Custom Colored Blinds for Playful Home Interiors

Custom Colored Blinds for Playful Home Interiors

While most of our blinds are shown in neutral, popular tones, there’s so much more than that available to you. If you like a burst of color in your home, Domir Blinds has exactly what you need. Here are some custom colored blinds options you can implement in your home when ordering from us.

Accent Color Roller Shades

Roller shades aren’t the most popular blinds choice, particularly because most people aren’t interested in plain white shades. But, did you know you can order roller shades in a number of colors and patterns? A plain sheet of white covering your window may be bland and unappealing. However, imagine them in a bright accent color that ties your whole interior design together.

One of our favorite, bold interior design styles is contrasting your blinds color with your paint color. Imagine a deep blue wall with a creamy orange shade. Bring some light to your teen’s black walls by installing a bright green or yellow shade. Matching bright with dark has been a favorite since the beginning of time. Reinvent this trend with your own tastes in mind.

Custom Design Print-On Blinds

Print-on blinds are most commonly used in shop windows. They’re great for printing on store names, logos, or even sale advertisements. However, print-on blinds aren’t commercial exclusive. You can buy these for your own home as well. Any design you can create, commission, or find for free use can be put onto these blinds and used as decoration.

Print-on blinds with colorful designs or illustrations are perfect for nurseries or kids’ rooms. There’s no reason for the creativity to end when you reach the window. Say goodbye to plain, white slats and say hello to a themed shade with your child’s favorite animals printed onto it.

Complimentary Blinds

Shades aren’t the only blinds that come in color. One of our buyers’ favorite designs, the Ninet, also comes in more than just tan. Compliment your home interior aesthetic with a suitable design in a color that matches. If you’ve got a lot of red tones in your living room, cover your window with a deep red or brown set of Ninet blinds. Compliment tans and whites with a pale, earthy green. Change your window from a gaping hole in your design to a leading part.

Pair with Curtains

Often, the reason why people don’t go for colored blinds – aside from not knowing they can – is the desire to use curtains. However, there are more ways to pair blinds with curtains than getting your curtains in color over a backdrop of white.

Experimenting with color combinations can lead to some great discoveries. But, if you want to keep things simple, you can also change things up in more subtle ways. If you’ve got dark blue curtains, try light grey or pale blue blinds. If you’ve got dark, colored walls, try black blinds and curtains in a lighter shade of your wall color. There are a lot of ways to make blinds part of your decor instead of merely coexisting with it.

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