Low on Creativity in Your Home Office? Get a Boost With These Window Blinds Ideas!

Working from home is great, but it also comes with its own set of challenges. There are so many distractions to pull you off track that you have to be extra disciplined for any chance of getting stuff done. This is especially important if your line of work needs a high level of creativity all the time.

The first step you can take is minimizing your home office’s distraction sources. The window, for example, is both a source of distraction and creativity. With some savvy choices in window blinds though, you can cover up those distractions:

Roller blinds and vertical blinds

There really is such thing as too much sunshine sometimes. You can’t help getting yanked out of your deep concentration when sunlight starts creeping onto your monitor screen. That’s where roller blinds and vertical blinds come in. Their slat construction gives you precise control over how sunlight gets angled through the window. The result is reduced sun glare distractions while still letting in energy-boosting daylight.

Some roller blinds also have shiny backings that help reflect sunlight back outside. This comes in very handy in the summertime as it decreases indoor radiant heat from the sunshine. Staying cool in the summer heat means maintaining your creative focus longer. If you’re looking for ultimate thermal comfort though, wait till we get to cellular blinds further down.

Solar shades

It’s a big dilemma when you have south-facing windows with a beautiful view in your home office. On one hand, you want reduced sun glare in your office; on the other, you don’t want to block the scenery that stimulates your creativity. The happy medium is solar shades. They filter out excess sunlight while still letting you see what’s going on outside.

Variation in texture also helps nudge your brain to new areas of thought. You can get that with the layered look of using both blinds and curtains on the window. Solar shades are usually a good match for curtains. You’re treated to their two different textures while leaving sightlines to the outdoors intact.

Cellular blinds

We mentioned thermal comfort earlier. A comfortable and stable room temperature helps you focus on the task at hand. Creativity is sometimes so fleeting that the slightest change in your environment can blow it away.

If you really want to increase your thermal comfort, install cellular blinds to keep the outside temperature at bay. They have honeycomb-like cells that create pockets of air insulation. That leaves you free to concentrate on creative work without having to get up once in a while to fiddle with the thermostat or air conditioner.

Motorized blinds

The window blinds we looked at so far give you absolute control over how they’re oriented. You still have to physically get up from your desk to adjust them though. But what if you can have all that control and don’t even have to think about it?

Motorized blinds provide automatic window coverage throughout the day. You can open and close them with a remote control or program them to do so at pre-set times. They effectively eliminate the distraction of adjusting blinds at the press of a button. It’s then genuine, uninterrupted creative time for you.

Roller shades

For creative sparks to fly in your brain, you can also customize roller shades with your favourite inspirational colour. If you don’t have a go-to creative colour, yellow is usually a good choice though other colours also have positive effects on your brain. You can even get custom roller shades with specific patterns or graphics you know will boost your creativity.

With your ideal creative space set up, all you need next are the right time management tricks to find inspiration. Happy creating!


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