Cordless Blinds for Parents and Pet Owners

Cordless Blinds for Parents and Pet Owners

Kids and pets may not be the same thing, but they do come with a surprising amount of similar care needs. Safety comes with a lot of overlap between the two. One such concern is blinds cords. Hanging cords can be a huge safety hazard for small children and adventurous pets. Fortunately, there are cordless blinds for parents and pet owners available at Domir Blinds.

The Risks of Corded Blinds

If you’re new to parenting or pet ownership, you may not realize the risks associated with corded blinds. It’s important for you to know, so we’ll start there. Pets and small children simply love messing around with fun objects. For a small child, what’s more fun than a long, dangling cord? These cords almost always have multiple strings in them, tied at the bottom. This creates a loop of string, often reachable from the floor. If a child gets tangled in this cord, they could get choked. The same goes for a dog or cat that wandered into the cord by accident while looking out the window.

The best way to keep children and pets safe from blinds cords is to opt for cordless blinds. Fortunately, these are common in the blinds market, since they have a cleaner appearance.

Utilitarian Cordless Blinds

If you seek blinds that serve their purpose and not much else, we have utilitarian blinds at the ready for you. Our roller shades and roller screens are the perfect solution. These simply, utilitarian blinds are made of dense, flat panels that roll up at the top of the window. To open them, you can simply pull them down from the bottom. Or, if you’d like some cords that are safer, you can opt for a mounted chain.

Some blinds, like roller shades, can come with mounted chains. This chain functions like a blinds cord, but is mounted on the wall inside the window frame. There, it rests around a pulley system. You can pull one side and it will go around the pulley system to adjust your blinds. However, without any additional slack, it won’t become a hazard for pets or children.

Cordless Blinds with Style

If you’re looking for cordless blinds with a bit more style, one of our favorite cordless blinds designs is sheer vertical blinds. These blinds are more like curtains than standard blinds. However, they come in two layers with privacy built in. We think that makes them a bit more special than standard curtains. 

The first layer is sheer and can only be looked through from the inside. This layer allows in filtered sunlight to illuminate your home. The second layer is a blackout layer to prevent sun from getting in at all. This makes them very versatile for your light adjustment needs.

Shop Blinds at Domir

If you’re looking for new cordless blinds in Toronto, Domir Blinds is here to help. From honeycomb to Magic Lite, we have it all. Just give us a call if you have questions or would like assistance with ordering. 

3 Ways Blinds Affect Your Interior Design

3 Ways Blinds Affect Your Interior Design

Your interior design is more than just the rug pattern you choose and the color of flowers you prefer. Every little element of your interior design makes an impact on that overall impression. Yes, even blinds affect your interior design outcome! In fact, we’ve put together 3 ways they make an impact. Let’s take a quick look at what those are.

1. Light Exposure

It seems obvious that the purpose of blinds is to affect light exposure. However, many people don’t consider that this means their blinds affect their interior design. Sure, you may not have any trouble sleeping through the morning sun, but will your room be dark all day? The sun may not reflect off your laptop screen but is there enough to light your walking path?

When choosing blinds for your interior, be sure to consider how the light exposure capabilities will impact the appearance of your home. If opting for something that will keep the place completely dark, be sure to consider if your home will get bright enough with some blinds adjustment. Otherwise, you may want to check out other blackout styles with better exposure when adjusted. Unless, of course, you do want your home to be dark all day. For some people, that’s the interior design they’re after.

2. Color

Naturally, the color of your blinds will affect your interior design. But, did you know you can choose the color you buy? A lot of people see white blinds in stores and on website homepages and assume this is just how blinds are. It’s not so! Blinds can oftentimes be bought in a variety of colors. For example, Domir Blinds offers a wide variety of blinds colors. You simply have to request the color you want when ordering. If you want to know the colors available from any manufacturer, you should always ask. You may find there are a lot more options than you realized.

Colored blinds are a great way to make a statement in your home design. Instead of settling for plain white, imagine a pop of bright blue or red, accenting the rest of your interior. Use your gut and your eye for design and colorful blinds may just change your life.

3. Style

Next up is style. I’m sure you’ve got a preference for certain styles of blinds over others, but does the style match your interior? How can you make it match more? One great example of a blinds style that affects interior design is honeycomb blinds. These blinds, made of fabric, create a softness in a room. This is the exact opposite of standard, slatted blinds, which give a hard, low-quality feel to a room.

Mix and match stylistic choices to bring your interior design up to a new level. Consider white Magic Lite blinds paired with bright, colorful curtains on either side. The bold, hard lines of the Magic Lite will be softened by the colorful curtain patterns. The colorful patterns will be made more “adult” with the serious shape of the Magic Lite blinds. Call us today if you have questions about our products or how you can use them effectively in your home.

