The Best Privacy Blinds for Your Home

The Best Privacy Blinds for Your Home

If you’re like most people, there has come a time in your life when you ventured out to the kitchen in your underwear for a late night snack only to find you forgot to close the blinds earlier. If you’re one of the lucky ones, no one was around to see. However, there are a sorry few of us who had to duck behind the counter to avoid being spotted by an attentive neighbor. Say goodbye to sacrificing your privacy in favor of lighting up your home. You can have it both ways. Here are the best privacy blinds available for your Toronto home.

Blinds with No Gaps

If you’re a stickler for your privacy, you may find yourself bothered by the gaps in your blinds. Maybe it’s not likely that someone is looking through those gaps, but they could. It’s not like it’s unheard of for voyeurs to seek out any opening to peek inside.

Paranoia or not, you can say goodbye to gaps in your blinds by choosing roller shades and roller screens with side channels. These are the epitome of gapless blinds. Roller shades provide a solid, opaque barrier between your home and the outside world. Screens are one-way blinds that allow you to see outside while preventing others from looking in. Both of these options are made of one solid sheet of material. When paired with side channels, there are no gaps left to speak of.

If you’re unfamiliar with side channels, these nifty strips are attached to the insides of your window frame. Each one has a slot in it that the edge of your shade or screen can slide into. Therefore, your screen or shade won’t swing back and forth when adjusted. Furthermore, there are no gaps along the sides of your shades for anyone to peer inside.

Blinds You Can Leave Closed

If you’re a fan of leaving your blinds closed for the increase in privacy, but still want sunlight, we have what you need.

Roller screens, as mentioned above, are made of one solid piece of fabric. These screens will filter UV rays, but allow in a lovely glow of sunlight. Plus, they’re one-way visible, meaning you can see outside even when they’re closed, but no one can see in. 

If you want something a bit more attractive, you can opt for sheer vertical blinds. These are visually similar to curtains, but are much more complex. These dual layer “curtains” offer one layer with the same filtering, one-way capabilities as roller screens, and another that provides complete blackout coverage. While using only the first layer, you can enjoy the sunlight and your privacy.

Order From Domir Blinds

Is there any particular reason why you should order from Domir Blinds? The answer is a resounding yes! Domir Blinds is the manufacturer, so ordering from us cuts out the overhead costs of the middlemen. Buying from a department store, hardware store, or outlet store means paying more so that that store can turn a profit. Domir offers the highest quality blinds for the lowest price available. If you have questions about how to order, just give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.

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