Which Blinds Are The Most Child Friendly?

Which Blinds Are The Most Child FriendlyHaving kids can mean a whole lot of childproofing. There are sharp corners and drawers you don’t want opened, but what did you forget? Make sure to check ‘blinds’ off your list. There are a lot of reasons blinds can be a nightmare when you have kids, so what should you do about it? Pick blinds that won’t cause problems. Here are some things to consider when covering your windows when there are kids around.

Lose the Cords

Little kids seem like a magnet for everything dangerous. If something wasn’t previously dangerous, they’ll find a way to make it so. One seemingly benevolent feature that can turn dangerous with little ones nearby is the cord on corded blinds.

Who wouldn’t want to play with it? It’s a long string with a piece of plastic on the end and when you pull on it, it makes the blinds move! Kids love playing with blinds. As a parent, that can be really grating. Not only will they want to put the blinds up and down, it seems in their nature to wrap themselves in things. The last thing you want is your little one getting the cord stuck around their neck and getting hurt.

Getting blinds without a cord will make moving them more difficult for children and less fun. The hazard of them getting wrapped in a cord is no longer an issue.

Don’t Use Metal Blinds

Getting blinds with metal slats is common because they’re easy to find at a hardware or home improvement store. Unfortunately, they’re not the best when you have kids. Kids love to pull open blind slats to look outside and metal blinds will end up bent and unsightly. Even if you’ve taught your kids not to mess with them, they’re a magnet for dust and require more dusting to look nice.

Great alternatives are roller shades and the like. You can get them light so that they let in some sun during the day, or dark so that they block it all out. These kinds of shades are also easy to motorize so that you can open and close them with your phone as a remote. No need to circle the whole house when you can just do it from the couch. That means more time to yourself after a long day of watching the kids!

Get Something Easy To Wash

Keeping an eye on your kids is difficult sometimes. What are they getting into while you’re trying to wash up after dinner? It’s inevitable that at some point you’ll have to deal with marker or pen on one thing or another. If it ends up being your blinds or shade, you’ll want it to be something you can wash. Stay away from material blinds. Get something that can be wiped off with a magic eraser or other cleaning product.


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