Why Honeycomb Blinds Match Any House


Why Honeycomb Blinds Match Any HouseShopping for any addition to your interior can be a huge hassle. Finding just the right thing can take hours or days. If you’re a busy person and can’t do all of your searching at once, it can even take weeks. That’s why it’s so convenient when there’s one type of interior element that works for virtually anyone, anywhere. Domir wants to let you in on honeycomb blinds and how they can fit in with any interior. Let’s check out what makes them so versatile.


The first thing that makes honeycomb blinds so versatile is their neutral coloring. Most honeycomb blinds come in a color anywhere from white to light brown. Those are the standard colors. Because white and cream colors are so neutral, they can fit in with almost any kind of interior design. No matter your color palette, one of these shades should fit in nicely.

Their design is also very neutral. They don’t lean too soft or too sleek. Honeycomb blinds are a great middle ground in blind design. They’re clean cut and somewhat boxy without looking too sharp.

Lighting Variance

Because everyone needs different kinds of lighting, it’s important that honeycomb blinds offer different variances. If you’re looking for something to lend you privacy without blocking out all of the beautiful sunlight, you may want sheer honeycomb blinds. However, if you prefer your blinds to keep the light outside, you can opt, instead, for honeycomb blackouts. These are great for rooms with TVs or computers in them as they make it possible to rid a room of glare.

Personal Interior

While it’s easy to go with a simple white or cream, if you’re up for picking out a more personal color, you can. Honeycomb blinds are available in a large number of colors for those who want them to compliment their interior color palette. The best part about honeycomb blinds is that you can order them with color on the inside only.

Do you want your blinds to stay uniform and white from the outside? That’s just fine. Honeycomb blinds can be ordered with one color on the interior side and another on the exterior. This makes them great for when you want different colors in different rooms without the exterior appearance varying from window to window.

Family Friendly

Another fantastic feature of honeycomb blinds is that their cords are hidden. That makes them great for families with children. Keeping cords out of sight and out of reach makes these blinds a lot safer for little ones.

This feature isn’t just great for safety, it’s also great for appearance. Hidden cords make your blinds look more elegant and beautiful. That means a family friendly space without sacrificing style.

If you’re interested in ordering any of the blind styles Domir has to offer, give us a call. We’re more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have about our products. We can even help you out if you’re unsure how to order. We look forward to hearing from you.

Which Blinds Are Best For A Hot Climate?


Which Blinds Are Best For A Hot ClimateLiving somewhere hot can be kind of a chore. It’s important to have a nice, cool refuge to retreat to out of the sun. Any building can do the trick if it’s furnished right. No matter what building you’re buying for, you should know how important blinds are for creating a cool environment. Domir Blinds has a large variety of blinds and shades, but which ones are best for a hot climate?

Side Channels

No matter which blinds you choose, side channels are a must if you’re looking to keep out heat. They cover the space between your blinds and wall. That means no extra sunlight and no extra heat can slip past your blinds!

These are especially useful in living rooms and offices as they ensure windows are fully covered. After all, you don’t want stray sunlight shining on your TV or computer screen.

Cellular Shades

Cellular shades are made specifically for temperature regulation. The honeycomb pattern between each side of the shade is a buffer for heat. That means less heat coming in in the summer and less heat going out during a cold winter.

These shades are ultra effective when paired with side channels. Because they regulate the temperature in your home or office, they also save you money. No more blasting the heat all winter because the warmth keeps leaking out through bad windows. No more running your AC on high during the summer because your curtains won’t keep the sun out.

Blackout Shades

Blackout shades are useful in a variety of settings. Regardless of where you put them, their specialty is keeping the sun out. They’re thick and fantastic insulators, so not only is the light blocked out, so is the heat.

You might know from science class that the color black attracts energy and the color white repels it. This is incredibly important to remember when designing things that affect or are affected by heat. This reason is why wearing black clothing in summer will leave you sweating. Our blackout shades are white on the outside to keep from drawing in unwanted heat. This is one reason why blackout curtains aren’t as good at their job. Anything black on both sides might keep light out, but they’ll also attract more warmth.

Skylight Blinds

Sometimes it’s nice to have sun shining in through the ceiling. It can really brighten up a dark room. The other thing it can do is make your room even hotter.

Getting blinds for your skylight will cool down a room significantly and help lower energy costs.

