High Quality, Slatted Blinds in Toronto

High Quality, Slatted Blinds in Toronto

Want some simple blinds for your home, but want them to last? Slatted blinds may not be the chicest or newest style, but they’re reliable and beloved. The really important part is just finding some that are high enough quality to last for many years and still look great. Fortunately, Domir can help.

Magic Lite Blinds

The highest quality slatted blinds you can get in Toronto – or anywhere, for that matter – are Magic Lite blinds. These blinds are a high quality spin on the standard slatted blinds we know and love. The slats on these blinds are broader than their standard, aluminum counterparts. These slats are wide, and made of a sturdier material that doesn’t bend. Say goodbye to bent, metallic slats. Say hello to Magic Lite instead.

Fabric Covered Slatted Blinds

If you enjoy the light control that comes with slatted blinds but would like some blinds with a softer appearance, The Ninet is your best friend. These blinds are made of standard slatted blinds but come with a layer of attached fabric on either side. Therefore, they have the soft appearance of honeycomb blinds while maintaining the higher lighting control. 

The best part of The Ninet is that you can keep your blinds open all day while maintaining privacy and avoiding screen glare. Because a direct view of your home is blocked off by the fabric layers, no one can see inside. Likewise, the sun is stopped in its tracks. Only a diffuse glow of daylight is allowed past the fabric layer of The Ninet.

Honeycomb Blinds

Not that concerned with light control? Honeycomb blinds are the most similar to the standard slatted blinds, without actually being slatted blinds. Their accordion fold style mimics the way slats rest against each other when pulled up. These soft, cozy blinds are perfect for in homes or offices. In either setting, they add a touch of warmth while still functioning very well.

Order From Domir Blinds

Ready to order some new blinds for your home or office? Domir is ready and waiting. Just give us a call or fill out the form on our website. 

Why order from Domir Blinds instead of going to the local hardware store? Easy! Domir Blinds is the manufacturer. That means, you pay the lowest price possible for our blinds when you order from us. When you buy from a department or hardware store, you have to pay additional overhead – that’s the money used to pay their employees – leading to a higher overall price tag on the same blinds.

When you’re ready to order, just let us know. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you outfit your home with the best blinds available.

Simple, White Blinds for Homes and Businesses

Simple, White Blinds for Homes and Businesses

Blinds are important in any home or business. Living without blinds, even for a short time, has us all looking for quick substitutes. We so crave control over the light levels in our environment. Therefore, without blinds, we quickly resort to sheets, blankets, curtains, and more. So, if your blinds aren’t doing their job, Domir Blinds wants to make it easy to find some that will. Check out these simple, white blinds for homes and businesses.

Privacy Blinds

The biggest reason people want blinds is to cover their windows and maintain privacy inside their homes. However, there’s a better solution for maintaining privacy than covering your window with a blanket. In fact, there’s a better solution than the cookie-cutter, aluminum blinds most modern houses are equipped with. Domir Blinds offers privacy blinds that look great while providing you sunlight and keeping out prying eyes.

Our best options for simple, white, privacy blinds are roller screens and sheer vertical blinds. Both of these designs offer a sheer screen that allows filtered light in and views of outside. However, neither can be seen through the other direction. Therefore, your neighbors won’t be able to see inside your home.

UV Filtering Blinds

These same two blinds designs filter UV to protect you, you children, your pets, your plants, and even your fabrics. UV can cause sunburns and skin cancer, it can damage plants and stifle growth, and it can bleach out colored fabrics. Get your sunlight without all the problems incurred by UV rays by relying on UV filtering blinds.

Blackout Blinds

Want your bedroom completely dark when you take your afternoon nap? Do you work the night shift and need to get sleep when the day is at its brightest? Blackout blinds are your new best friend. We offer blackout blinds in a number of forms. Most popular are our roller blackout shades and Magic Lite. 

Our roller blackout shades are simple, straightforward, and effective. Their thick, laminated layers prevent any light from coming through. Plus, roller blackout shades can be paired with side channels to prevent sunlight from sneaking in around the sides of your shade.

Magic Lite, on the other hand, is a less utilitarian design. Instead of having one primary purpose (blocking out light), this design is adjustable. The broad, wooden slats of these simple, white blinds can be adjusted to completely block out sunlight or to offer a room complete light exposure. The control is in your hands when using this sleek blinds design.

Motorized Blinds

If you have a lot of windows, save time on opening and closing the blinds each morning and evening by investing in motorized blinds. Any of our designs can be motorized upon order. We simply install the motor directly at the top, hidden by the fascia.

Motorized blinds can be controlled from an app on your smart device. Therefore, you can control your blinds from anywhere. Going on vacation and not sure if you put the front blinds down? Simply check the app and put them down from on the road.

Save Money by Ordering Domir

When you order from Domir Blinds, you save money! Because we’re the manufacturer, you can cut out the costs of overhead from department and hardware stores.

