What Makes the Best Quality in Precision Blinds?

What Makes the Best Quality in Precision Blinds?

If you’ve been living your whole life with the same, simple blinds, you might not realize what you’re missing out on. Blinds can be so much more than thin, metal slats or a honeycomb shade. They can provide precision light control. This might not seem like an important feature, but you would be surprised how it can improve your life. Here’s how precision blinds can help you and what makes them great.

Blinds at Home

If you spend a lot of time at home, like most people, you’ve probably come across something bothersome with your blinds on more than one occasion. Let us jog your memory. 

  • Ever want to watch TV and have to fight with a ray of sunlight? Closing the blinds may block out most direct sunlight, but it can’t keep sun from coming through those holes where the slats are strung up. 
  • If you’ve ever had to drape a blanket over your window, your blinds need to be replaced. You should never have to rely on alternative coverings – that’s what your blinds are for!
  • Ever have a hard time seeing your computer screen because the blinds didn’t block out enough light? Direct rays and brightness alone can make seeing your screen difficult.
  • Have you had blankets or clothes fade or get sun bleached because of the direct sunlight in your bedroom? This should be a non-issue if your blinds are doing their job.

We’ve built precision blinds to overcome all of these problems.

Blinds at Work

Blinds at work rarely bring up unique problems from those found in the home. However, screen visibility is even more vital in the workplace. If you’re the owner of an office, you owe your employees an environment that they can work in without interruption or hassle. 

If you have yourself a private office, you may not even know your employees are struggling with light interference. They may feel it’s too petty to bring up. Check in with your employees and ask them if they need more light control in their work environment. These blinds at work will not only improve your employees’ quality of life, it will help them be their most productive with ease.

Precision Blinds

We’ve designed precision blinds to allow complete light control. When you have precision blinds installed, you can easily go from complete exposure to complete darkness – even at midday!

The question is, what makes blinds “precision”? Is there some kind of fancy requirement that separates precision blinds from average ones? No! The answer is, the ability to completely control your light exposure is what makes them precision. The more you can control your lighting, the more quality your precision blinds.

If you want your blinds to do their job and control the lighting in your home or office, we have two recommendations for you.

  1. The Ninet is great for people with casual lighting needs who are more interested in regulation and light flow than in exposure extremes. Like standard blinds, we make The Ninet with metal slats. However, there is a sheer layer of fabric on either side, filtering out UV rays and allowing a more consistent flow of light. Plus, you maintain the control you have with regular, slatted blinds to block out most of it or let most of it in.
  2. Magic Lite, on the other hand, focuses on complete control of direct exposure. These blinds are made with wide, flat slates that will take you from a room filled with direct sunlight to complete darkness in the flick of a wrist.

When you’re ready to buy yourself precision blinds, give us a call at Domir Blinds and we’ll point you in the right direction.


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