6 Spooky Ideas to Get Your Windows Ready for Halloween


This is Halloween, this is Halloween! Every year, neighbours try to outdo one another to claim the title as the spookiest – or at least the most memorable – house during Halloween.


Here are some ideas to get you started:


Ghostly procession

Take advantage of ghosts’ eerie way of floating through the air by stringing a bunch of ghost cut-outs together below the window valance. You can put up a bunch of small, whimsical-looking ones. Or to give a full scare to passersby, hang some life-size ones with ghastly faces at every window of your house.


Ominous colours

If decorations are not your thing but you still want to pay homage to the Halloween spirit, there’s a simple solution: get roller shades in orange, black, red, green, or purple. Then, make them pop by pointing a small lamp inside the window at them.



Want to wake up people’s inner fear of spiders? Cover your windows with cotton cobwebs and dozens of fake spiders to make it look like your house is infested with them.


Sinister backdrops

Don’t forget that you can transform the view through your windows however you want with the power of print-on blinds. Imagine having your favourite horror movie scene displayed at your window. Another great idea is to print a haunting landscape, but without any characters. It’ll give you the flexibility to change things up every year if you combine this with the next idea!


Decal scream scenes

You can be your own horror film director by finding new ways to stick decals on the window or the blinds themselves to populate the sinister backdrops from the previous idea. You can decide to create a zombie apocalypse scene one Halloween and a witches’ coven ritual scene the next. It’s an easy decoration idea with countless of possibilities!


Shadows in the windows

Nothing beats seeing strange silhouettes in the windows of someone else’s house. Window clings in the shape of mangy cats or demonic forms work very well.  What enhances their effect even more is if you use solar shades as the backing and shine a lamp through them.


May your Halloween be filled with more treats than tricks!


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