Pet Friendly Blinds That Look Great

Pet Friendly Blinds That Look Great

If you have pets, you may be struggling with your standard blinds. Most homes and apartments come with aluminum, slatted blinds. These, however, are not exactly pet friendly. If you’re tired of your blinds being bent out of shape, chewed on, or otherwise destroyed by your clueless but well-meaning pets, it may be time for an upgrade to more pet friendly blinds.

Flexible Materials

The first option for pet friendly blinds is something with more flexible materials. Aluminum slats may be flexible enough to bend out of place, but they’re not flexible enough to bounce right back. Even when bent back into position, they’ll maintain some ugly bend marks to commemorate that bird your dog saw intruding in the front yard.

Instead, if you want flexible, you have to go all the way. Sheer vertical blinds are like high tech curtains. However, unlike curtains, they come with some incredible perks to light flow and privacy. Another perk they come with is that they’re unbothered by your dog pushing past to get to the window. However, if you have cats, you may be better suited to a different style if it has a habit of sharpening its claws on the nearest fabric.

Sturdy Materials

The other option is to go for something more sturdy. Instead of completely making way for your pets, you can opt for something that will withstand them. Magic Lite may be the perfect solution. The sturdy, wooden slats of Magic Lite are wide and unbendable.

Although, you should be warned: if your dog is destructive enough, even Magic Lite won’t keep it from getting to the window one way or another. These beautiful blinds may just become another casualty in your journey to finding a solution.

On the other hand, Magic Lite is a very suitable design for cat owners. Cats aren’t typically strong enough to do damage to something as hardy as Magic Lite. Unlike aluminum slats, a cat brushing against it won’t be enough to bend it out of the way, revealing the window and tempting them to reach it. 

Pet Safety

The next concern is pet safety. While every pet owner knows some tricks (such as throwing the blinds cord over the fascia), it’s better to get blinds that are pet friendly across the board.

If you have a small dog that takes more interest in the blinds cord than the slats, Ninet may be worth looking into. These blinds are similar to honeycomb blinds in that they use fabric to insulate them. Inside, there are something like standard blinds. This allows light control while still maintaining privacy. Plus, the cord is a pulley style that can be attached to the wall. The same goes for honeycomb blinds.

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