Luxurious Curtains That Are More Than Curtains

Luxurious Curtains That Are More Than Curtains

Want to cover your windows with something elegant but effective? Say goodbye to blinds and say goodbye to traditional curtains. You can have the elegance of luxurious curtains and the light control of blinds by making one simple purchase: sheer vertical blinds. These blinds from Domir Blinds have everything.

They Look Like Curtains

Like the soft, elegant appearance of curtains? Sheer vertical blinds may be called blinds, but they’re made of fabric and look like luxurious curtains. Not only does this provide you with an elegant cover for your windows, it also means customizable colors. Unlike hard blinds, curtains are perfect for exercising your love of color. Colored fabrics are gentle and personal – inviting all of your guests to step into your visual world as soon as they step into your home. Sheer vertical blinds are as customizable as standard curtains, but come jam packed with more features.

Three Layers of Light Control

The defining feature of sheer vertical blinds is that they come in two layers. The first layer is a sheer piece of fabric that allows in ambient sunlight from outside. However, it filters the UV from that sunlight and prevents direct rays of sun from bothering you. So, no more screen glare, sunburns, damaged plants, sun-bleached fabrics, or any other headache caused by UV.

The second layer of fabric is a thick, blackout material. Closing this layer prevents any light at all from entering your window. Therefore, you can have it all – complete exposure, filtered exposure, or none at all.

More Privacy

Did you think that’s all there was to these blinds? Fortunately, there’s more where that came from. That sheer layer we mentioned does more than filter sunlight, it also creates a one-way privacy effect. Therefore, you can cover your window with the sheer layer, allowing you to enjoy the sunlight and complete privacy. No one outside can look in, but you can still enjoy the views from your home.

Increased Insulation

Many people may not realize it, but there’s more to blinds than light control. Blinds are also important for window insulation. This is especially true for windows that aren’t well insulated by themselves.

Sheer vertical blinds are perfect for insulating large windows. The sheer fabric may not do a lot, but the blackout layer is great insulation. Protect your home from outside cold by closing both layers and adding another degree of temperature separation between you and the great outdoors.

Buy Domir Blinds

If you’re in the Toronto area, Domir Blinds is the perfect place to order your sheer vertical blinds. Domir Blinds is a manufacturer, which means you can cut out the middle man. What does that mean, exactly? Well, department and hardware stores buy blinds from us, then sell them to you for a higher price. Skip the higher price tag and buy them straight from us. When you shop Domir, you can easily outfit your entire house in one easy order. Just give us a call if you have questions, need a quote, or would like some help ordering.

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