The Best Blinds for Nocturnal Sleepers

The Best Blinds for Nocturnal Sleepers

Being nocturnal isn’t a popular choice, but for many people, it’s a necessary part of working the night shift. Unfortunately, our homes aren’t exactly made to accommodate sleeping during the day. Most people want lots of sunshine coming into their homes. The bigger the windows, the better the house – right? Well, not for all of us. If you need to catch some Z’s during the day, you’ll love to learn more about the best blinds for nocturnal sleepers. Here’s what we’ve got for you at Domir Blinds.

Blackout Roller Shades

The most common way to block out unwanted sunlight is by installing blackout roller shades. These shades are one solid piece of thick fabric. It unrolls from the top by pulling on the bottom. Paired with side channels, blackout roller shades can block out even the midday sun.

You’ve probably seen something similar in use in classrooms. They’re great for large windows and are low fuss. Because they’re one piece, they’re easy to clean and less likely to get damaged like cheap, aluminum slats.

Blinds with Advanced Light Control

If you prefer a little more variety than just all sun or no sun, you might like blinds with advanced light control. Magic Lite is exactly that. These blinds are made with wide, wooden slats that can be adjusted to allow full exposure or to completely block out sunlight. No matter what you need, Magic Lite can give it to you.

Plus, these blinds are extremely attractive and modern. They look good in virtually any interior setting. Their hardiness and sharp lines offer a masculine appearance, which looks great paired with other masculine design elements or complimented with more curved or soft design elements.

Blackout Elegance

Want something a bit more feminine in your interior? Blackout elegance peaks with sheer vertical blinds. These blinds are like high tech curtains that are made for the needs of the modern world. Made with two layers, they offer different levels of light depending on current needs.

The first layer is a sheer, privacy layer. This layer filters sunlight, blocking UV. It also provides privacy by offering one-way views of the outdoors without allowing others to see inside. When you want to close out the light completely, simply pull shut the second layer of fabric. This layer is thick and made to function as blackout curtains. This makes them the best in elegant blinds for nocturnal sleepers. After all, you shouldn’t have to give up on your design sense just because you sleep at odd hours.

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