Window Blinds Are The Secret Way to Reinforce Your Business Branding



Branding is central to every business marketing plan. The consistency is what makes your brand stick in the minds of your clients or customers. There are many places where you can reinforce your business branding. What if we told you one of those places are your window blinds?


When the blinds in your office are closed, that’s a lot of surface-area real estate just sitting there. But if you seize the opportunity to maximize their potential, they’ll work in your favour to reinforce your business branding.


Logo or company slogan

Printing your logo or company slogan is best if you opt for roller shades, especially if you want to do that on both sides of window coverings. That way, you’ll catch the attention of passersby outside while you strengthen your impression to the clients and customers inside. The added benefit of printing your logo or company slogan on the interior side of window coverings is that your employees will also be reminded of the company vision you’re all working towards.


Brand colour themes

Ordering window treatments in your brand colours is a subtle way to reinforce your business branding. It also makes the interior design process easier as it narrows down your colour palette possibilities.


Materials matching your business image

Every window blinds material has an image associated with it so make sure it matches that of your business. For example, aluminum and vinyl are great for contemporary or minimalist looks while fabric blinds go well with vibrant or artistic environments. Leather and wood blinds are ideal if you have high-net-worth clients with sophisticated tastes.


Custom-designed valances

The valances above window coverings are often overlooked as possible brand-reinforcement locations. Besides making sure the valances complement your window coverings, you can also customize them with your company branding. Whether it’s simply putting your company logo on its surface or turning it into a 3D interpretation of your logo, don’t leave the valance hanging!


Promotion platforms

You can even use your window blinds as advertising billboards! Is there a new product or service that your company will be launching? Print the ad promotion on the outside of your window blinds so the public can get a teaser as they walk by. You can even make it more interesting by designating each window blind a section of the ad graphic or copy so the end result is a giant billboard spread across your windows.


By taking advantage of these ideas, you can transform your window blinds into powerful branding opportunities.


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