Available in large selection of
colors and patterns


Tube Only

Curved Cassette

Curved Cassette
with fabric attached

Square Fascia

When you want a classic, modern look for your window coverings, roller shades are a great choice for clean lines and optimal privacy. Popular for use in businesses, schools and homes, roller shades offer a convenient, affordable option for windows of varying sizes. Domir Blinds has been a leading supplier of custom roller shades in Toronto for over 30 years, with an incredible selection of shades to suit your needs. If you are choosing new window coverings for your space, consider these benefits that roller shades offer.


At Domir Blinds we are proud to have the reputation of being a trusted source for custom roller shades in the greater Toronto area. For decades we have developed an extensive collection of products that you can customize to meet the needs of any space. Whether you are looking for window coverings to fit a unique set of dimensions, or you have a particular color and style you want to match to your room’s design aesthetic, we will custom make your blinds to meet your specifications. With the help of our experts, we will make sure you leave with the perfect style of roller shades to meet all of your needs.


Roller shades are great for providing varying levels of light control while still maintaining a room’s minimalistic elegance. Our collection of shades comes in a variety of colors and materials that can be customized to suit any decor.

All of our roller shades are designed with a durable, easy to use mechanism for lifting, lowering and adjusting blinds. The optional motorized feature also makes these shades perfect for windows in hard to reach places.


The opportunity to customize your designs is only one great feature of purchasing roller shades from Domir Blinds – our quality manufacturing is another. We only use heavy duty components to ensure durability and longevity when we build our shades, and we stand behind the quality of each product with a lifetime warranty.


Creating a sense of privacy from the outside world is easy with roller shades. Eliminate the bulkiness of traditional curtains with shades that fit your window perfectly, while providing you with the ability to open and close them to your desired height.

Domir Blinds has been a trusted manufacturer of quality, durable, custom roller shades for Toronto and surrounding areas for over 30 years. Our friendly customer representatives are ready to answer your questions. Call us today for a free estimate!