It’s not like it’s unheard of for voyeurs to seek out any opening to peek inside.

Paranoia or not, you can say goodbye to gaps in your blinds by choosing roller shades and roller screens with side channels. These are the epitome of gapless blinds. Roller shades provide a solid, opaque barrier between your home and the outside world. Screens are one-way blinds that allow you to see outside while preventing others from looking in. Both of these options are made of one solid sheet of material. When paired with side channels, there are no gaps left to speak of.

If you’re unfamiliar with side channels, these nifty strips are attached to the insides of your window frame. Each one has a slot in it that the edge of your shade or screen can slide into. Therefore, your screen or shade won’t swing back and forth when adjusted. Furthermore, there are no gaps along the sides of your shades for anyone to peer inside.

Blinds You Can Leave Closed

If you’re a fan of leaving your blinds closed for the increase in privacy, but still want sunlight, we have what you need.

Roller screens, as mentioned above, are made of one solid piece of fabric. These screens will filter UV rays, but allow in a lovely glow of sunlight. Plus, they’re one-way visible, meaning you can see outside even when they’re closed, but no one can see in. 

If you want something a bit more attractive, you can opt for sheer vertical blinds. These are visually similar to curtains, but are much more complex. These dual layer “curtains” offer one layer with the same filtering, one-way capabilities as roller screens, and another that provides complete blackout coverage. While using only the first layer, you can enjoy the sunlight and your privacy.

Order From Domir Blinds

Is there any particular reason why you should order from Domir Blinds? The answer is a resounding yes! Domir Blinds is the manufacturer, so ordering from us cuts out the overhead costs of the middlemen. Buying from a department store, hardware store, or outlet store means paying more so that that store can turn a profit. Domir offers the highest quality blinds for the lowest price available. If you have questions about how to order, just give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.

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