Get Ready for the Summer Sun by Upgrading Your Blinds

Get Ready for the Summer Sun by Upgrading Your Blinds

The summer sun is on its way. Is your home prepared? If your blinds are outdated or simply not doing their job, late spring is the perfect time for upgrading your blinds. Here are some things your blinds are responsible for this summer. Are yours going to be doing their job?

Regulating Temperature

First and foremost, your blinds are a key element in your home’s temperature regulation. Did you know having blinds that insulate can save you a significant amount of money on cooling? Without blinds, sunlight will come straight through your window, heating up your home much faster than if it was stopped short at the blinds. Metal, slatted blinds are poor insulators, even when completely closed. But who wants to sit in the dark all summer? A happy medium is better for everyone.

Blocking UV

Want to protect your skin? A lot of people don’t realize that they’re just as susceptible to sunburns and skin damage from inside as they are outside. If you’re in direct sunlight through a window, it can actually amplify the effects, like a magnifying glass.

There are many kinds of blinds, such as honeycomb blinds, the ninet, and roller screens that block out UV while still letting in the glow of sunlight that you enjoy so much during this time of year.

Preventing Sun-Bleaching

Because our blinds are responsible for blocking out UV, they’re also responsible for preventing sun-bleaching. Damage caused to fabrics by the sun is specifically attributed to the UV in sunlight. Therefore, if you take the UV out of the equation, sunlight is no longer a threat to that lovely blanket you have across your bed.

Keeping Screens Visible

Direct sunlight does more than just threaten us with damage, it also threatens us with extreme inconvenience. Sure, sure, there might be bigger problems in the world than the glare of the sun on your TV screen. However, that doesn’t mean screen glare won’t have the power to drive you up the wall this summer. 

Make your relaxing time actually relaxing by protecting your screen from direct sunlight and upgrading your blinds. That goes for the TV, the computer, a handheld game console, or even your cellphone. If you find yourself squinting at a screen because the sun is getting in your way, your blinds are not doing their job.

Protecting Your Eyes

Screen glare is one inconvenience, but sunlight getting directly in your eyes is another. Not only is direct sunlight in your eyes irritating and inconvenient, it’s also bad for your eyes. Instead of squinting against the evening sun shining directly in your face through the kitchen window, get the best of both worlds with a roller screen or the ninet. Both allow sunlight to filter in through them without allowing direct rays to hit you in the eyes.

Giving You Privacy While Letting in Sun

And, last but not least, we can’t disregard privacy. Your blinds are responsible for giving you privacy from the world around you. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice daylight to get it either. By upgrading your blinds with a roller screen, honeycomb blinds, or sheer vertical blinds, you can maintain  your privacy while still enjoying daylight hours. Light up your home without sacrificing what matters. Give us a call at Domir Blinds if you have any questions about our products or how to order.

How Do Blinds Affect Your Home Insulation?

How Do Blinds Affect Your Home Insulation?

Did you know windows and blinds play a huge role in your home insulation? There’s so much focus on the walls and the type of insulation filling them that people frequently forget about windows. Windows can make or break your home’s insulation. You know that saying: a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Well, a window can be your home’s weakest link. Let’s talk about how you can keep your home well insulated by buying the right blinds.

Windows and Insulation

What many people don’t know is that modern windows are actually insulated already! You might have some guesses about how. Some people assume having two panes of glass is inherently insulating. The truth is, there is an actual gas between the panes that insulates the window.

Windows have been made with gas insulation for decades. The gas used is completely transparent and is denser than air. That makes it great for keeping out heat or cold. While there’s a lot to be said on how insulation works, what’s really important is noting that windows are already insulated. However, this insulation is not as strong as a solid wall with insulation inside of it. Therefore, your window is still your weakest link.

This is especially important to note if your home is old or you’ve never had your windows replaced. After decades of use, windows will begin to lose the effectiveness of their seal and the gas will begin to leak out. Therefore, they lose their insulation over time.

How Do Blinds Affect Your Home Insulation?

If you want to improve your windows’ insulation so that they’re slightly less of a weak link, blinds are the next step. If you can’t afford to replace old windows, good blinds can also help make up for the loss of insulation in the window itself.

Because of how insulation works, the more layers between one temperature and another, and the material those layers are made of, improves the insulation. The layers and materials keep the temperatures separate. Therefore, adding blinds to the mix helps keep the cold or heat that’s managed to make it past the window from getting to your interior as fast.

Which Blinds Insulate the Best?

To get the best insulation from your blinds, you’ll want one or more of a few different qualities.

  1. Multiple layers in blinds make them better insulators. The more layers, the more effective they are than a single layer of the same material. Because of this, honeycomb blinds, which have cells of air between their layers, are a good choice. Sheer vertical blinds are also great, as they have two layers of fabric.
  2. Blinds that completely cover a window are better insulators because they block gaps where cold or heat can get through. The same way a draft from an open window or rays of sunlight can get in past a gap in your blinds, temperature that’s transferred through the window can get through these spaces easier as well. Blinds like roller shades with side channels completely cover all gaps between the window frame and blinds. Sheer vertical blinds can also help minimize gaps by being pulled flush with the window frame.
  3. A thick fabric is also more effective than something thinner, as it’s harder for any affected air to get past it. The double layer of sheer vertical blinds includes a thicker layer that’s heavy enough to block out sunlight entirely.

Buying Quality Blinds

You can probably guess how ineffective standard, slatted blinds are for home insulation. With so many gaps and, frequently, being made of metal, these blinds do virtually nothing to insulate. Buy quality blinds from Domir and keep your home the temperature you pay the electric company to make it. Don’t fall victim to poor window insulation wasting your money.

