How to Babyproof Your Home Starting with the Blinds

How to Babyproof Your Home Starting with the BlindsBringing a new baby into your home is a huge undertaking. It can really change things about how your day to day life goes. Not only are you caring for a new child, you also have to deal with babyproofing. Babyproofing every part of your home within reach of a baby can make once-simple tasks a bit trickier. From opening cabinets to plugging things in, there’s always a barrier you have to get past. But, it doesn’t have to be that way with your blinds! Domir offers a great selection of babyproof blinds. You only have to choose which ones are right for you.

Going Cordless

There are a lot of methods to keeping babies safe from blinds. The cords pose a serious hazard as small children can get wrapped up in them and end up hurt. Some people choose to drape the cord to the blinds over a curtain rod, out of reach. However, this doesn’t look the best and the cord can always come loose, falling within reach again. It’s best, instead, to get cordless blinds!

Cordless blinds remove the need for a pull-cord altogether. You can raise and lower the blinds by pulling on them, or, if it suits you, by using your phone. Motorized blinds don’t require cords and they’re even more convenient. For someone who’s busy feeding or rocking a new baby, it’s much more convenient to pull out your phone. Cover or uncover as many windows as you like with the simple tap of your screen.

Ditch the Metal

Many common blinds are made up of metal slats. These are one of the cheap options and are often what’s already installed in a house when you move in. The unfortunate thing about metal slats is that a child pulling on them can easily bend them out of shape. This can really affect the put-together appearance you strive for in your home.

Opting for cloth or hardy, wooden blinds can solve this problem easily. Reaching hands won’t have any slats to grab onto with the sheer outer layer of the Ninet. Window shades and screens are also very effective with children around. Being one large piece, there are no parts that can bend or scratch your little one. Pairing shades and screens with side channels will ensure they stay put, even if provoked by the smallest member of the family. Now those are some babyproof blinds!

Easy to Clean

The next important consideration is how easy your blinds are to clean. All it takes is some baby food flung toward the kitchen window and your blinds can become a mess. This is where shades and screens really shine. They’re easy to wipe down in the case of a mess. Fabric blinds are less convenient in this scenario. However, we know that not everyone is keen on having more bland screens and shades.

If you want something that looks cozy, will stand up to prying fingers, and is easy to clean, the best choice is Magic Lite. Magic Lite is hardy, modern, and great at controlling the amount of light in your home. This is the ultimate window covering for families with young children.

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