Getting Maximum Curb Appeal from Your Window Treatments

Although “curb appeal” is a real estate industry buzzword that gets thrown around a lot, the term does a nice job summing up the ideal that every homeowner strives for. From remodeling projects all the way to the choices in window blinds, the home improvements you make point to the one goal of making your house look its best in your neighbourhood.

You may be doing it for that “home sweet home” feeling. Or you may be doing it to attract potential buyers. According to the 2016 Remodeling Impact Report from the National Association of REALTORS, 83% of their members believe that curb appeal is very important in attracting a buyer. Whatever the reason, every little thing you do moves you closer to a more welcoming and presentable home.

Window treatments are one of those details that count. They add the finishing touch that turns your house into a home. Here are some guidelines you should keep in mind if you want to maximize your curb appeal:

General rule of thumb

For most house exteriors, you want the focus to be on the architectural features and the landscaping. To do that, you don’t want flashy or colourful window treatments that will draw people’s eyes away from the big picture of your house front. A safe bet is putting up window treatments with neutral-coloured backings facing the outside. White is usually the classic go-to colour.

Houses also look a lot nicer when all the window treatments match in both colour and style. At the very least, make sure each storey’s window treatments have the same look and feel. That doesn’t mean you have to get the exact same blinds or shades for every window of your house though. You should always choose window coverings based on the colour scheme of each room. The key to achieving consistency from the outside is with the backing colour and design.

Solutions for different backings

But what if you’re in love with two completely different window blinds and you can’t get them in the same backing colour? Consider installing shutters on the outside to create a uniform look when the blinds or shades are drawn shut.

Or what if you really want curtains inside, but prefer a smooth appearance on the outside? Well, who says you can’t combine your curtains with roller blinds or roller shades and get the best of both worlds? The blinds or shades would give you that sleekness you admire on the outside and the curtains will give you the coziness you desire on the inside.

Are there exceptions to the rule?

Absolutely! Let’s say you decide to go against the grain by adding colour to the outside view of your window treatments. A great way to do that and still maintain the uniform feeling is by making all the backing colours match your front door colour. This is a bold choice that’s sure to make your house pop with personality.

With these guidelines in mind, head outside and see if your window treatments are up to par! Before you go, here’s a bonus tip: opt for motorized blinds. They will give your windows a clean, uncluttered look without any hanging cords getting in the way of the view.


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