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colors and patterns


Tube Only

Curved Cassette

Curved Cassette
with fabric attached

Square Fascia

The Shangrila system allows a high degree of shade control in a room while maintaining stylish softness and fashionable look. Horizontal fabric vanes float between two layers of soft, knitted fabric sheers, revealing view when open and full privacy when closed. Comes with aluminum fascia. Motorized option available.

Privacy and precision

Ninet is one our proudest designs because it gives you such a wide range of possibilities when it comes to privacy and light control. While roller screens are great if you want an unobstructed window view while still maintaining your privacy, they don’t offer you the same degree of precise sunlight angle manipulations as roller blinds. On the other hand, roller blinds fall short on the privacy front since the home interior is revealed as soon as you adjust the vanes.

Ninet combines the best of both worlds together. Its unique Shangrila system is designed so that even when the vanes are swivelled open, the translucent fabrics that enclose them are always there to preserve your privacy. This is ground-breaking because it means that you no longer have to give up on your privacy just because you need to angle sunlight to a different part of the room.


Air conditioner friendly

Similar to roller screens, the two layers of translucent fabrics that hold Ninet together will act as a sunlight diffuser. By pre-diffusing the solar heat that comes through the window, it keeps heat gain from steadily increasing throughout the hot summer days.

In the end, your air conditioner won’t have to run all the time and you get to save on energy costs. Every little bit counts as the savings will add up in the long run.


Smooth style

The decision to wrap the whole Ninet design between two translucent fabrics also had to do with aesthetics. It’s a minimalistic choice that softens the sharp edges of the roller blind system in the middle and gives the whole window treatment a smooth, cohesive style.

The sleek simplicity of this look allows Ninet to fit in a variety of interior design themes from modern to transitional to farmhouse. There’s a luxurious quality about Ninet’s style that will instantly elevate your home to new décor inspirations.