Which Blinds Are Best For A Hot Climate?

Which Blinds Are Best For A Hot ClimateLiving somewhere hot can be kind of a chore. It’s important to have a nice, cool refuge to retreat to out of the sun. Any building can do the trick if it’s furnished right. No matter what building you’re buying for, you should know how important blinds are for creating a cool environment. Domir Blinds has a large variety of blinds and shades, but which ones are best for a hot climate?

Side Channels

No matter which blinds you choose, side channels are a must if you’re looking to keep out heat. They cover the space between your blinds and wall. That means no extra sunlight and no extra heat can slip past your blinds!

These are especially useful in living rooms and offices as they ensure windows are fully covered. After all, you don’t want stray sunlight shining on your TV or computer screen.

Cellular Shades

Cellular shades are made specifically for temperature regulation. The honeycomb pattern between each side of the shade is a buffer for heat. That means less heat coming in in the summer and less heat going out during a cold winter.

These shades are ultra effective when paired with side channels. Because they regulate the temperature in your home or office, they also save you money. No more blasting the heat all winter because the warmth keeps leaking out through bad windows. No more running your AC on high during the summer because your curtains won’t keep the sun out.

Blackout Shades

Blackout shades are useful in a variety of settings. Regardless of where you put them, their specialty is keeping the sun out. They’re thick and fantastic insulators, so not only is the light blocked out, so is the heat.

You might know from science class that the color black attracts energy and the color white repels it. This is incredibly important to remember when designing things that affect or are affected by heat. This reason is why wearing black clothing in summer will leave you sweating. Our blackout shades are white on the outside to keep from drawing in unwanted heat. This is one reason why blackout curtains aren’t as good at their job. Anything black on both sides might keep light out, but they’ll also attract more warmth.

Skylight Blinds

Sometimes it’s nice to have sun shining in through the ceiling. It can really brighten up a dark room. The other thing it can do is make your room even hotter.

Getting blinds for your skylight will cool down a room significantly and help lower energy costs.

Skylight blinds are installed with side channels to keep them horizontal across the window. They’re even more accessible when motorized. You can control the blinds right from the floor without using anything long to reach them and without having to get out a ladder. It’s as easy as the push of a button and you can choose to block out summer heat or let in the morning sunshine for a while.


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