High Quality, Slatted Blinds in Toronto

High Quality, Slatted Blinds in Toronto

Want some simple blinds for your home, but want them to last? Slatted blinds may not be the chicest or newest style, but they’re reliable and beloved. The really important part is just finding some that are high enough quality to last for many years and still look great. Fortunately, Domir can help.

Magic Lite Blinds

The highest quality slatted blinds you can get in Toronto – or anywhere, for that matter – are Magic Lite blinds. These blinds are a high quality spin on the standard slatted blinds we know and love. The slats on these blinds are broader than their standard, aluminum counterparts. These slats are wide, and made of a sturdier material that doesn’t bend. Say goodbye to bent, metallic slats. Say hello to Magic Lite instead.

Fabric Covered Slatted Blinds

If you enjoy the light control that comes with slatted blinds but would like some blinds with a softer appearance, The Ninet is your best friend. These blinds are made of standard slatted blinds but come with a layer of attached fabric on either side. Therefore, they have the soft appearance of honeycomb blinds while maintaining the higher lighting control. 

The best part of The Ninet is that you can keep your blinds open all day while maintaining privacy and avoiding screen glare. Because a direct view of your home is blocked off by the fabric layers, no one can see inside. Likewise, the sun is stopped in its tracks. Only a diffuse glow of daylight is allowed past the fabric layer of The Ninet.

Honeycomb Blinds

Not that concerned with light control? Honeycomb blinds are the most similar to the standard slatted blinds, without actually being slatted blinds. Their accordion fold style mimics the way slats rest against each other when pulled up. These soft, cozy blinds are perfect for in homes or offices. In either setting, they add a touch of warmth while still functioning very well.

Order From Domir Blinds

Ready to order some new blinds for your home or office? Domir is ready and waiting. Just give us a call or fill out the form on our website. 

Why order from Domir Blinds instead of going to the local hardware store? Easy! Domir Blinds is the manufacturer. That means, you pay the lowest price possible for our blinds when you order from us. When you buy from a department or hardware store, you have to pay additional overhead – that’s the money used to pay their employees – leading to a higher overall price tag on the same blinds.

When you’re ready to order, just let us know. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you outfit your home with the best blinds available.

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