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colors and patterns


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Curved Cassette

Curved Cassette
with fabric attached

Square Fascia

Smart, functional, stylish and user-friendly product. Integrates “all in one” features of Shutters & Blinds. In comparison to Roller Blinds, Magic-Lite has a remarkable advantage; It has the ability to control the overlap of it’s strips. This enables full privacy and light control.

At home or in your office, Magic-Lite can determine the required ambiance with countless possibilities starting from total shading and ending in total exposure. Suits every opening, has UV protection and comes in various colors, the Magic-Lite is the perfect choice. Comes with aluminum fascia. Motorized option available.

Full light control

While regular roller blinds have always been known for their versatility in light control, they can’t completely darken a room when you want them to. Light will always leak through the cracks between the strips because they don’t perfectly overlap each other. This is where Magic-Lite comes in to address that specific issue.

Magic-Lite is designed to give you full control over the amount of overlap you want between the strips. So not only do you still have the ability to fine-tune the angle of the strips, but you can also efficiently cover the outside light whenever you want.



Even with the additional mechanism of overlap control, we made sure that the Magic-Lite design is still user-friendly. That’s why it comes with motorized options so that you can achieve the custom brightness level you need in a room without all the hassle of fiddling around with cords.

The convenience of Magic-Lite’s operation also extends to the precision of its adjustments. We want you to be able to set your desired levels with Magic-Lite and then forget it. You should have full confidence that the changes you make stay that way until you want it otherwise.


All-in-one curb appeal

Shutters have been very popular lately as a way for homeowners to boost their curb appeal. But they can be a pricey trend to follow though. What’s great about Magic-Lite is that the strips are wider than usual and when they overlap, they produce a similar look to that of shutters.

By putting up Magic-Lite, you’re taking advantage of an all-in-one package that includes the style and functionality of both shutters and blinds. It’s a smart way to boost curb appeal without breaking the bank.