Bulk Apartment Blinds Replacement for Landlords

Bulk Apartment Blinds Replacement for Landlords

Keeping an entire apartment complex under control is a huge task. There’s repairing tenant damages, replacing broken-down appliances, and updating the interior. The tasks are endless. Make your job that much easier by updating them all at once. If the blinds in your apartments are old, tacky, and not doing you any favors on attracting tenants, replace them. You can do bulk apartment blinds replacement with help from Domir Blinds. Here’s how.

High Quality Blinds

Domir Blinds offers high quality blinds that are affordable in price. Because we’re the manufacturer, you can cut out the overhead costs added by middlemen and get the best deal possible. Being both high quality and affordable, our blinds are the perfect solution for landlords needing bulk apartment blinds replacement.

Installing quality blinds can make a massive difference in capturing the hearts of prospective tenants. Going into a simple apartment with aluminum slatted blinds can give a cheap impression. Going into the same apartment with honeycomb blinds can look classy and cozy. You wouldn’t believe the difference some nicer blinds can make throughout an entire apartment.

Variety of Styles

Every apartment interior is different. To get the right kind of improvement, you’ll want to buy blinds that compliment and enhance the existing interior. Fortunately, Domir Blinds offers a variety of colors and styles. Many of the blinds we offer are displayed in a standard white, but can be special ordered in color. If you’re looking for darker colors to contrast lighter walls, or to accent mid-tone painted walls, consider buying some of our blinds in rich browns, reds, or greens. 

If you want something that’s more neutral, you can also order our blinds in grey tones. This is a great way to add some variety to the interior design of an apartment without infringing on a tenant’s potential color preferences.

Improve Property Value

Every little update done to an apartment interior can create an overall boost in property value. A cheap looking apartment can only be rented out for cheap. However, if you can increase the apparent value of the apartment with the simple addition of quality blinds, you can increase rent to something more moderate.

Improving the property value of your apartments by doing bulk apartment blinds replacement is also useful if planning to sell. It is the nature of any business to change hands once in a while. Apartment complexes are no different. If you’re looking to sell to a different management company, giving your complex a property value boost will ensure you get the most out of the sale.

Bulk Apartment Blinds Replacement

If you’re looking to do bulk apartment blinds replacement, Domir Blinds is the #1 place to shop in Toronto. Call us today if you have questions about our products or how to order them. We look forward to assisting you!

Sliding Glass Door Blinds in Toronto

Sliding Glass Door Blinds in Toronto

Getting the right blinds for a set of sliding glass doors isn’t as easy as it sounds. Doors are not the primary concern for most blinds designs. Even those that might work for floor to ceiling windows may be problematic on something meant to move. If you need sliding glass door blinds, you need to come to Domir Blinds. Here are some of our options that may appeal to you.

Blinds That Won’t Move

If you want blinds for a glass door that slides or swings open, blinds that move around can be a massive pain. In either case, each time you open the door, the blinds will end up knocking around and making a lot of racket. So, step #1 for sliding glass door blinds is finding blinds that don’t move around.

Accomplish this in one of two ways: get blinds that secure to your door, or get blinds that aren’t attached to the door at all.

Attaching blinds to a glass door with a wooden frame around it, like one that swings open and has a large glass panel in the center, is easy. You can buy little anchors and screw them into the bottom panel of the door. Then, blinds can snap into the anchors. Many types of blinds have a small hole in the bar at the bottom for doing just this. Those that don’t may have a small hole drilled into them to allow them to be anchored. Then, blinds can be popped out of the anchors when you want to raise them.

However, for doors that are glass all the way down, or with a metal frame, you can buy and attach suction cups to the bottom bar of your blinds. You can suction these to the glass to prevent your blinds from swinging around.

Additionally, you can also avoid clunky, moving blinds by installing something like sheer vertical blinds. You attach these to the wall above your sliding glass doors. Get a sheer protective layer that filters UV, or even a blackout layer, with the use of sheer vertical blinds. 

Motorized, Automated Blinds

If your sliding glass doors provide a lot of the light in the room they’re in, you may want to regularly open and close them with the sun. Automating your sliding glass door blinds with motorized blinds technology is the perfect solution. Bathe your living room in morning sun and keep your privacy when the sun sets without lifting a finger.

Motorized blinds are possible with any style that lifts and lowers. We fit the motor behind the fascia attached to the wall. Motorized blinds are perfect for people who are busy, have accessibility needs, or who own large houses with many windows.

High Quality Sliding Glass Door Blinds

If you’re looking for sliding glass door blinds that are high quality and improve your interior, Domir Blinds is the solution. Check out our selection of blinds through the menu above, or give us a call. We love hearing from you and would love to help you make the perfect selection.

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