Doctor’s Office and Clinic Blinds in Toronto

Doctor's Office and Clinic Blinds in Toronto

If you have a clinic or doctor’s office in Toronto, you’re in the right place to get the best deal on blinds. Replace clinic blinds with affordable upgrades from Domir. Here’s what we have to offer that we think would be perfect for your office setting.

Warm Appearance

If you’re outfitting a doctor’s office or clinic with new blinds, one of the important things to keep in mind is appearance. Blinds aren’t all made the same. Appearance matters – especially in a doctor’s office. If you’re hoping to put patients at ease, you’ll want something warm in appearance. Who knew blinds could be warm in appearance? Well, the pros at Domir did!

Warm blinds for a doctor’s office or clinic can come in many forms. However, our favorites are The Ninet and honeycomb blinds. These fabric blinds are great for adding a soft touch to the room’s decor. Plus, if you opt for The Ninet, you get great lighting control. Therefore, you can also keep the light levels in your office comfortable for those waiting.

The Ninet is made up of slatted blinds, covered in a layer of fabric on each side. This gives you a stylish, warm appearance on the outside, with fantastic lighting control on the inside. The fabric sides keep light ambient at all times. However, with a flick of the wrist, using the adjustment rod, you can lower light levels or even prevent sun from entering at all.

Sleek, with High Level Control

Some doctor’s offices and clinic blinds should aim away from cozy and more toward sleek. Expensive offices meant to impress more exclusive clientele may need less comfort and more style. In those cases, something like Magic Lite is a better choice.

Magic Lite doesn’t just look stylish and sleek, it also comes with high level lighting control. Using the cords, you can adjust the wide, flat slats to go from complete exposure to complete blackout. This is an excellent feature for blinds in any office space where direct sunlight may cause discomfort. Keep waiting patients and staff likewise comfortable by blocking out direct sunlight in style.

Motorized and Automated

As with every kind of office space, we always recommend considering motorization and automation. Blinds automation is convenient for any location, but especially a place of work. Instead of staff having to walk around the waiting room each morning and afternoon to adjust the blinds, let automation do it for you.

Almost any of Domir Blinds’ blinds selection can be motorized. Motorizing blinds is as simple as making some motorized connections behind the fascia. Then, you can connect to the blinds with an app on your smart device – something present in most offices. From there, you can adjust the blinds from a distance or set up timed adjustments.

Buy for Cheap, Buy in Bulk

If you’re looking for affordable blinds for a whole building, Domir Blinds is the place to shop. We’re a manufacturer, which means you don’t pay any additional overhead prices like in department or hardware stores. Plus, we don’t run out of stock. Get blinds for the whole building without a hitch. Just call us today if you have questions, need a quote, or would like help ordering.

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