These 4 Window Blinds Are Best Suited For Condos

Many condominium buildings are designed with large or even floor-to-ceiling windows. From an architectural point of view, it gives the building exterior a sleek look – especially if there aren’t any balconies jutting out the sides. In terms of homeowner appeal, large windows are considered a plus because they offer an expansive view that’s all the more impressive if the building is developed with beautiful surroundings.

With such large windows though, it can be a challenge to figure out the best way to cover them when you want privacy or light control. That’s why we came up with this guide on what window blinds to choose for condos:

Motorized blinds

Regardless of the window treatment style you get, you should always make sure they’re motorized. Large condo windows naturally need large window treatments and that can be cumbersome to operate day in and day out. It’ll make your life much easier when you can open and close your blinds at the push of a button.

Solar shades

If you bought your condo because of the spectacular views, solar shades are your best solution. You get a full coverage of privacy without sacrificing seeing out your windows. Solar shades also have the added benefit of diffusing the sunlight that streams through. As condos are notorious for building up solar heat, this is a major way to save energy with window coverings.

Roller blinds

While solar shades are great if you don’t have high light-control needs, roller blinds excel at giving you that adjustment precision. With roller blinds, you get the full spectrum of options from complete openness to complete darkness. They also help you reduce solar heat in the condo if you get the ones with highly reflective backings.

Cellular blinds

Cellular blinds are what you want when you value year-round energy conservation more than the window view. These blinds are made up of a honeycomb-like construction that hold pockets of air in the middle.

With a proper custom tight fit to your window frames, you effectively get an extra layer of insulation right at your windows. Since the windows are such a significant part of your condo, the extra insulation would be useful in maintaining a comfortable room temperature in both hot and cold weathers.

Armed with the knowledge of these window blind options, you no longer need to feel intimidated about what to do with those large windows when you buy that condo!


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