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The difference between buying things for home purposes and commercial purposes can sometimes be astounding. For that reason, Domir Blinds wants you to know what makes our company the best choice for ordering commercial blinds in Toronto specifically.

Professional Choices

Ordering blinds for a professional or commercial setting is a bit different than ordering them for a home. While some of the choices cross over nicely, some choices are better left in the home. That makes finding the right blinds for a business a little trickier. After all, most blind manufacturers tend to aim their products at homeowners.

Domir Blinds has all the best choices for commercial blinds. Maybe you need roller screens or are in need of motorized blinds. We have it all. Make covering and controlling light flow through high windows a breeze. Keep your environment looking professional and straightforward. Plus, with some of our more sleek options, like blackout shades, you don’t have to worry about them getting damaged as easily as something like honeycomb blinds. Plus, you can order shades with your brand on them. Check out our print on blinds for a personalized experience.

Skylight Blinds

While some homes have skylights, there’s even more need for light control when there are skylights in commercial settings. While the glow of sunlight during the morning or afternoon can be great for lighting up an otherwise dim store, errant rays of direct sunlight can cause problems. Being able to easily shut out the midday sun so that it doesn’t get in customer or employee eyes is pretty essential.

We’re the Manufacturer

One of the most important reasons why Domir Blinds is a great place to buy commercial blinds is that we’re the manufacturer. If you want to buy commercial blinds in Toronto, a lot of the stores that present themselves as options are actually just middlemen between us and you. That means you get the same products that we sold to a dealer, but at a higher price. After all, they have to pay for their labor and turn a profit too.

Unfortunately for you, that means paying more. Why not cut out the middlemen and buy straight from the manufacturer?

Get a Great Deal on Commercial Blinds

Buying straight from us as a commercial buyer isn’t just cheaper, you can also get a great deal. Because commercial orders tend to be large, they can get pretty expensive. Never fear! When you make an order over $500 from Domir Blinds, you can get up to 50% off. You’re not going to find a deal that good from a third party dealer.

No matter what kind of blinds you’re looking for, you get the best quality for the most affordable price when you order straight from the source. When you’re ready to get your order started, contact us at Domir Blinds and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about our products. We look forward to hearing from you!

Improve Assisted Living Facilities with Motorized Blinds


Improve Assisted Living Facilities with Motorized BlindsBlinds are an integral part of almost any establishment. Whether that’s a commercial business or someone’s home, they’re relevant. It’s an important convenience to be able to cover windows. That’s not just to keep unwanted sunlight out, but for privacy too. Keeping out prying eyes is one of the most important features blinds have to offer and the main reason they’re used everywhere. From high-rise office buildings to assisted living facilities, blinds are a necessity. But how about motorized blinds?

Accessibility Difficulties

Speaking of assisted living facilities, they actually have a unique need that many buildings don’t have. That need is accessibility. When one begins to get up there in years, the ability to reach up and open blinds can diminish. This is especially true if reaching over a couch or other furnishing to get to the blinds cord. Eventually, night falls and it becomes necessary to close them again. If they’re left open while they lights are on, your windows will turn your living room into a display case for everyone outside to see into.

For those who have a hard time opening and closing their blinds, there’s a fantastic solution: motorized blinds. Motorizing your blinds allows you to open and close them without even having to leave your seat. Just tapping a button on your smartphone or tablet will allow you to uncover or recover your windows. This is a necessity for those in wheelchairs or who struggle with mobility.

Assisted Living

Assisted living facilities are effectively apartments for those who may need access to help part of the time. Staff can bring residents medication, meals, or help them with tasks that are difficult for them to do by themselves. For these elderly folks, maintaining as much independence as possible is important. That’s why motorized blinds are a fantastic addition to assisted living facilities.

Motorized blinds allow residents to open and close their blinds whenever they like without having to ask for help. This is great for their mental health, as the loss of independence can cause depression or other mental health problems. It’s also necessary for helping them maintain a certain quality of life.

Health Benefits of Motorized Blinds

What you may not know is that there are actual health benefits to more accessible, motorized blinds. When someone has enough trouble with accessing their blinds, they may start to leave them closed. Sitting in a sparsely-lit room also contributes to the onset of depression.

It’s not just mental health that’s affected by the lack of sunlight. Even just ten minutes a day of sunlight can give you enough vitamin D to sustain you. However, little to no sunlight can negatively impact your body very quickly. More aches and pains and insomnia are only two of many ways low vitamin D can impact you.

Giving residents the ability to open their blinds and then close them when they need to without having to overexert or injure themselves is paramount for their health. People will no longer have to sit in the dark just because they’re unable to open their blinds by themselves.

