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Whether you are looking to create utter darkness for a bedroom or you need complete privacy for a commercial space, Domir Blinds’ blackout blinds are an excellent choice. With a long list of benefits, blackout blinds are an ideal choice when you need to provide a room with optimal privacy while blocking out unwanted light.


Blackout blinds, also known as privacy roller blinds, are the closest you will get to complete elimination of outside light from a room. These blinds are highly versatile and can be used in a variety of rooms for both residential and commercial purposes. Blackout blinds are a great option for media rooms when you want to create a real cinema effect, and also for eliminating unnecessary light distractions in nurseries and bedrooms.

Blackout blinds are also ideal for a variety of business spaces, such as offices and conference rooms that need complete darkness for presentations or privacy.


Specially designed to be energy efficient, blackout blinds are excellent for improving a room’s insulation and cutting energy costs. Installing windows that are energy efficient can be costly, which is why cheaper windows are often a common source of heat loss. The thick design of Domir Blinds privacy roller blinds act as a great insulator that prevents a room’s heat from escaping, which leads to savings on your energy bill.


For rooms that need the ultimate level of privacy and darkness, blockout blinds are the best option for blocking light. At Domir Blinds we offer custom-made blinds to fit your spaces perfectly, which is especially important for blocking unwanted light.


Make life simpler with the easy to operate mechanism built into each of our blind designs. Efficiency is important to us, which is why our blinds come fully equipped with straightforward mechanisms for lowering and lifting.

For blinds being installed in awkward or hard to reach places, motorized options are available.


Domir Blinds is committed to providing quality design that compliments any decor aesthetic. Our blackout blinds are more than just functional with a variety of customizable options available to choose from. Each of our roller privacy blinds are available with optional aluminum white fascia or valance.

Domir Blinds has been a leading manufacturer of blackout blinds in Toronto and surrounding areas for over 30 years. If you are considering blackout blinds for your space, call us today for a free estimate!