How A Side Channel Improves Your Blinds

How A Side Channel Improves Your BlindsSide channels do a number of things to improve your blinds. Not only do they enhance the appearance, they also add to the functionality! Let’s take a look at all the ways side channels can be a worthy addition to your windows, at home or for your business.

Saves You Money

Cellular blinds are a great choice for those looking to insulate their windows. The honeycomb pattern in the blinds keeps the heat in in the winter and out in the summer. The only problem with those is that there’s a gap between the blinds and the window frame where air can leak past. While the leakage doesn’t completely defeat the purpose of cellular blinds, it does lead to money lost from heat or cold air being beat by the weather.

Side channels meet the edges of your cellular blinds and keep air from sneaking past their sides. This can save you money on heating and cooling because it helps keep your interior air temperature stable.

Holds Shades In Place

Side channels have both a functional and aesthetic benefit of holding your blinds and shades in place. This is an absolute essential for skylight shades, as the side channels keep them in place. It’s less essential, but no less appreciated, when you use side channels on regular shades as well. It keeps them from moving around when it’s windy or you have fans going. That means less distraction and a lower chance of the blinds getting damaged from movement. It also gives the interior of a room a sense of stability when the blinds are kept in place. They look more professional.

Completely Blocks Light

When you’re using blackout shades in a classroom, presentation room, or home theater, side channels are a massive help! The annoying little sliver of light on each side of a set of blinds can really be distracting or ruin presentations. At best, it catches people’s eyes, and at worst, it casts a line of sunlight on the projection or digital screen. That kind of thing can completely ruin a presentation.

Side channels will complete the circuit you’ve been trying to form and block out the remainder of the sunlight coming in. Pairing blackout shades and side channels will work to keep a room dark even with direct sunlight on your window! This is especially important when trying to block out the bright beams of light that can make it hard to see during sunrise or sunset. You want your employees or peers to be able to see what they’re doing. They won’t be as effective if they’re struggling to see you or their own work.

Improves Appearance

Last but not least, side channels improve the appearance of your windows! They really bring it all together and make the blinds and window feel like one cohesive unit. The sleekness that the side channels give your blinds will pay off. It makes them look more professional and higher class. They’re worth investing in, if not for the boosts in functionality, then for the appearance of your blinds and window working seamlessly together.


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