Pet Friendly Blinds That Look Great

Pet Friendly Blinds That Look Great

If you have pets, you may be struggling with your standard blinds. Most homes and apartments come with aluminum, slatted blinds. These, however, are not exactly pet friendly. If you’re tired of your blinds being bent out of shape, chewed on, or otherwise destroyed by your clueless but well-meaning pets, it may be time for an upgrade to more pet friendly blinds.

Flexible Materials

The first option for pet friendly blinds is something with more flexible materials. Aluminum slats may be flexible enough to bend out of place, but they’re not flexible enough to bounce right back. Even when bent back into position, they’ll maintain some ugly bend marks to commemorate that bird your dog saw intruding in the front yard.

Instead, if you want flexible, you have to go all the way. Sheer vertical blinds are like high tech curtains. However, unlike curtains, they come with some incredible perks to light flow and privacy. Another perk they come with is that they’re unbothered by your dog pushing past to get to the window. However, if you have cats, you may be better suited to a different style if it has a habit of sharpening its claws on the nearest fabric.

Sturdy Materials

The other option is to go for something more sturdy. Instead of completely making way for your pets, you can opt for something that will withstand them. Magic Lite may be the perfect solution. The sturdy, wooden slats of Magic Lite are wide and unbendable.

Although, you should be warned: if your dog is destructive enough, even Magic Lite won’t keep it from getting to the window one way or another. These beautiful blinds may just become another casualty in your journey to finding a solution.

On the other hand, Magic Lite is a very suitable design for cat owners. Cats aren’t typically strong enough to do damage to something as hardy as Magic Lite. Unlike aluminum slats, a cat brushing against it won’t be enough to bend it out of the way, revealing the window and tempting them to reach it. 

Pet Safety

The next concern is pet safety. While every pet owner knows some tricks (such as throwing the blinds cord over the fascia), it’s better to get blinds that are pet friendly across the board.

If you have a small dog that takes more interest in the blinds cord than the slats, Ninet may be worth looking into. These blinds are similar to honeycomb blinds in that they use fabric to insulate them. Inside, there are something like standard blinds. This allows light control while still maintaining privacy. Plus, the cord is a pulley style that can be attached to the wall. The same goes for honeycomb blinds.

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If you’re ready to upgrade from your banged-up aluminum blinds, we’re ready to help. Order from Domir Blinds to get high quality designs that fit right in with your fur family and their undesirable habits.

Everyday Benefits of Motorized Blinds

Everyday Benefits of Motorized Blinds

Most homeowners haven’t considered motorized blinds. Why is that? For one thing, the hassle of opening and closing blinds goes unnoticed by most. It just becomes background noise in the repetitive nature of adulthood. So, is it worth the investment to remove some of that background noise? To help you decide, let’s check out the everyday benefits of motorized blinds.

Easier Blinds Control

Getting motorized blinds means less hassle in your day to day life. Do you enjoy some sunshine during the day? Consider how many days you’ve sat in the dark because you just didn’t want to bother getting up to open the blinds. Say goodbye to sitting under nothing but a fluorescent bulb. You won’t have to sacrifice the little things because they don’t seem worth the effort anymore.

All Windows Are Reachable

If you have a lot of big windows or some that are high up and hard or impossible to reach, motorized blinds are here to help. Motorized blinds can make even the highest windows easy to cover or uncover on a whim. Using your phone, you can make quick work of blocking out sunlight on a hot day or granting you some much needed privacy.

Health Benefits of Motorized Blinds

Having motorized blinds actually has everyday benefits for your health. Because you can set your blinds to open on a timer, you will have them open regularly. Having your blinds open regularly is great for a multitude of reasons.

  • It lets in sunshine which brightens the room up much better than a floor lamp can. That means less squinting, which is easier on your eyes. 
  • The majority of people are even vitamin D deficient. Having your blinds open everyday will ensure you get a regular dose of vitamin D without even leaving your house. This can reduce fatigue.
  • Not only do motorized blinds give a boost to your physical health, they also benefit your mental health. Vitamin D, which we get from sunlight, can aid in keeping away or fighting depression.
  • Keeping your motorized blinds on a timer is also a huge aid in helping you sleep better at night. Humans have something called a circadian rhythm. That’s what you might call your internal clock. When you make sure to keep your surroundings lit during the day and dark when you sleep at night, it keeps your circadian rhythm from getting out of line. Therefore, you can sleep easier at night and wake easier in the morning.

Accessibility Boost

If you’re physically disabled or suffering from pain in your old age, having motorized blinds is a massive help. Weak joints or limited mobility can make opening and closing blinds each day a monumental or unattainable task. Being able to control them from your phone is a huge improvement to your quality of life. No more pushing yourself to your limits just for some sunshine. No more sitting in the dark on a beautiful day because you’re too tired to walk around the house opening blinds. You’ve got access to them right from your pocket!