Floor to Ceiling Curtains for Large Windows

Floor to Ceiling Curtains for Large Windows

Getting the right size of curtains can be a real pain. This is especially true if you’re looking for long, floor to ceiling curtains for large windows. A wall of glass may look amazing, but it’s not easy to find the right drapes for it. Fortunately, your search is over. With some help from Domir Blinds, you can order the perfect floor to ceiling curtains. What’s better is, they’re more than just curtains. Here’s what makes sheer vertical blinds so special.

Curtains That Aren’t Curtains

While regular curtains may cover your window with a bit of fabric, they don’t do much else. There’s not much finesse to their function. What is it that sheer vertical blinds offer that regular curtains don’t? Well, they’re more than just plain fabric. They offer privacy, views, and complete blackout functionality.

Sheer, Privacy Layer

Sheer vertical blinds come with two layers. The first layer is what we call the sheer, privacy layer. This fabric is a screen of sorts that specifically allows you to continue looking out your window while others can’t look back at you.

The sheer privacy layer of sheer vertical blinds is perfect for people who value their privacy but don’t want to cage themselves in all day. Enjoy the sunshine! Enjoy the outdoors! But don’t sacrifice your privacy for those views. Sheer vertical blinds gives you both benefits.

Blackout Layer

The second layer of sheer vertical blinds is the blackout layer. This layer is closed over the sheer privacy layer to completely block out the sun. Need a nap in the middle of the day? Working the graveyard shift? No problem! Closing the blackout layer of sheer vertical blinds will plunge your entire room into darkness – and look good doing it.

Beautiful Appearance

On top of its functionality, sheer vertical blinds are also a great replacement for regular floor to ceiling curtains due to their beauty. These luxurious curtains flow and drape nicely, just like any high quality curtains. If your home is in need of a classy piece of background decor, these floor to ceiling curtains will fill the role.

UV Protection

Did you know the sheer layer of these curtains can do more than offer privacy? Sheer vertical blinds also offer UV protection. The sheer layer of the curtain helps shield you from harmful UV rays. That means a healthier environment for pets, plants, and children, as well as yourself. Plus, it can help you to prevent sun-bleaching your fabrics. UV rays are what’s responsible for bleaching fabrics like blankets. Don’t let the sun ruin your vibrant fabrics by leaching the color out of them.

Floor to Ceiling Curtains in Toronto

If you’re looking for floor to ceiling curtains in Toronto, Domir Blinds is here to help. Our sheer vertical blinds are easy to purchase by ordering directly from us. Don’t pay the additional overhead by shopping at department or hardware stores. Beat the inflated prices by getting directly from us – the manufacturer. Give us a call if you have any questions. We look forward to working with you!

Blackout Blinds for Student Dorms

Blackout Blinds for Student Dorms

Student dorms are much like apartments in that they’re primary purpose is housing for a whole lot of people at once. However, student dorms have some special needs that regular apartments don’t. When picking out blinds to furnish an entire dorm building, here are some things to consider.

One Room for Everything

One of the biggest things to consider when outfitting dorms with blinds is that students living in dorms, generally, have one room for everything. Their bedroom is where they’ll sleep, eat, study, hang out with friends, and more. While there are often other spaces for some of these things, they’re communal. If someone needs time alone or a space free of distraction, their room is it. Because of this, all of these unique needs must be taken into account when choosing blinds.

Study Spaces Need Light Control

Because students will be studying in their dorm rooms, they need light control to prevent screen glare. Additionally, it’s nice to be able to use daylight while reading a textbook or writing in a notebook. Slatted blinds may allow a little bit of that, but not nearly enough. 

Schedules Get Hectic

One reason why standard blinds fall short of what the average student dorms resident needs is the lack of blackout capability. Being a student is complicated. Sometimes you find yourself up all night studying and want to sleep the second you get back from class the next day. Unfortunately, classes don’t usually end when the sun goes down. Coming back at 3pm in desperate need of some good sleep is difficult with the sun shining right on your bed.

The solution? Blackout blinds. Blackout blinds come in many forms, but the best form of blackout blinds for student dorms is the roller blackout shade. By simply pulling the shade down, a student can plunge their entire room into complete blackness. This is ideal for a student with a bit of a hectic schedule – which, let’s be honest, is most of them.

Easy-to-Clean, Hard-to-Damage Blinds

Some additional benefits to roller blackout shades is that they’re easy to clean and hard to damage. That means, when the dorms get cleaned each summer between every new batch of students, they make the job that much easier. The shade can simply be pulled down, sprayed with an all-purpose cleaner, and wiped down. That’s an awful lot easier than getting each slat with a duster, or trying not to bend them while using a cloth.

What’s more, they’re also hard to damage. Because roller blackout shades don’t have small parts and aren’t aluminum, they don’t get bent out of shape. 

The Perfect Blinds for Student Dorms

If you’re interested in outfitting your student dorms with roller blackout blinds, Domir is the place to go. Domir Blinds is a blinds manufacturer in Toronto. That means, when you order from us, you get the lowest price possible – especially on bulk orders. Let us know if you have any questions about our ordering process. We look forward to hearing from you.

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