How to Make Sure You Choose the Right Window Treatments – Part 2

With the exact window treatment measurements you need from Part 1, you can start designing the look and feel.

Here are the different aspects you should consider:

Purpose of the room’s window treatment

You never want to cover a window just for the sake of covering it up. Pinpointing why you want a window covering there is crucial to picking the right one. Do you want privacy? Do you want better natural light control? Do you want total blackout for the room when you need it? You can often get your answers – even to questions you didn’t think of asking! – by browsing through the product line of your local blinds manufacturer.

This exercise helps you imagine all the possibilities before getting back down to earth on what best serves your needs.

Convenience for the lazy

It’s okay to be lazy sometimes because that’s often the motivation for innovation! Besides the window treatment’s functionality, think about how often you’ll open, close, or adjust it every day. The effort gets progressively harder the larger your windows are since the blinds or shades will also be heavier. Consider the location, too. Are the blinds or shades going to be in a hard-to-reach place? If it seems like it’s going to be a huge ordeal every day but you still need the window covered, it pays to put in motorized blinds.

All about that base material

Here’s where the interior designer fun starts! You can start by seeing if the properties of different blinds materials will hold up in the room’s environment. Is the room prone to humidity? Does it get a lot of sun? Will the blinds be in a high-traffic area?

From there, you can play around with how each material will fit in the room. Do you have a set of furniture you want to set off with a similar fabric? Or is there a theme you’ve got going for your Man Cave? It’s through weighing different samples together when you finally get to see the perfect window blinds take shape.

Colours of the window

This is the final touch to getting the look and feel just right. When picking the colour, always remember to make it fit the room rather than the rest of the house.

If you already have a colour scheme from select pieces in the room, match it or get a complementary accent colour. If you don’t have a particular colour scheme in mind, pick a colour you think suits the mood of the room you want to create. You can also pick from the hottest colours of the year. Also, don’t forget about the backing colour of the window treatment and how that affects curb appeal.

Stay true to your budget

By now, you’ve probably done enough research to know around how much the window treatments you’re looking for usually costs. Based on that number, decide on a maximum budget you’re comfortable with while zeroing in on your final selection.

The beauty of this guide is that you’ll end up with window treatments that are the right size, look, and price for you. Now that you know what you want, it’s time to go shopping!


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