Removing Stains from Fabric Blinds

Removing Stains from Fabric Blinds

Anyone who’s had kids or pets knows that nothing fabric stays fresh and crisp forever. With fabric blinds, mysterious stains can show up out of nowhere! Even a coordinated and sensible adult will end up with stained fabric blinds if they hang them above the kitchen sink. Doing dishes can splatter all kinds of substances up onto the over-counter window. The same goes for anything covering it. Even so, there’s no need to fear. Domir Blinds, Toronto’s leading blinds company, is here to offer you some solutions for removing stains from fabric blinds. The mess isn’t permanent, but Domir Blinds’ quality is.

Disassembly Optional

The first thing you’re probably wondering is, “Do I need to take the blinds apart to clean them?” Fortunately, it’s not nearly that complicated. As long as all parts of the blind are waterproof, you can leave them completely intact.

While it is possible to separate the fabric from any aluminum or plastic slats inside, you don’t have to. In fact, the slats inside could probably benefit from a rinse anyway. Dust can get in from the sides of your blinds and settle on them. Getting rid of that dust wouldn’t hurt anyone.

The Easiest Method for Removing Stains from Fabric Blinds

If you’ve ever tried spot cleaning a stain on hanging blinds, you know it’s a delicate dance. And, in the end, your stain is usually not removed entirely. Even if you can get it partly removed, it’s often still visible. It’s just so hard to clean something when it’s attached to a swinging conglomerate of moving parts. That’s why the best method for removing stains from fabric blinds starts with taking them down.

Blinds can usually be taken down by simply loosening a few screws that mount them to the window frame. Before unscrewing the mount, be sure to pull the blinds all the way up so that they’re completely collapsed at the top. This will make them easier to transport. 

When you’ve removed them, set the screws aside so they don’t get lost and take your blinds to the bathtub. That’s right! The bathtub is going to be your best friend when you’re done with this. Fill the tub about 1/3 of the way with warm, soapy water. Then, put in your blinds. Now that you’re stationary again, opening them up a bit will be necessary for the cleaning process.

Chemical and Soap Options

If you want to use more than one chemical, be sure to empty the tub and thoroughly rinse your blinds first. Many deadly gasses are made by mixing otherwise harmless household chemicals.

If you want to remove smells or weaker stains, using some vinegar would help. You can try your luck with pouring a couple cups into the water and swirling it around, or you can put some in a spray bottle and spray it all over the fabric surface.

For completely white blinds, using bleach is unlikely to cause any damage. Test a little on a far corner of the blinds fabric first if you’re unsure about how it will react. If it turns out alright, pour a cup into the bathtub.

If you have another stain removing cleaner that you prefer, feel free to try it out. All blinds are different and so are all stains, so it will take some experimenting. Just be cautious when doing so. We don’t want your blinds fabric to end up discolored from using the wrong agent.

Finishing Touches

When you’ve successfully removed the stains from the fabric of the blinds, rinse them well. It’s a good idea to drain all of the soapy water and sluice the blinds through some clean, shallow water. After that, using a detachable showerhead will make it possible to target any remaining soap.

Finally, press on the blinds without crushing the slats in order to squeeze out as much water as possible. Once you’ve done this, repeat the action with a towel to absorb as much as possible. Then, remount them in the window with a couple of dry towels in the sill below them. They’ll air-dry like this in about 24 hours. If it’s summer, open the window to speed up the process and ensure they get fully dry.

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