How Print-On Blinds Can Be the Centrepiece of Your Interior Design


Although window blinds commonly play an accent role for interior designers, there’s really nothing stopping you from switching things up by making them the focus of the room. Print-on blinds are your best friend if you’re ready to push the design envelope.


Furniture matcher

If you have a furniture piece that you absolutely adore in a room, you can match its pattern or colour with print-on blinds. That way, both the furniture and the blinds point the spotlight at one another as the room’s centrepiece.


Symbolic motif

Does your family have a coat of arms? Or is there a particular symbol or motif that has a special meaning to you? Putting it up on your print-on blinds not only highlights it, but it also helps remind you of the meaning every night when you pull down the blinds. After all, the best time to reinforce something in your memory is just before bed.


Personal motto

You can do the same thing with a personal motto that resonates with you. Sometimes, a quote or motto that perfectly captures your beliefs is a strong guidepost to how you want to live your life. You can go even further by choosing a font style that reflects the tone of the message as well.


Art gallery

What if you can turn your house into a secret art gallery that appears as soon as the blinds are pulled down? Now you can display your favourite painting masterpieces with print-on blinds! For a more contemporary touch, curate abstract art with bold colours.

One cute, minimalist idea is to print on an icon that represents the room function or fits the room theme. Think cupcake for the kitchen blinds or a soap bubble for the bathroom blinds!


Photo exhibition

Instead of letting your favourite photos sit in your computer hard drive, why not put them up in all their glory on your window blinds? Your family photos can get a place up there along with memorable travel or vacation photos.

A great design choice would be using landscape or cityscape photos so that you get a fantastic view even when the blinds are closed.


Home business branding

Do you run a business from your office at home? You can make it look even more official by printing your logo on the office blinds. It can be tough to focus when you’re working from home and seeing your business logo up on display would be a huge motivation boost. You can also take inspiration from how commercial offices reinforce branding with their window blinds.


Now, go and be the interior design maverick you’ve always wanted to be!


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