The Accessibility and Convenience of Motorized Blinds

The Accessibility and Convenience of Motorized BlindsThere are a number of household fixtures that are seen in the modern world as luxuries. The truth is, a lot of this is just social stagnation. We’ve come to a point in time when even certain luxuries are affordable to the working class. And, not only are they affordable, for some households, they’re even necessary. Let’s spend some time looking at how motorized blinds affect a building’s accessibility and convenience.

Motorizing Your Blinds

When you motorize your blinds, it makes it possible to control your blinds from a smartphone or tablet. That means you can open or close them without getting up from your seat. Forget to close the blinds in the living room when you went to bed? Not a problem. Maintain your privacy by closing them right from your phone. The ability to motorize blinds makes everything easier.


With the number of households in Canada that are home to someone disabled or elderly, it’s an important that accessibility features become affordable. One such feature is motorized blinds. Why are motorized blinds important to the disabled? When someone has limited mobility, opening the blinds can be difficult or impossible. The struggle can lead to many disabled or elderly people forgoing the act altogether.

This poses a problem. The problem with people being unable to easily open their blinds is that sunshine is a vital source of vitamin D. Being deficient in vitamin D is a huge problem for the human body and can cause all kinds of problems, including increased pain levels. Because so many disabled and elderly people already have trouble with vitamin D deficiency, getting enough sun is important for their health. Motorized blinds make filling their homes with sunshine possible again – without draining them of energy they can’t afford to spare.


Even for able-bodied people, motorized blinds make a huge difference. The convenience of it can’t be beat. A new parent, rocking a sleeping baby, can remain in their seat, using their phone to darken the room. A work-from-home employee can lighten their office without getting up and pulling themselves from their work. The applications are endless. No matter who you are, you can lead a more efficient and more convenient life by automating your blinds.

Office Applications

Motorized blinds are especially useful for offices and other commercial buildings. With the number of windows in a corporate office, opening and closing the blinds by hand would be a nightmare. Using motorized blinds, you can quickly light up or darken a room with the simple touch of a smartphone.

Automated blinds are even greater for stacked windows. If your building has high ceilings and high windows, motorized blinds are a must-have. How else will you cover or uncover your high windows? You would have to get a ladder if you wanted to adjust them. By automating them, you make changing the position of your blinds simple – no ladders, no reaching, no struggling.

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