The Best Privacy Blinds for Your Home

The Best Privacy Blinds for Your Home

If you’re like most people, there has come a time in your life when you ventured out to the kitchen in your underwear for a late night snack only to find you forgot to close the blinds earlier. If you’re one of the lucky ones, no one was around to see. However, there are a sorry few of us who had to duck behind the counter to avoid being spotted by an attentive neighbor. Say goodbye to sacrificing your privacy in favor of lighting up your home. You can have it both ways. Here are the best privacy blinds available for your Toronto home.

Blinds with No Gaps

If you’re a stickler for your privacy, you may find yourself bothered by the gaps in your blinds. Maybe it’s not likely that someone is looking through those gaps, but they could. It’s not like it’s unheard of for voyeurs to seek out any opening to peek inside.

Paranoia or not, you can say goodbye to gaps in your blinds by choosing roller shades and roller screens with side channels. These are the epitome of gapless blinds. Roller shades provide a solid, opaque barrier between your home and the outside world. Screens are one-way blinds that allow you to see outside while preventing others from looking in. Both of these options are made of one solid sheet of material. When paired with side channels, there are no gaps left to speak of.

If you’re unfamiliar with side channels, these nifty strips are attached to the insides of your window frame. Each one has a slot in it that the edge of your shade or screen can slide into. Therefore, your screen or shade won’t swing back and forth when adjusted. Furthermore, there are no gaps along the sides of your shades for anyone to peer inside.

Blinds You Can Leave Closed

If you’re a fan of leaving your blinds closed for the increase in privacy, but still want sunlight, we have what you need.

Roller screens, as mentioned above, are made of one solid piece of fabric. These screens will filter UV rays, but allow in a lovely glow of sunlight. Plus, they’re one-way visible, meaning you can see outside even when they’re closed, but no one can see in. 

If you want something a bit more attractive, you can opt for sheer vertical blinds. These are visually similar to curtains, but are much more complex. These dual layer “curtains” offer one layer with the same filtering, one-way capabilities as roller screens, and another that provides complete blackout coverage. While using only the first layer, you can enjoy the sunlight and your privacy.

Order From Domir Blinds

Is there any particular reason why you should order from Domir Blinds? The answer is a resounding yes! Domir Blinds is the manufacturer, so ordering from us cuts out the overhead costs of the middlemen. Buying from a department store, hardware store, or outlet store means paying more so that that store can turn a profit. Domir offers the highest quality blinds for the lowest price available. If you have questions about how to order, just give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.

New Professional Office Blinds for Every Need

New Professional Office Blinds for Every Need

A professional office needs to look its best, both for employees and for clients. However, professional office blinds aren’t just about appearance. Office blinds serve even more important functions in that they majorly impact the work environment. Here are some of our best professional office blinds designs and what makes them a great fit.

Stylish Blinds

Whether your office is purely for working, or also for hosting clientele, style might be important to you. A lot of companies put a lot of weight on their design sense. Any kind of design company has to keep up appearances. If you value the interior design of your office space, these blinds are just for you.

The Ninet

The Ninet are made of traditional, aluminum, slatted blinds paired with fabric on either side. They appear much like honeycomb blinds, but have the light controlling functions of slatted blinds.

These blinds are an exceptional choice for offices with a lot of computers. When all of your employees are working through screens, you need to have full control over the light in the space. Direct sunlight will impede their ability to see, bring down productivity, and increase eye strain and frustration.

The Ninet’s fabric lining means, even with the slats fully open, sunlight will be entirely indirect. The sun will light up your office space without shining directly on screens and interrupting the work flow.

Magic Lite

Magic Lite blinds are made of wide, wooden slats. These beat aluminum blinds with their modern elegance and ability to fully darken a room. These make great professional office blinds for places with a sense of style and less computer use. Is most of your office staff working with physical materials? If so, you can maneuver your Magic Lite blinds to bring in just as much direct sunlight as they need. Or, if it’s time for a presentation, close them entirely and darken the room.

Roller Blinds

Style isn’t always everything. Sometimes simplicity, cleanliness, and utility is the priority. If this sounds like your office space, roller blinds will be the perfect choice.

Roller Blackout Shades

Roller blackout shades are a familiar fixture of most high school and university classrooms. These shades are made of dense, flat materials that roll up at the top of each window. You can usually pull them down from the bottom, but they can also be controlled from a mounted pulley chain.

These shades are excellent choices for offices with many computers. They can be opened and closed as the sun moves across the sky, blocking out direct sunlight while still allowing illumination through surrounding windows. 

Roller Screens

Roller screens are made much the same as blackout shades. They’re also simple, flat panels that roll up to the top of the window. However, these ones allow some ability to see outside. The one-way visibility means your office stays private from the outside world. Furthermore, the design of the screen allows filtered sunlight in, illuminating a room without causing screen glare.

Get Side Channels

Roller blinds are best utilized with side channels. These hold them in place along the window frame and keep the office looking orderly. Plus, they also prevent pesky sunlight from sneaking in around the edges.

Motorize Your Professional Office Blinds

If you want an office that runs smoothly by itself, motorized blinds are a must have. With our handy app, you can put blinds on a timer or manually open and close them right from your phone. This is especially useful for higher office windows which are hard or impossible to reach by hand.

