Home Office Blinds for Students and Professionals

Home Office Blinds for Students and Professionals

Having a home office can be such a relief for working professionals and college students. However, that relief can quickly fade if your home office has the wrong blinds. Blinds make a huge difference in the effectiveness of a home office for a number of reasons. Let’s check out some of those reasons and which blinds are best for you.

Screen Glare

A big part of using a home office in the 21st century is using a computer. However, using a computer is easier said than done if you’ve got some big windows and lots of sunlight. Sunlight hitting a screen directly makes it impossible to see. Or, perhaps even worse, it makes it almost impossible to see and leaves you squinting and acquiring a tension headache.

Prevent all of that trouble by preventing screen glare. The blinds you use in your home office can put a stop to the glare and make using a computer comfortable and easy. Plus, they can do that without plunging your entire office into pitch darkness.

Using a blinds design like the Ninet will allow a lovely glow into your office from the sun outside. However, direct rays will be blocked entirely, along with harmful UV.

Light and Awakeness

It may be tempting to simply opt for blackout shades in your home office. However, as far as home office blinds go, it’s better to get some that don’t make the room dark. How dark a room can have a lot to do with how awake and focused you are. If you’re generally awake during the day and asleep at night, your brain associates darkness with sleep. The darker a room is, the more your brain is going to want to shut off for sleep. If you’re trying to get work done, that’s not really the goal, is it?

Another great home office blinds option that will prevent screen glare while allowing plenty of light in is roller screens. Roller screens filter sunlight, blocking UV and the harshness of direct sunlight while allowing the light in. They’re sleek and easy to keep clean. Plus, if you like your office to be completely in control, you’ll love side channels.

Side channels are mounted to the inside of the window frame. The edges of roller screens and shades rest in the slots of the side channels, preventing them from swinging back and forth. Plus, with the sides blocked off, no errant rays of sunlight can slip past the sides of your roller blinds.

The Best Home Office Blinds

As you can see, the Ninet and roller screens are great options for home office blinds. However, we don’t want to leave out another favorite: Magic Lite. Magic Lite blinds have the added bonus of looking amazing. They’re sleek, rather than cozy. If you prefer your home office to feel contemporary, these are the choice for you. Their design offers complete exposure control, and slats can be angled upward so direct light isn’t obscuring your computer screen.

No matter what blinds design you fall in love with, you can get it from Domir Blinds in Toronto. Call us today if you have questions. We’re happy to help!

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