Print on blinds allow your window treatments to do much more than just covering the windows. The ability to order custom print jobs on them means that you can also augment creativity levels and promote your brand in the office. You can even go so far as to make them a part of your marketing campaigns.

Creativity boost

Vibrant colours brighten up the room, which in turn improves your mood and gives you a boost of creative energy. Some specific colours are also known to have a particular effect on productivity. Just think about what kind of atmosphere you’d like to generate in your office and select the colours accordingly.

So by intentionally choosing the colour palette of print on blinds, you can alter the way work is done in your home or company office.


Brand colours

If you’re looking for different avenues to reinforce the branding of your business, why not match print on blinds to the colour scheme of your brand? This not only subtly enhances your company’s image to your clients, but it’s also a quick and company-relevant way to accent the office interior.

In a sense, your whole office would be enveloped by your brand.


Corporate identity

For a more prominent display of your corporate identity, you can apply the company logo and/or slogan directly to print on blinds. Remember, too, that you can do this for both sides of the blinds.

With your corporate identity displayed on the exterior side of the blinds, it’s a light broadcast to the public on what your company is all about. On the flip side, interior displays of corporate identity will remind your employees about the corporate values and motivate everyone to work towards the company’s common goals.


Marketing campaigns

Print on blinds are also easily customizable platforms to supplement your marketing campaigns. Say you have a new product or service you’d like to promote. All you have to do is fit the campaign graphics to your window blinds so that passersby get a teaser of the next best thing to look forward to from your company.

You essentially get your own billboard space in your own place and on your own terms.