The Right Blinds for Large Windows

The Right Blinds for Large Windows

It’s extremely common for office buildings, clinics, and such to have large windows in them. These let in a lot of natural light and create a more attractive building. However, they do pose a bit of a problem for anyone who wants light control. Installing blinds over them is one thing, but controlling those blinds is another. Domir Blinds has the perfect solution. If you’re looking for the right blinds for large windows, you’ve come to the right place!

Motorized Blinds

If you’ve heard of motorized blinds before, this solution may seem obvious. However, tons of people struggle with large, inaccessible windows every day, and have no idea their blinds could be motorized. Motorized blinds are just like other blinds, but with one huge difference. At the top of the blinds, there’s a mechanism that allows you to control the blinds remotely. Therefore, motorized blinds are the ideal blinds for large windows. Plus, if you find your office or other building interior flooded with direct sunlight as the sun rises or sets, these are a must-have.

Automated Blinds

Not only are motorized blinds able to be controlled indirectly, they can also be automated. If you have a specific time of day that you want your blinds to open or close, simply set them up to do so. They’ll continue to open and close at those times unless told to do otherwise. This is convenient for stores that want privacy when closed, offices where the rising or setting sun can cause visibility issues, and anywhere with large or high windows.

Accessible from Anywhere

How are motorized blinds controlled, exactly? Gone are the days of unsightly control panels and easily-lost remotes. Motorized blinds have evolved with the times and can be controlled from any smart device just by downloading an app.

This convenient ability to control your blinds from anywhere makes it possible to check if they’re opened or closed, even while out of the building. This unrestricted access is especially useful for those with plants that need controlled sunlight. If you can’t be at home at the necessary times to open or close the blinds, you can do it right from your phone.

Convenience in Any Style

You may be wondering what motorized blinds look like. We’ve got some great news on that front: Any of the blinds offered by Domir can be made motorized. Motorized blinds are made accessible by attaching the motor to any blind design. That means accessible blinds and stylish ones too.

If you feel that motorized blinds are the right blinds for large windows in your home or office, Domir is the place to call. Let us know if you have any questions and we’ll be happy to help you get started or make an order.

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