Child-Friendly Blinds for Classrooms and Day Cares

Child-Friendly Blinds for Classrooms and Day Cares

Classrooms and day cares with small children in them require careful attention to interior design. Keeping a classroom engaging to curious minds without investing in pretty details that will simply get damaged is a fine line to walk. So, Domir is here to help with child-friendly blinds that work well in classrooms and day cares.

Roller Blinds

Without a doubt, the best and most child-friendly blinds for classrooms and day cares are roller blinds. However, not all roller blinds are the same. 

Simple blackout shades will darken a room entirely. This works in your favor if you put on movies or use projectors frequently. 

Roller screens, on the other hand, will let in light even when closed. However, the screen will filter the light, preventing glare on screens. Additionally, roller screens provide a view of the outside while preventing visibility from the other direction. This is great for classroom privacy, especially if your classroom is accessible from outside where other classes have different recess times.

Print On Blinds

Don’t want some boring old shades? Use print on blinds to your advantage! These were originally designed with advertising and branding in mind. If you’ve ever seen a corner store with some big name brand affiliate printed onto their store window shade, they were using print on blinds.

They may have gotten their start with advertising, but print on blinds are more versatile than that. Consider having them printed with colorful pictures of animals on them, or fun, geometric patterns. There are plenty of designs that can be printed onto them that will brighten up your windows.

Side Channels

Roller blinds can be installed by themselves, but why not opt for side channels? These channels fit snugly over the sides of your roller blinds and hold them in place. Pulling them down, the blinds will glide neatly through the channels. This keeps windows looking tidy and prevents sunlight from sneaking in around the sides.

Benefits of Roller Blinds

Roller blinds may not seem like much, but their simplicity makes them versatile tools in the classroom.

Creative Backdrop

Whether you opt for a solid-colored roller shade or a print on blind, roller blinds offer a backdrop for creativity. If you keep your blinds down most of the time in one or more windows, there’s no need to leave the space empty! Use some gentle craft tape and put up some of the art projects your students have made. Think paper butterflies taped to a print on blind full of blue sky and green grass.

Easy to Clean

Roller blinds also come with the benefit of being very easy to clean. The solid surface of them means splattered paint, dust, fingerprints, and more can be washed away with ease.


The ultra simple design of roller blinds makes them durable as well, which is a necessity when serving children. Kids can pull on them, lean against them, fall into them, press against them, and more. Roller blinds will outlive it all.

Order In Bulk

If you’re ordering blinds for a whole school, order in bulk. Domir Blinds is the manufacturer, meaning you aren’t limited by the stock of an outlet or middle man. Plus, when you order in bulk from us, you get lower prices. Take out the middle man’s overhead and get a better deal. Call us if you have questions or need help making an order. We look forward to hearing from you!

Custom Colored Blinds for Playful Home Interiors

Custom Colored Blinds for Playful Home Interiors

While most of our blinds are shown in neutral, popular tones, there’s so much more than that available to you. If you like a burst of color in your home, Domir Blinds has exactly what you need. Here are some custom colored blinds options you can implement in your home when ordering from us.

Accent Color Roller Shades

Roller shades aren’t the most popular blinds choice, particularly because most people aren’t interested in plain white shades. But, did you know you can order roller shades in a number of colors and patterns? A plain sheet of white covering your window may be bland and unappealing. However, imagine them in a bright accent color that ties your whole interior design together.

One of our favorite, bold interior design styles is contrasting your blinds color with your paint color. Imagine a deep blue wall with a creamy orange shade. Bring some light to your teen’s black walls by installing a bright green or yellow shade. Matching bright with dark has been a favorite since the beginning of time. Reinvent this trend with your own tastes in mind.

Custom Design Print-On Blinds

Print-on blinds are most commonly used in shop windows. They’re great for printing on store names, logos, or even sale advertisements. However, print-on blinds aren’t commercial exclusive. You can buy these for your own home as well. Any design you can create, commission, or find for free use can be put onto these blinds and used as decoration.

Print-on blinds with colorful designs or illustrations are perfect for nurseries or kids’ rooms. There’s no reason for the creativity to end when you reach the window. Say goodbye to plain, white slats and say hello to a themed shade with your child’s favorite animals printed onto it.

Complimentary Blinds

Shades aren’t the only blinds that come in color. One of our buyers’ favorite designs, the Ninet, also comes in more than just tan. Compliment your home interior aesthetic with a suitable design in a color that matches. If you’ve got a lot of red tones in your living room, cover your window with a deep red or brown set of Ninet blinds. Compliment tans and whites with a pale, earthy green. Change your window from a gaping hole in your design to a leading part.

Pair with Curtains

Often, the reason why people don’t go for colored blinds – aside from not knowing they can – is the desire to use curtains. However, there are more ways to pair blinds with curtains than getting your curtains in color over a backdrop of white.

Experimenting with color combinations can lead to some great discoveries. But, if you want to keep things simple, you can also change things up in more subtle ways. If you’ve got dark blue curtains, try light grey or pale blue blinds. If you’ve got dark, colored walls, try black blinds and curtains in a lighter shade of your wall color. There are a lot of ways to make blinds part of your decor instead of merely coexisting with it.

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