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Curved Cassette

Curved Cassette
with fabric attached

Square Fascia

This remarkable Blind is a roller blind that allows you to enjoy all the benefits of natural sunlight and view while blocking out harsh heat. Has UV protection. Optional with aluminum white fascia or valance. Motorized option available.

One-way view

A major challenge of choosing the right window blinds is balancing the window view with privacy. Roller screens are one of those window treatments that rest on that happy medium. Made with a translucent mesh material, roller screens give you a full window view from the inside while preventing the reverse from happening on the outside.

So you can window-watch all you want without other people peering into your home life. This is privacy at its simplest.


Energy efficiency

Roller screens also help you save on air conditioning costs in the summertime. The translucency of its mesh material diffuses the sunlight that passes through, which reduces the solar heat and heat gain that happens throughout the day.

All this results in your air conditioner not having to work as hard.


UV protection

Another added benefit of roller screens’ sunlight diffusion is that you get a layer of ultraviolet (UV) protection around your house. Just by minimizing the glare from the sun, it will in turn lower the risk of strong UV rays from harming your skin.


Interior outdoors experience

If your house is in a beautiful location with breathtaking sceneries, it’d be a shame to completely cover up the windows when all you want is to just decrease the intensity of the sunlight streaming into the room. Roller screens allow you to do that without ever having to sacrifice the viewing pleasure of the outdoors.

What really makes roller screens stand out though is the fact that you can make the outdoors experience part of your interior design. So instead of spending all that effort to find the right window blinds to complement your décor, you let the beauty of the outdoors do the talking. The roller screens can be drawn closed all day and the spectacular artwork of nature will still shine through. It’s hard to beat that design feature.