Stylish Blinds for An Unbeatable Price

Stylish Blinds for An Unbeatable Price

Tired of your blinds being cookie-cutter and lifeless? The standard, white, plastic or metal, slatted blinds are old news. Give yourself and your home some more stylish blinds by shopping Domir. It doesn’t matter what taste you have in interior design; we’ve got something for everyone. Check out some of our most stylish blinds below, and what makes them unforgettable.

Sheer Vertical Blinds

To start, let’s talk about blinds that have no slats at all. Domir Blinds’ sheer vertical blinds – or, Allusion blinds – are more like curtains than the standard blinds you’re so used to. These curtain-like blinds stand tall, from floor to ceiling, to cover windows of any size. Their luxurious appearance adds to the aesthetic of almost any kind of room. Plus, you can buy them in more than just white, which means a more personal touch.

We created Allusion blinds with many situations in mind; that’s why they’re made up of two different layers. Each layer has its own function. The first is sheer and screens sunlight. This layer allows you to see outside and let sunlight in without compromising your everyday privacy. Thick, quality fabric makes up the second layer. This layer blocks the view from both directions as well as keeping out sunlight. With both layers shut, you can darken the room. With just the sheet layer shut, you can let in light while keeping prying eyes out of your home. And, with all layers open, you can get clear, direct sunlight and allow an easy view from both directions.

The Ninet

Now, let’s talk slatted blinds. Slatted blinds are not all made the same. Ours are leaps and bounds better than the plain, standard, slatted blinds. For one, we have The Ninet. The Ninet is made up of slatted blinds, layered between two fabric panels. This gives them a similar appearance, overall, to honeycomb blinds. However, instead of having an uncontrolled stream of filtered light, you can also control the slatted interior to change how much light you’re getting. This makes them a fantastic choice for those who like having precision lighting.

They appear soft and clean-cut. That makes them great for casual homes that are meant to feel comfortable, but not luxurious.

Magic Lite

On the more sleek end of the slatted spectrum, we have Magic Lite. We make Magic Lite out of sturdy, wooden slats. These slats are flat and can overlap completely. This makes the Magic Lite great for precision lighting. You can go from complete exposure to complete blackout with a small adjustment.

These blinds are ideal for minimalist or country interiors. They pair well with other sleek features as well as soft features that need a stark, white contrast.

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If you’re in the market for stylish blinds, you know where to look. Give us a call if you’re interested in Domir. We look forward to helping you with your order!


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