Child-Friendly Blinds for Classrooms and Day Cares

Child-Friendly Blinds for Classrooms and Day Cares

Classrooms and day cares with small children in them require careful attention to interior design. Keeping a classroom engaging to curious minds without investing in pretty details that will simply get damaged is a fine line to walk. So, Domir is here to help with child-friendly blinds that work well in classrooms and day cares.

Roller Blinds

Without a doubt, the best and most child-friendly blinds for classrooms and day cares are roller blinds. However, not all roller blinds are the same. 

Simple blackout shades will darken a room entirely. This works in your favor if you put on movies or use projectors frequently. 

Roller screens, on the other hand, will let in light even when closed. However, the screen will filter the light, preventing glare on screens. Additionally, roller screens provide a view of the outside while preventing visibility from the other direction. This is great for classroom privacy, especially if your classroom is accessible from outside where other classes have different recess times.

Print On Blinds

Don’t want some boring old shades? Use print on blinds to your advantage! These were originally designed with advertising and branding in mind. If you’ve ever seen a corner store with some big name brand affiliate printed onto their store window shade, they were using print on blinds.

They may have gotten their start with advertising, but print on blinds are more versatile than that. Consider having them printed with colorful pictures of animals on them, or fun, geometric patterns. There are plenty of designs that can be printed onto them that will brighten up your windows.

Side Channels

Roller blinds can be installed by themselves, but why not opt for side channels? These channels fit snugly over the sides of your roller blinds and hold them in place. Pulling them down, the blinds will glide neatly through the channels. This keeps windows looking tidy and prevents sunlight from sneaking in around the sides.

Benefits of Roller Blinds

Roller blinds may not seem like much, but their simplicity makes them versatile tools in the classroom.

Creative Backdrop

Whether you opt for a solid-colored roller shade or a print on blind, roller blinds offer a backdrop for creativity. If you keep your blinds down most of the time in one or more windows, there’s no need to leave the space empty! Use some gentle craft tape and put up some of the art projects your students have made. Think paper butterflies taped to a print on blind full of blue sky and green grass.

Easy to Clean

Roller blinds also come with the benefit of being very easy to clean. The solid surface of them means splattered paint, dust, fingerprints, and more can be washed away with ease.


The ultra simple design of roller blinds makes them durable as well, which is a necessity when serving children. Kids can pull on them, lean against them, fall into them, press against them, and more. Roller blinds will outlive it all.

Order In Bulk

If you’re ordering blinds for a whole school, order in bulk. Domir Blinds is the manufacturer, meaning you aren’t limited by the stock of an outlet or middle man. Plus, when you order in bulk from us, you get lower prices. Take out the middle man’s overhead and get a better deal. Call us if you have questions or need help making an order. We look forward to hearing from you!

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