Must-Have Window Treatments for Your Man Cave

It’s Saturday night. Instead of going out to the pub with your buddies, you decide to invite them over. You call them up and they’re all down with the idea. You grab a few bags of chips, a couple six-packs of beer, and head downstairs to stock the mini-fridge. You turn on the big-screen TV to the game and check that your favourite pizza delivery is on speed-dial. Finally, you draw down the blinds and crack open a beer with satisfaction. There’s no better place than The Man Cave. In fact, that’s the very name you gave to the room – it’s on the sign above the TV. Just then, the doorbell rings. Let the party begin.

The “Man Cave” is an expression of the man’s tastes. That, along with the activities that the man wants to use the room for, determines its decorations. The finishing touch of the décor though comes down to the window treatments. They highlight the room’s theme and give it the privacy it needs to completely transform into a Man Cave.

Let’s break down some of the window treatment styles you may want to project:

Colour game plan

You are a true fan. You’ve watched practically every game of your favourite team since you were a kid, both live and on TV. You even went so far as to find YouTube videos of the team’s historic games from before your time. You know all the player names by heart and memorized the team’s game stats to the point where you can hold your own in any sports debate defending your team. And of course, you have your team’s jerseys and memorabilia put up all over the room. The winning point you need in the room is to cover your windows with roller shades that match your team colours. When it comes to team loyalty, there’s no such thing as too much.

 Like a boss

You’re all about the tailored suits. You stocked your liquor cabinet with enough variety to make every martini imaginable. Shaken, not stirred. You’re also a connoisseur of wines and your favourites proudly line your wine cellar racks. You’re intimately aware of every detail in the body in each bottle. A billiards table stands at the other end of the room. And yes, it’s called a billiards table, not the other name that shall remain unmentioned. To achieve this gentleman style of elegance and class, treat your windows with pleated blinds made in a heavier fabric. You also want the blinds to echo the patterns of well-tailored suits. Go with classic patterns like bird’s eye, herringbone, houndstooth, windowpane, or even madras.

Man of the wild

You answered the call of the wild a long time ago and never hung up. Even when you’re indoors, you need reminders of your adventures out there. Some of those are mounted along the walls of the room. And you didn’t waste any part of them either – you took what you could and gave the rest to those in need. That’s the way it should be done because you’re a true hunter. You show respect to Nature and you get the same in return. This humble, down-to-earth mentality is best paired with roller blinds made of wooden or bamboo slats. You can also go for solar shades that give you a constant view of the wilderness while still maintaining your privacy when you turn in for the night.

Need for speed

You thrive on adrenaline. To you, there’s no greater thrill than hugging the curves of the road and drifting into sharp turns. Pedal to the metal. You love your baby. She’s resting in the garage right now, shined and primed to rev up through the asphalt way of life. When you’re off the road, your mind is still shifting gears. You’ve got every racing video game you could get your hands on and you’ve taken trophy after trophy on all the virtual circuits. On the walls around the room, you have posters of all the legendary speedsters ever made and you know their specs inside and out. As a thumbs-up and starting-line-nod to your racing spirit, get roller blinds with leather vanes. Finish them with chrome pull-cord caps and you’ve turned the room into a supercar interior.

Regardless of the style you choose, consider putting in options for blackout blinds and motorized blinds, too. Despite your passions, sometimes all you want to do is just sit down and watch a good movie. Full blackout in the room will allow you to immerse in the movie. And automated blinds? Well, they’ll impress your buddies to agree that this is the best Man Cave ever.


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