How Hotel Rooms Benefit from Roller Screens

How Hotel Rooms Benefit from Roller ScreensDeciding what features you should put in your hotel can be tricky. Certain things are necessary but can be bought cheaply. Blinds are one of those things. Buying cheap, metal blinds can be tempting, but here’s why we at Domir think you should choose screens instead.

What are Roller Screens?

Roller screens are one solid piece that can be pulled down over a window. Screens, unlike shades, are partially transparent – from inside! Screens offer a one-way view of the outdoors without compromising any privacy. This partial transparency allows sunlight to filter in, lighting up a room without overwhelming electronic screens and sensitive eyes. They can be left down all day long if you prefer not to fuss with your window coverings.

Better Coverage

We recommend pairing roller screens with side channels. These are unobtrusive channels that get attached to the sides of a window frame. Shades and screens can sit nicely in the channels and won’t leak sunlight around their edges anymore. There are a few reasons why this is better than roller screens by themselves and better than classic blinds.

  • Better privacy. Blocking the small openings at the sides of the screens ensures there’s no way someone can get a look in around the edges.
  • Better UV blockage. Roller screens block out most UV light. No direct light seeping in around the sides ensures UV light can’t damage things. Did you know that UV is what causes sun fading? Use roller screens and side channels to diffuse light and UV, keeping your hotel rooms safe from sun damage.
  • A cleaner look. Roller screens look great by themselves, but adding side channels makes them look cleaner. Keeping the screens neatly in place and avoiding movement from a breeze will keep a room looking put together.

The neat and tidy appearance of screens with side channels, allowing for a beautiful view without neglecting privacy, is exactly what your hotel needs. This light, cozy aesthetic looks great in brochures and on travel websites. They’re a great improvement from the lower-class look of metal blinds.


Roller screens don’t just look fantastic, they also save you money every day. Due to their diffusion of sunlight, your hotel air conditioners won’t have to work as hard. Rooms will be easier to keep at their usual temperature. That means you get to pay less money toward electricity and your air conditioner won’t have to run all day.

If you’d like to order roller screens for your hotel, we’d be glad to help. Contact us when you’re ready to ask questions or put in your order. We’re more than happy to give you the answers you’re looking for and help you figure out your order. Because we’re the manufacturer, you also save money when ordering directly. Save up to 50% when you order straight from Domir!


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