Accessible Blinds for Skylight Windows

Accessible Blinds for Skylight Windows

Skylights can be a real pain if they’re positioned somewhere where direct sunlight ends up in your way. Sometimes this is sunset while you’re doing dishes in the kitchen. Other times, you’re trying to watch TV and the living room skylight is shining right on the screen. Unfortunately, skylight windows are impossible to put blinds on… psyche! You can absolutely put blinds on skylights. The tricky part is making them accessible – because not everyone wants to block off their skylights 100% of the time. Fortunately Domir Blinds offers accessible blinds for skylight windows.

What Kind of Blinds Can You Put on Skylight Windows?

It’s true that skylights being placed in the ceiling can cause some trouble with most blinds. After all, you need your blinds to draw somewhat horizontally instead of downward. The good news is, this is possible! Instead of using standard, slatted blinds, you’ll have to use something solid instead.

By solid blinds, we mean something like a window shade, window screen, or roller blackout shade. These are one solid piece of composite fabric. The reason these work so well for skylight windows is…

How Do You Keep the Blinds in Place?

… side channels! Side channels are mounted on the window frame so that they align with the position of the shade or screen. Then, when you pull the blinds down, the sides of the shade or screen remain inside the channels. The shade or screen is guided the right direction and held in place, even in gravity-defying positions.

Accessible Blinds for Skylight Windows

The question now is, once the blinds are in place, how on earth do you open and close them? Back in the old days, you might have had a long stick with a hook on the end. Fortunately, we don’t have to rely on such troublesome techniques these days. Instead, you can simply get motorized blinds

Motorized blinds mean installing a motor in the fascia of the blinds (that’s the part where they roll up). Then, you can access them right from a smart device, like your phone. Enjoy the morning sun shining down on your living room floor in the morning. Then, in the evening, when you’re trying to watch NCIS, you can pull out your phone and banish the setting sun from your TV screen.

Order Custom Blinds from Domir

Domir Blinds doesn’t just offer high quality blinds, we also offer custom blinds. If you want a roller shade or screen in a specific color, we can make it happen. 

In fact, we also offer print-on blinds. These are similar in style to roller shades. What sets them apart is that you can have a design printed onto them. These are usually used in store windows for ads or logos. However, you can have simple things printed onto them as well to spice up your interior. For skylights, a silhouette of a bird might be a cute design choice.

The sky is the limit, and you can see it just as much as you wish with accessible blinds for skylight windows.

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