Control Skylights with Specialty Skylight Blinds


Control Skylights with Specialty Skylight BlindsIf you have a skylight in your home, you know it can be kind of hard to control the light that comes in. Direct sunlight can be nice, but when you’re trying to watch TV in the living room, it’s quite the problem. Fortunately, you can take control of your skylight with skylight blinds. Domir is here to let you in on how they work and how they can improve your skylight experience. Let’s get started!

Control Direct Sunlight

Not all of us were the ones who chose to have a skylight installed. Sometimes a home already has one when you move in and it’s not something you’re concerned about. However, skylight can quickly go from unnoticed to nuisance. Direct sunlight coming in through a skylight can get in the way of all kinds of things. Therefore, Domir blinds suggests taking things into your own hands by installing skylight blinds.

Skylight blinds help you avoid direct sunlight issues by blacking out the window or filtering sunlight. If you choose blackout blinds, you can make your skylight completely obsolete if that’s what you wish. Window screens will let in light from outside while keeping out the direct sunlight. This is a fantastic choice when you enjoy the extra light but not the disruptive direct rays.

Angled Windows

When a skylight is angled, or even horizontal, you might be unsure how blinds will stay in place. Well, angling blinds is actually easier than ever with side channels. Side channels are attached to the sides of window frames and used as tracks for blinds. These will hold screens and shades in place no matter what angle they’re at. Therefore, even skylights at the same angle as the ceiling can be improved with blinds.

Out of Reach

The unfortunate thing about skylights is that they’re often out of reach, up on the ceiling. How will you be able to easily control light coming in through windows out of reach? Easy: motorizing your out-of-reach blinds makes opening and closing them easier than ever. With the touch of a button, you can block out the noon-time sun and then invite overhead lighting back in when the sun is lower in the sky. You can avoid the direct sunlight that might interfere with laptop or TV screens while still keeping your home well-lit the rest of the day.

Blinds Options

How many options are there for skylight blinds?

  • Blackout blinds will keep any sunlight from coming through your skylight when you decide to close them.
  • Window screens will filter out direct sunlight while still allowing your skylight to brighten up the room.
  • Motorizing either of these makes them easy to open and close, using your phone as a remote control.

Give us a call at Domir Blinds to order your skylight blinds. If you have any questions, our experienced staff will be happy to help.

Roller Screens for High Rise Office Buildings


Roller Screens for High Rise Office BuildingsIf you base your company out of a high rise office building, you know there’s a lot that goes into making the perfect work environment. Even if you have the whole floor to yourself, you have to outfit that space yourself. That includes window coverings. Trying to figure out what kind of blinds to buy for your office space can be tricky. Let’s check out why roller screens may be the best choice for you and your high rise office.

Light Filtering

Roller screens are a great solution for office buildings for a lot of different reasons. For one thing, they filter light. That means your office space will remain lit up throughout the day without direct sunlight causing problems. They keep your office space from overheating and help out employees by ensuring they don’t have direct sunlight in their eyes. On the other hand, they don’t block out all of the light, leaving your office space dark and depressing. Light-filtering, roller screens are the perfect office solution.

Computer Friendly

Because roller screens filter sunlight, you don’t have to worry about direct sunlight glaring on computer screens. If you work in an office, you know sunlight on your computer screen can put a wrench in your work efficiency. It’s hard to concentrate when you can’t see what you’re doing.

Improve Roller Screens

Regular blinds allow streaks of direct sunlight to enter a room, making it hard to see your computer screen. Because roller screens are one solid piece, you don’t have to worry about sunlight coming in through slats. However, there is the possibility of sunlight coming in around the sides of your roller screen. That’s why we suggest buying side channels to go with your roller screens. Side channels attach to the sides of the window frame. The sides of your roller screens are then placed into the channels, removing any gaps in window coverage. That means you’re guaranteed to have no light leakage.

Professional Appearance

Roller screens are the best in professional appearance. They’re a no-frills solution for your office window coverage. When you have roller screens installed, you get the best window coverage for the best price and without making your office look too casual.

You can get an even more professional appearance if you order print on blinds. Print on blinds will allow you to order a roller screen with your company logo on it. If your logo isn’t what you want on your print on blinds, you can even opt for designs used for company projects or sectors. Putting up company-related designs may help improve the morale of employees as it gives them something inspiring to look at. After all, plain roller screens look professional, but they don’t exactly spark creativity.

If you’re interested in buying blinds for your high rise office windows, give us a call and we’ll help you with your order. Let us know if you have any questions and our professionals at Domir Blinds will be sure to help. You can even get up to 50% off your order over $500.

The Fashionable Addition of Honeycomb Blinds


honeycomb blindsAre you looking for the right blinds and just haven’t found them yet? It can be tricky finding blinds that look right for your home and fit in functionally as well. Domir Blinds is here today to tell you about honeycomb blinds. They’re a fashionable fixture in any home, but they’re more than they seem. Let’s see what makes honeycomb blinds so special.

