The Perfect Coffee Shop Blinds

The Perfect Coffee Shop Blinds

Coffee shops have a fairly specific aesthetic about them. While there is some variance in style, most coffee shop styles can take on the same type of blinds without looking unusual. That’s why Domir is here today with some professional recommendations. What are the best coffee shop blinds? Let’s find out!

Coffee Shop Styles

The first thing we’ll go over is the different kinds of popular coffee shop styles. While there is really no limit to coffee shop styles, there do tend to be trends. Here are some of the most common ones.

  • Indie type coffee shops tend to have a comfortable, recycled vibe. You will often see thrifted furniture, chairs, and tables in them. Wood tones and desaturated colors tend to go well in these. They usually go for a warm appearance.
  • Industrial interiors are also common. These coffee shops use exposed pipes and recycled metal to their advantage. Pairing exposed steel or copper pipes with wooden furniture and concrete floors gives a very interesting vibe. It manages to feel hardy without feeling cold or uncomfortable.
  • Dark chic coffee shops go for a more high end appearance. These shops may use some of the exposed metal aesthetics used in industrial interiors. However, instead of balancing the metal with wood and fabric to make the shop cozy, it embraces the clean-cut aesthetic and pairs it with tile, metal tables and chairs, and contemporary design.

So, what is it that these designs have in common? No matter which of these aesthetics you look at, what they have in common is dark colors, light accents, and warm lighting. That’s enough to go off of when picking blinds.

Light Accent Colors

To offset the dark colors used in the bulk of the coffee shop, using lighter colors on blinds is a great idea. This will allow more light to come through as well as keep all the dark colors from blending into each other. Luckily, all of Domir’s blinds are available in white. However, a cream color or off-white would be better suited for a warm interior. Next to browns and blacks, white will come across as cold. Cream or off-white won’t be such a shocking contrast, allowing brightness in a nice, warm tone.

Warm Glow

In a dim coffee shop, you’ll want to have enough light for people to see what they’re doing without being force to sit in direct sunlight. Having the blinds open to let the sun in can be a wonderful idea, but if someone is sitting at a table in front of a window, they might want a reprieve. Using blinds that allow in sunlight while blocking out UV rays and heat is ideal.

The Perfect Blinds

Keeping all of the needs of a coffee shop in mind, we recommend honeycomb blinds. Honeycomb blinds are made up of cells, making them great for insulating. Want to keep the coffee shop from getting uncomfortably hot when direct sunlight comes hits the front of the shop? Just close your honeycomb blinds for protection against the sun. Honeycomb blinds also come in a nice warm color, allowing your coffee shop to remain its coziest.

If you have questions about the products we have to offer, give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to help.


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