4 Features to Focus On For More Effective Presentation Rooms

Presentations and conferences will always be a reality in business because they’re great for expanding on the context behind information sent to a group of people. The problem is that it doesn’t take much for people to lose their focus if the room isn’t designed well.

Here are 4 features to think about in creating an ideal environment to deliver presentations:


Presentation displays

When possible, opt for multiple screens. This will give greater flexibility for the presenter to showcase content and referenced material at the same time across screens. Consider putting up interactive whiteboards as well where the presenter can highlight and move around figures on the fly during the presentation.

Whatever display screens you go with, they should be proportionate to the size of the room and its seating arrangements. No matter where they’re sitting, everyone should be able to comfortably see the screens without anything blocking their view.


Wireless connectivity or hidden cables

It’s entirely possible to hook up the room’s audiovisual equipment to work wirelessly with one another. This not only decreases the amount of set-up time for each presentation, but it also adds to a feeling of professionalism when people aren’t greeted by a tangle of wires as soon as they enter the room.

If it’s not possible to go wireless in the room, make sure all the cables are hidden from plain sight behind wall, ceiling, and floor finishes. Label all the wire connection ports clearly for more convenient presentation preparations.


Light pollution

There’s always going to be some outside light that leaks in around regular window blinds and that’s very noticeable in a dark room. To completely eliminate outside light pollution so that people can focus on the presentation at hand, invest in blackout blinds.

For convenience, it’s always nice to turn them into motorized blinds. As the lights get dimmed, all the blinds can also be pulled down simultaneously at the click of a button. That way, the presenter doesn’t have to go around the room pulling down blinds one by one.


Easy-to-adjust thermostat

Thermal comfort in the room affects everyone’s attention span, especially since all the windows would most likely be closed during the presentation. To make it easier to change the room temperature, the thermostat should be located near the presenter or even operated by remote control.


Every design detail counts because they will all add up in the long run to smoother and more effective presentations.


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