Side channels at their most basic function serve as tracks for window blinds to run along. But there’s more to them than meets the eye. Depending on the window treatments you get, side channels also serve supportive functions such as achieving total blackout, improving insulation efficiency, as well as providing structure and style.

Blackout completion

Sometimes, no matter how tight of a fit you try to get blackout blinds to hug the window frame, there will still be some light leakage around the edges. If you have a home theatre, presentation room, or any other room where you need to achieve a total blackout, side channels are what you need to complement your blackout blinds.

Mounted right on the sides of the window frame, side channels provide an opaque barrier to any light that tries to seep through the edges. With this last piece of the puzzle in place, you’ll get complete darkness in the room even at the height of daylight outside.


Insulation seal

Cellular blinds are the window coverings of choice for homeowners who want an additional layer of insulation at their windows. The common issue though is that the honeycomb structure of cellular blinds leave open-ended edges on the sides. That means whatever insulating air that gets trapped in the fabric pockets will leak out, even with a tight fit to the window frame.

By mounting cellular blinds to side channels, however, you prevent the side air leakage from happening. With an improved insulation seal like this, you have a better chance of minimizing the heat loss that often occurs at windows. Ultimately, they’re an investment to save on energy costs.


Skylight essential

Side channels are an essential component of skylight blinds because they provide the framework for them to operate upon. Without the rigid structure of side channels to glide open and close, skylight blinds would sag uselessly down in the middle.


Modern sleekness

Even if regular window blinds don’t technically need something on the sides to maintain their form, side channels are worthy considerations from a stylistic point of view. There’s a modern sleekness to side channels because they give your window treatments that minimalistic, seamless look.