Reduce Heat This Summer with Insulating Blinds

Reduce Heat This Summer with Insulating Blinds

Tired of the summer heat always driving your electric bill through the roof? Or, if you don’t have an air conditioner, you’re probably pretty overheated in your home. You might be surprised, but Domir Blinds can help with that. That’s because insulating blinds help reduce heat in the home. Let’s see how some new blinds might be able to help you save money and live more comfortably in the summertime.

How Does Insulation Work?

You might not have known that blinds can insulate. A lot of people don’t. The fact is, blinds can be very effective insulators. What is it that makes them insulate though?

It really comes down to what insulation is and how temperature changes. Heat is caused when atoms are moving very quickly. Cold is caused when atoms are moving very slowly. When hot and cold come into contact with each other, the hot and cold atoms collide. This collision leads to fast atoms bumping into slow atoms. The fast ones push the slow ones into a higher speed and the slow ones force the fast ones to slow down a bit. 

As time passes, the speed of the atoms’ vibration will find a middle ground. That is, unless the source of the heat is the entire outdoors. In that case, your home is likely to get very hot and make no noticeable difference to the rest of the world.

Insulation is any kind of middle ground between two contrasting temperatures. This will keep fast and slow atoms from interacting with each other and changing the temperature. 

Insulating Blinds

So, now that we’ve got the basics of insulation down, you might wonder how blinds do this. The truth is, it gets kind of complicated. Certain surfaces, like glass, transfer temperature very easily. That makes windows a huge temperature leaking point in our homes.

Covering a window with something solid that won’t transfer temperature as easily can mitigate the temperature leakage of the window. That makes fabric blinds and blinds with multiple layers of fabric great insulators. Fast atoms are forced to slow down if they want to move through something like fabric. The more times they have to move through a layer, the less intense their speed.

Choosing Your Blinds

So, which blinds are made up of insulating layers like this?

  • The Ninet is one of Domir’s original designs. These blinds are made up of two fabric layers with standard, slatted blinds between them. This allows you to control how much light enters your home while maintaining 100% privacy in all cases.
  • Honeycomb blinds allow less light control, but do a great job at insulating. These are made to be opened up or put down. When down, they provide two layers of insulating fabric.
  • Blackout roller shades are another great option. Because these are made with such a thick layer for blocking out sunlight, they can actually do a pretty good job insulating. Though, they are the inferior insulating choice when compared with the previous two options. These roller shades can be combines with side channels to prevent as much temperature leakage as possible while also blocking out sunlight.

Shop Domir

Regardless of which blinds are right for you, you can get them right here in Toronto from Domir. Because we’re the manufacturer, you can even cut out middleman price gauges. Get the best price you can from us. Give us a call if you have questions or would like help with your order.

The Perfect Coffee Shop Blinds

The Perfect Coffee Shop Blinds

Coffee shops have a fairly specific aesthetic about them. While there is some variance in style, most coffee shop styles can take on the same type of blinds without looking unusual. That’s why Domir is here today with some professional recommendations. What are the best coffee shop blinds? Let’s find out!

Coffee Shop Styles

The first thing we’ll go over is the different kinds of popular coffee shop styles. While there is really no limit to coffee shop styles, there do tend to be trends. Here are some of the most common ones.

  • Indie type coffee shops tend to have a comfortable, recycled vibe. You will often see thrifted furniture, chairs, and tables in them. Wood tones and desaturated colors tend to go well in these. They usually go for a warm appearance.
  • Industrial interiors are also common. These coffee shops use exposed pipes and recycled metal to their advantage. Pairing exposed steel or copper pipes with wooden furniture and concrete floors gives a very interesting vibe. It manages to feel hardy without feeling cold or uncomfortable.
  • Dark chic coffee shops go for a more high end appearance. These shops may use some of the exposed metal aesthetics used in industrial interiors. However, instead of balancing the metal with wood and fabric to make the shop cozy, it embraces the clean-cut aesthetic and pairs it with tile, metal tables and chairs, and contemporary design.

So, what is it that these designs have in common? No matter which of these aesthetics you look at, what they have in common is dark colors, light accents, and warm lighting. That’s enough to go off of when picking blinds.

Light Accent Colors

To offset the dark colors used in the bulk of the coffee shop, using lighter colors on blinds is a great idea. This will allow more light to come through as well as keep all the dark colors from blending into each other. Luckily, all of Domir’s blinds are available in white. However, a cream color or off-white would be better suited for a warm interior. Next to browns and blacks, white will come across as cold. Cream or off-white won’t be such a shocking contrast, allowing brightness in a nice, warm tone.

Warm Glow

In a dim coffee shop, you’ll want to have enough light for people to see what they’re doing without being force to sit in direct sunlight. Having the blinds open to let the sun in can be a wonderful idea, but if someone is sitting at a table in front of a window, they might want a reprieve. Using blinds that allow in sunlight while blocking out UV rays and heat is ideal.

The Perfect Blinds

Keeping all of the needs of a coffee shop in mind, we recommend honeycomb blinds. Honeycomb blinds are made up of cells, making them great for insulating. Want to keep the coffee shop from getting uncomfortably hot when direct sunlight comes hits the front of the shop? Just close your honeycomb blinds for protection against the sun. Honeycomb blinds also come in a nice warm color, allowing your coffee shop to remain its coziest.

If you have questions about the products we have to offer, give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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