If you’d like to inquire about any of the blinds available at Domir or whether they can be motorized, we urge you to contact us. Give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to help!

The Accessibility and Convenience of Motorized Blinds


The Accessibility and Convenience of Motorized BlindsThere are a number of household fixtures that are seen in the modern world as luxuries. The truth is, a lot of this is just social stagnation. We’ve come to a point in time when even certain luxuries are affordable to the working class. And, not only are they affordable, for some households, they’re even necessary. Let’s spend some time looking at how motorized blinds affect a building’s accessibility and convenience.

Motorizing Your Blinds

When you motorize your blinds, it makes it possible to control your blinds from a smartphone or tablet. That means you can open or close them without getting up from your seat. Forget to close the blinds in the living room when you went to bed? Not a problem. Maintain your privacy by closing them right from your phone. The ability to motorize blinds makes everything easier.


With the number of households in Canada that are home to someone disabled or elderly, it’s an important that accessibility features become affordable. One such feature is motorized blinds. Why are motorized blinds important to the disabled? When someone has limited mobility, opening the blinds can be difficult or impossible. The struggle can lead to many disabled or elderly people forgoing the act altogether.

This poses a problem. The problem with people being unable to easily open their blinds is that sunshine is a vital source of vitamin D. Being deficient in vitamin D is a huge problem for the human body and can cause all kinds of problems, including increased pain levels. Because so many disabled and elderly people already have trouble with vitamin D deficiency, getting enough sun is important for their health. Motorized blinds make filling their homes with sunshine possible again – without draining them of energy they can’t afford to spare.


Even for able-bodied people, motorized blinds make a huge difference. The convenience of it can’t be beat. A new parent, rocking a sleeping baby, can remain in their seat, using their phone to darken the room. A work-from-home employee can lighten their office without getting up and pulling themselves from their work. The applications are endless. No matter who you are, you can lead a more efficient and more convenient life by automating your blinds.

Office Applications

Motorized blinds are especially useful for offices and other commercial buildings. With the number of windows in a corporate office, opening and closing the blinds by hand would be a nightmare. Using motorized blinds, you can quickly light up or darken a room with the simple touch of a smartphone.

Automated blinds are even greater for stacked windows. If your building has high ceilings and high windows, motorized blinds are a must-have. How else will you cover or uncover your high windows? You would have to get a ladder if you wanted to adjust them. By automating them, you make changing the position of your blinds simple – no ladders, no reaching, no struggling.

Contact us at Domir Blinds if you need assistance with your order or have questions about our products. We would be happy to help!

Precision Light Control with Magic Lite Blinds


Precision Light Control with Magic Lite BlindsAn age-old struggle with blinds is the inability to control exactly how much light is coming in. Magic Lite blinds are all the convenience and simplicity of regular blinds without the struggle. You can control exactly how much light you want coming in. Let’s take a look at what makes Magic Lite so uniquely convenient.

Simple Controls

Magic Lite is easy to control. You don’t need any complicated mechanisms to get the light you want. Just use simple cords, like normal blinds but with all the control you could ask for. You can even motorize your Magic Lite blinds to get the simplest control yet.

Motorized Blinds

Motorized blinds are easy and convenient. For some, they’re even necessary. Everyone can benefit from motorized blinds. Disabled, elderly, or even just really busy people can make light control easy with this one simple addition.

When you motorize your blinds, you make it possible to control them entirely from your smart phone or tablet. That means full light control without leaving your seat. This can be especially useful for new parents or those who work from home. You can adjust how dark the room is without interrupting your sleeping baby or pulling yourself away from work.

Light Control

Magic Lite isn’t like regular blinds. While classic blinds let in light no matter if they’re closed, Magic Lite is different. With these fantastic blinds, you can go from full exposure to blackout coverage with the pull of a cord. This makes Magic Lite the best window coverage option for any room in the house.

Computer rooms notoriously have problems with lighting due to reflection on computer screens. Bedroom windows sometimes let in light a little too early. They can be especially problematic if you work night shift and have to sleep during the day. The nursery being flooded with light can make it difficult for baby to fall asleep. No matter what room you think of, it will be more functional with the lighting control of Magic Lite.

Business Advantages

These blinds are especially great for businesses. Because of its sleek and attractive appearance, Magic Lite will make any professional window look its best. The lighting control is great too. No more glaring sunlight on laptop screens. No more sun rays leaking in through the window of a presentation room. Alternatively, make sure your staff room gets as much light as it needs. No matter how much coverage or exposure you need, Magic Lite will give you everything you need in an attractive, contemporary package.

If you have questions about our products or would like to inquire about making an order, contact us at Domir Blinds. Our friendly staff is looking forward to your call and is happy to help make your order as easy as possible.

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