The Easiest Cleaning Tricks for Window Coverings


Have you ever started cleaning around your house and thought, “There must be an easier way to do this”? Well, these are the cleaning tricks you’ve been looking for…at least for the window coverings anyway!


Sock hands

This is probably the easiest trick of them all to clean roller blinds, especially if you want to be thorough with each slat. Plus, it gives a new life purpose for the odd socks that have lost their significant other!

Simply slip the sock over your hand and run it along the top and bottom of each slat. After every few slats, shake the dust off the sock and continue.


Microfiber-wrapped tongs

Here’s an upgrade of the previous idea: use elastics to wrap a couple of microfiber cloths to both arms of the tongs. Now you can dust both sides of each roller blind slat at the same time!


Vinegar solution

There’s an extra step you can take to deep-clean non-wood roller blinds: spray a bit of vinegar solution on the sock or microfiber cloths before wiping each slat. It’ll come in handy for the blinds in the kitchen that have a film of grease on their surface.


Furniture wood polish

For wooden roller blinds, use furniture wood polish as your deep-clean solution.


Forced air

Another quick way to clean window coverings is through the lowest settings of a handheld vacuum or the cool-shot-mode of a hairdryer. This works very well for roller shades or any coverings made of fabric. You just have to make sure you go between the fabric creases to really get all the dust out.


Warm soapy water

After dusting fabric window treatments with forced air, you can focus on the more stubborn stains using a microfiber cloth sprayed with warm soapy water.


Bathtub soak

What if you can let your blinds clean themselves? This trick is again for non-wood roller blinds, where you fill your bathtub with warm soapy water and immerse the blinds in them one at a time. Remember to also soak them in clean water afterward to rinse away the soap suds. Finally, lay them out to dry on some towels before putting the blinds back up.


Cleaning window treatments have never been easier!


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