The Right Blinds for Large Windows

The Right Blinds for Large Windows

It’s extremely common for office buildings, clinics, and such to have large windows in them. These let in a lot of natural light and create a more attractive building. However, they do pose a bit of a problem for anyone who wants light control. Installing blinds over them is one thing, but controlling those blinds is another. Domir Blinds has the perfect solution. If you’re looking for the right blinds for large windows, you’ve come to the right place!

Motorized Blinds

If you’ve heard of motorized blinds before, this solution may seem obvious. However, tons of people struggle with large, inaccessible windows every day, and have no idea their blinds could be motorized. Motorized blinds are just like other blinds, but with one huge difference. At the top of the blinds, there’s a mechanism that allows you to control the blinds remotely. Therefore, motorized blinds are the ideal blinds for large windows. Plus, if you find your office or other building interior flooded with direct sunlight as the sun rises or sets, these are a must-have.

Automated Blinds

Not only are motorized blinds able to be controlled indirectly, they can also be automated. If you have a specific time of day that you want your blinds to open or close, simply set them up to do so. They’ll continue to open and close at those times unless told to do otherwise. This is convenient for stores that want privacy when closed, offices where the rising or setting sun can cause visibility issues, and anywhere with large or high windows.

Accessible from Anywhere

How are motorized blinds controlled, exactly? Gone are the days of unsightly control panels and easily-lost remotes. Motorized blinds have evolved with the times and can be controlled from any smart device just by downloading an app.

This convenient ability to control your blinds from anywhere makes it possible to check if they’re opened or closed, even while out of the building. This unrestricted access is especially useful for those with plants that need controlled sunlight. If you can’t be at home at the necessary times to open or close the blinds, you can do it right from your phone.

Convenience in Any Style

You may be wondering what motorized blinds look like. We’ve got some great news on that front: Any of the blinds offered by Domir can be made motorized. Motorized blinds are made accessible by attaching the motor to any blind design. That means accessible blinds and stylish ones too.

If you feel that motorized blinds are the right blinds for large windows in your home or office, Domir is the place to call. Let us know if you have any questions and we’ll be happy to help you get started or make an order.

Kitchen Blinds That Are Easy to Clean

Kitchen Blinds That Are Easy to Clean

Blinds are one of those things that no one really thinks about cleaning until they suddenly notice how gross they are. Once you notice, it’s kind of hard to stop noticing. Kitchen blinds are one of the worst offenders. Because kitchen windows are often placed above the sink, the blinds often collect food particles or dried on liquid splashed onto them from doing dishes. So, instead of leaning over your sink to wipe down aluminum slats that end up bent, let’s talk blind replacement. Here are some kitchen blinds that are easy to clean.

Window Shades

Window shades are the kind of shades found in classrooms. They’re made of a thick material that rolls up when opened. They’re not the most elegant blinds, but they do their job well and are easy to clean. Plus, you can get shades in a blackout design that blocks out sunlight completely.

It’s easier to see when something splatters onto window shades than aluminum slats because it’s one flat plane. The benefit of noticing faster is that you can wipe off splatters before they dry.

Even if you don’t notice right away, window shades being one piece of material is a huge benefit to ease of cleaning. When it comes time to clean them, you can simply grab a hot washcloth and scrub them down, using the window as a backboard.

Window Screens

Window screens come with the same benefits as window shades except, instead of blackout capabilities, they screen sunlight. That means, you can get indirect sunlight even with them closed. If you want to up the ante, you can open them up and get full, direct sunlight instead.

Hard Slats That Are Easy to Wipe Down

Shades and screens aren’t for everyone. If you want kitchen blinds that are easy to clean but look more like standard blinds, you’ll love Magic Lite. These blinds are made of slats that are broad and wooden. You get maximum lighting control by adjusting the slats, from blackout to complete exposure.

What makes these different from standard blinds is that, because the slats are broad and wooden, they’re much easier to wipe down. You can put a small amount of pressure on them with your damp cloth without them bending out of shape like aluminum does. Plus, they look better on a daily basis. The broader slats are more refined. Plus, because they don’t have to be curved to prevent bending like aluminum slats do, they’re completely flat, which looks more modern.

Kitchen Blinds Replacement

If you’re ready to invest in kitchen blinds replacement, Domir Blinds is here to help. We have a variety of attractive blinds, each with their own benefits. Check out our other kitchen blinds styles if none of these sound appealing. Sometimes it just takes finding blinds that you’re enthusiastic about to encourage you to give them a wipe down here and there.

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