Skylights are popular house design features because they help homeowners maximize available sunlight. Skylight blinds are a discreet way for you to enjoy sunshine with increasing degrees of control from translucent privacy to complete blackout to fine-tuned angles. Even better, operating them is made all the more easier with motorization options.

Sunlight plus privacy

All the south-facing windows you install on the side of your house just can’t compete with skylights, which take full advantage of the sun’s overhead angle. You can complement the function of skylights by using solar shades as the skylight blinds. Solar shades let in sunlight and all the radiant heat that comes with it while shrouding your home life from outside view.

This way, you’re staying true to what you originally wanted out of your skylights with the added benefit of privacy.


Black and light

Skylights are often installed only over common areas and not for rooms that occasionally need complete darkness. But what if you can have skylights in those rooms, too? It really doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing situation. If you choose your skylight blinds in the style of blackout blinds, you can open and close them at will depending on how you want the room.

Need to darken the room for your kids’ naptime in the nursery? Want to enjoy your home theatre experience in total blackout? You can get all that just by closing the blackout skylight blinds and let light fill the room when it’s not in use.


Controlled sunlight

Sometimes, what you really need in a skylight-lit room is the ability to angle the incoming sunlight however you want it. That’s where roller blinds come in to act as the skylight blinds. Imagine a room brightly lit by sunlight all through the day as you re-direct it to a different area in the room.

This would be a perfect arrangement in your home office to reduce sun glare on the monitor screen while still getting the healthy benefit of working in natural light.


Motorized convenience

With skylight blinds beyond the reach of manual control, turning them into motorized blinds is a necessity. At a click of a button, you can open, close, or angle skylight blinds to your heart’s convenient content.