Skylight blinds are installed with side channels to keep them horizontal across the window. They’re even more accessible when motorized. You can control the blinds right from the floor without using anything long to reach them and without having to get out a ladder. It’s as easy as the push of a button and you can choose to block out summer heat or let in the morning sunshine for a while.

How A Side Channel Improves Your Blinds


How A Side Channel Improves Your BlindsSide channels do a number of things to improve your blinds. Not only do they enhance the appearance, they also add to the functionality! Let’s take a look at all the ways side channels can be a worthy addition to your windows, at home or for your business.

Saves You Money

Cellular blinds are a great choice for those looking to insulate their windows. The honeycomb pattern in the blinds keeps the heat in in the winter and out in the summer. The only problem with those is that there’s a gap between the blinds and the window frame where air can leak past. While the leakage doesn’t completely defeat the purpose of cellular blinds, it does lead to money lost from heat or cold air being beat by the weather.

Side channels meet the edges of your cellular blinds and keep air from sneaking past their sides. This can save you money on heating and cooling because it helps keep your interior air temperature stable.

Holds Shades In Place

Side channels have both a functional and aesthetic benefit of holding your blinds and shades in place. This is an absolute essential for skylight shades, as the side channels keep them in place. It’s less essential, but no less appreciated, when you use side channels on regular shades as well. It keeps them from moving around when it’s windy or you have fans going. That means less distraction and a lower chance of the blinds getting damaged from movement. It also gives the interior of a room a sense of stability when the blinds are kept in place. They look more professional.

Completely Blocks Light

When you’re using blackout shades in a classroom, presentation room, or home theater, side channels are a massive help! The annoying little sliver of light on each side of a set of blinds can really be distracting or ruin presentations. At best, it catches people’s eyes, and at worst, it casts a line of sunlight on the projection or digital screen. That kind of thing can completely ruin a presentation.

Side channels will complete the circuit you’ve been trying to form and block out the remainder of the sunlight coming in. Pairing blackout shades and side channels will work to keep a room dark even with direct sunlight on your window! This is especially important when trying to block out the bright beams of light that can make it hard to see during sunrise or sunset. You want your employees or peers to be able to see what they’re doing. They won’t be as effective if they’re struggling to see you or their own work.

Improves Appearance

Last but not least, side channels improve the appearance of your windows! They really bring it all together and make the blinds and window feel like one cohesive unit. The sleekness that the side channels give your blinds will pay off. It makes them look more professional and higher class. They’re worth investing in, if not for the boosts in functionality, then for the appearance of your blinds and window working seamlessly together.

What Can You Do to Outsmart the Sun in Your Own Home?



Let’s face it – the sun is going to keep shining in the foreseeable future. Since it’s such a big part of our lives, the smart move is to make the most of its power when designing your home:


Staying warm

Before getting into techniques to maximizing the heat you get from the sun, you have to make sure that your house keeps as much heat generated as possible. That means efficient insulation as well as thorough weatherproofing to prevent air leakages – especially around the windows! Without proper insulation and weatherproofing, even the most brilliant heating design will be rendered useless.

Moving on to solar-heat-maximization techniques, the key part is installing most of the house’s windows on the south side. That way, you get maximum exposure to the sun each day. As the sun’s rays enter through the windows, it’s a good idea to have them hit stone floor and/or walls on the south side of the house. The stone will absorb the sun’s heat during the day and slowly radiate that heat inside the house in the evening.

Using dark finishes also helps since dark colours are better at absorbing sunlight and the heat that comes with it.


Keeping cool

In the hot season, it’s all about keeping the sun from heating up the interior. You can do that on the outside with a sufficient roof overhang over the south-side windows. Or depending on the size of your windows, you can add on some exterior shutters or retractable awnings.

On the inside, window coverings are your best friend. Roller screens are great in that they diffuse the solar heat that comes through while still allowing you to see outside. If you don’t mind covering up the view though, cellular blinds are ideal because they’ll also help form an insulating barrier at the windows.


Energy efficiency

Besides taking advantage of the sun for its heat, you can augment your home’s energy efficiency with solar power as well. In the simplest form, the addition of some skylights or solar tubes will bring more sunlight into your home so you can leave the electric lights off longer. For a higher sophistication, put up solar panels so that your home can be more self-sufficient energy-wise.

What’s more, the extra power source from the sun also means you can afford to transition your house to a smart home. Take a look at the possibilities of motorized blinds, for starters. Smart home automation would complete the energy efficiency loop because it will fine-tune even more efficiencies in energy consumption.


That’s how you can beat the sun at its own game!

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