Soft Appearance

Honeycomb blinds, because they’re not made with slats, have a soft appearance. They diffuse light coming in from outside and cast a lovely glow on any room. This kind of glowing filter for sunlight allows whatever room you’ve furnished with honeycomb blinds to be illuminated gently. No need to shield your eyes from harsh rays of sunlight where these are installed. But, you also don’t need to worry about your room being hidden from the wonderful morning sunlight.

This soft appearance lends itself to almost any interior design type. They best fit attractive homes with a comfortable-feeling interior. However, they can also add a touch of warmth to more contemporary or even minimalist interiors.


If you would rather have the same solid, simplistic design without the sunlight, you can even opt for honeycomb blackout blinds. These blinds are ideal for bedrooms where you prefer your alarm to be what wakes you.


One of the things that makes honeycomb blinds so attractive to homeowners is their insulating property. Because honeycomb blinds are made with connected chambers, they keep out cold or hot air.

In the winter, honeycomb blinds will keep cold air from getting into your home as quickly. That means your heater won’t have to work so hard. In the summer, it will do the same by keeping out hot air. Then your air conditioner won’t have to work so hard. In either case, you’re saving money on electricity by keeping your home at a more stable temperature.

Choose Your Color

Honeycomb sheer blinds can even be customized to fit your interior. While the outside of the blinds remains a crisp white, you can choose any color you want for the inside of your blinds. This allows you to compliment whatever colors you already have in your home. Match your decor and make your blinds part of the whole interior design.

This flexibility in color makes these blinds a favorite commercial buildings as well. If you run an office that thrives on creativity, having colored blinds will add to the interior. Don’t let your team suffer from staring at bland, white blinds all day. Give them a touch of color and watch them become more efficient and happy employees. Even if your office has a simple interior, choosing a color for your blinds that matches the company logo will help with your impression on people.

Hidden Cord

Another cool thing about honeycomb sheers is that they have a hidden cord. Because the cord to these blinds stays out of sight and out of the way, they’re family friendly. Households with small children can rest at ease knowing their children won’t be able to get ahold of the cord to the blinds.

If you’re looking to order honeycomb blinds, give us a call at Domir Blinds and we’ll be happy to help.

Why Every Hotel Should Consider Sheer Vertical Blinds


Why Every Hotel Should Consider Sheer Vertical BlindsIf you’re starting up a hotel or have been running one that needs some updates, Domir is here with a suggestion. You should consider putting sheer vertical blinds in your hotel rooms. What do sheer vertical blinds have to offer that other blinds don’t? Let’s take a look further into why these are such a great choice for hotel rooms.

Balcony Doors

One of the main reasons why sheer vertical blinds are so good for hotel rooms is because they cover balcony doors. A huge number of hotels have a balcony for each room. These balconies are almost always access via sliding, glass doors. Because sliding glass doors are also, functionally, windows, they need to be covered to give guests privacy.

The issue is, there aren’t many ways to cover balcony doors that looks good. Standard blinds tend to do a bang-up job of covering all the glass and don’t look good on glass doors. Sheer vertical blinds allow as much light in as guests desire while maintaining the room’s privacy.

Large Windows

Many hotel rooms also have large windows. If these windows share a wall with your glass doors, you can kill two birds with one stone by putting blinds across the whole wall. Sheer vertical blinds will cover all of the the windows and doors on a wall at once while still looking chic and open.

Putting curtains across an entire wall can really close a room off and make it feel dark. Sheer vertical blinds will cover glass and give privacy while still allowing in enough light. Keep your hotel rooms looking bright and open with sheer vertical blinds.


Motels can also benefit from sheer vertical blinds. Hotels tend more toward balconies while Motels tend to have large windows beside the room door. Don’t worry, vertical blinds are perfect for this too. You can get floor-length or custom length sheer vertical blinds to cover your rooms’ front windows.

Because the windows in a motel are facing the same direction as the front door, privacy is even more important than in a hotel. Hotel windows are usually on the wall across from the entry, as the entry is indoors. Because motels are entered from the outside, anyone walking by could sneak a peak in an uncovered window. Providing vertical blinds for coverage allows motel guests to keep their room completely hidden while still allowing light in.

Great Deals

If you want to get a great deal on bulk shopping, Domir Blinds is the place to get it. Because Domir Blinds is the manufacturer, you get lower prices than if you buy through a third party vendor. Third party vendors like home improvement stores have to sell products at a higher price than the manufacturer to make a profit. Domir doesn’t have to do that.

Plus, you can save up to 50% off orders over $500. That’s a fantastic way to save! If you have questions about how to order or want to know about our other products, contact us. We look forward to helping you make your hotel the best it can be.

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